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Gags and Bits

Gags and Bits

  • Rimba Black Inflatable Latex Balloon Gag With Pump - Peaches and Screams
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    Rimba Black Inflatable Latex Balloon Gag With Pump

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    Explore the Pleasures of Intensive Stretching and Maximum Filling with the Inflatable Round Black Latex Balloon Gag with Hand Pump Easy to use ha...

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    Original Price £47.31
    Current Price £36.39
    Save £10.92
    Only 2 left!
  • Me You Us Black Spider Gag - Peaches and Screams
    Me You Us Black Spider Gag - Peaches and Screams
    Me You Us

    Me You Us Black Spider Gag

    Only 3 left!

    Get ready to fulfill your wildest fantasies with the Me You Us Black Spider Gag! This unique gag will keep your submissive's mouth wide open, makin...

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Bondage Open Mouth & Ball Gags - S&M Solid Ball Gag

Experience the extreme pleasures and joys of BDSM and bondage games with the perfectly designed Open Mouth Gags.

Mouth gags and bits are items that make BDSM and bondage games fun. They come in various styles and designs, with ball gags being one of the common ones. They are rounded with a smooth surface, making them fit perfectly inside the mouth. Gags, such as the open mouth &  ball gags, can be secured by a latex band or buckle strap to remain in place. Penis gags are also common mouth gags. These are penis-shaped, making them more effective and incredible than ball gags.

Types of Mouth Gags

There are various bondage gags and bits available in the market. The mouth gags you choose depend on your taste and preferences. The type of foreplay also matters when shopping for the right bondage gear. For instance, the open mouth & ball gags are designed to force the mouth wide open, while others muffle the mouth. Below are some of the common varieties of bondage open-mouth gags.

Bondage Ball Gags

These are some of the most common gags and bits in BDSM games. They have a spherical style crafted from withering silicone or rubber. These bondage gags come with fastening straps tied to the back of the head. The S & M solid ball gags vary in size and shape from smaller to larger to perfectly fit beginners, intermediaries, and experienced players. Their main purpose is to humiliate your partner by twisting their face, which causes drooling. The ball gags can also restrict your partner's speech, preventing them from mourning and screaming during BDSM games.

BDSM Bit Gags

Human pony fetish lovers commonly apply these bit gags. They resemble the bridle applied for horses. These gags are made from either rubber or silicone material, making them a perfect choice for beginners and advanced users. The bit gags also come with great fastening straps. Unlike ball gags, these bit gags don't restrict the wearer completely from speech, making them ideal for beginners. However, they can easily cause lip injury. You can fasten them with straps for safe and comfortable play.

Forniphilic Gags

These gags are mainly designed to subject the wearer to humiliation. Almost all the forniphilic gags are crafted with an excellent mounting point that can fit any sizeable device or tool, like vibrators, dildos, or feather dusters. They allow the submissive to serve the dominant while fully gagged. For safety, choose the right material before any purchase. Advanced users mostly prefer these erotic BDSM gags.

Funnel Gags

The funnel gags are designed with a tube that corresponds directly with the mouth. They are primarily applied during BDSM games to force the slave to consume fluids they will likely not enjoy. The fluids can easily choke a submissive, so you must be careful when administering. These gags are designed specifically for intermediaries and advanced individuals. Beginners should avoid them and introduce more comfortable and simpler bondage gags to their bondage play.

Medical, Spider, Whiteheads, and Ring Gags

These bondage gags are designed with one aspect in common; they allow easy access to the wearer's mouth. You can have oral sex in the mouth when it opens to allow you to experience penile penetration. They restrict speech during BDSM games, but these don't restrict swallowing or breathing, unlike other gags.

Muzzle, Panel, and Mouth Corset Gags

These S& M solid ball gags are designed perfectly to bind your partner's cheeks and mouth and restrict them from verbal speech. The panel gags are worn above the cheeks and mouth, making it challenging for your partner to part their lips apart. A mouth corset gag is applied to cover your partner's lower face and neck.

The Full Guide to Choosing Ball Gags

Consider the following factors when shopping to make an appropriate purchase.

Type of BDSM Open Mouth Gags

There are various bondage gags and bits available in the market. These bondage gears are all designed for different purposes. You must be guided by your preferences and tastes to make a perfect choice. Stick to simple, comfortable materials for safety and a fun experience. 

Material Used

S&M solid ball gags are made from various materials, including rubber, silicone, TRP, jelly, leather, stainless steel, and robe. Choose odorless, soft, and tasteless materials like silicone if you use them inside the mouth. However, rubber, TPR, and jelly material have a taste and smell that isn't preferable and pleasant. While choosing a perfect material, consider ones that can easily be washed or sanitized.

Pick Your Fetish Color

Stick on your favorite fetish color. The standard bondage gags and bits colors are purple, red, black, and blue. You can choose what looks appealing and sexy to both parties.

Guide To BDSM Gag Safety

  • S&M solid ball gags should be used with trusted partners only.
  • Always wash or sanitize the gags before using them to prevent skin irritation and infectious diseases.
  • Consider beginning with the small Ball Gags, then advancing to larger and sophisticated bondage Ball Gags with experience.
  • Avoid playing with the BDSM gags and bits when you have allergies, poor health, or an anxiety disorder.
  • Avoid gags that restrict breathing and swallowing. Always use erotic BDSM gags that are breathable to allow easy circulation of air.
  • You should never leave your gagged lover alone. Ensure you monitor them frequently to prevent abrupt risks. Stop the game immediately if your partner shows discomfort, choking, or vomiting. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Gags and Bits

What does wearing a ball gag feel like?

Wearing a ball gag feels secure because it allows for control over physical movement due to tightness around your head and face. Wearing one should always be done safely and responsibly. Never beyond your comfort level. You may experience slight discomfort from time to time, depending on how tightly bound you have chosen it to be for yourself. Take breaks during sessions to observe safety, especially if newbie participants are involved.

Is there any risk associated with using bondage gags?

There is minimal risk if proper precautions are taken while using any type of bondage equipment, including gags.

Is it safe to wear a solid ball gag for extended periods?

Wearing an open mouth or solid ball gag should not cause any harm over time, provided they're fitted correctly. Remember to keep checking regularly for signs of discomfort. It is important to ensure nothing gets lodged inside the throat or causes choking hazards during extended play sessions.

Can I use a regular household item instead?

Using household items like socks or sponges as makeshift substitutes could result in suffocation. Invest in actual commercial-quality versions specifically designed for this purpose.

Using a bondage open mouth or solid ball gag is an exciting and rewarding experience with many benefits. They are both effective tools for increasing the intensity of your BDSM playtime. Both gags can provide intense sensations, serve as great conversation starters in the bedroom, and provide extra sensory deprivation for those who enjoy them.

When considering which one to use, remember that each type serves a different purpose. Bondage open-mouth gags are most effective for keeping the wearer quiet while allowing them to breathe easily through their mouths. Solid ball gags offer more comfort and control than bondage open-mouth gags but come with some risks associated with breathing difficulties if used improperly. Take caution when you decide on one over the other.

Restraints Collection


Using handcuffs during kinky sex is one way to give yourself over to your partner in an incredibly intimate and trusting way. Allowing yourself or your partner to become restrained with handcuffs makes both partners feel vulnerable and exposed. This results in amazing sexual experiences that neither party will soon forget.


Bondage collars and leads are a key part of kink and BDSM play. They help create an atmosphere of power exchange between partners; one partner might take on a dominant role while the other takes on a more submissive one.

Nipple clamps

Nipple clips or clamps are designed to stimulate erogenous zones such as nipples. These are usually of two metal ends that pinch or squeeze onto them to produce pleasurable sensations upon application via either pressure or vibration.

Clit clamps

Clitoral or pussy pumps are some of the best ways to enhance your pleasure and bring new sensations into the bedroom. Clitoral clamps are designed to stimulate the clitoris, while pussy pumps offer suction that enhances sensitivity, arousal, and wetness around the genital area.

Bondage leather restraints

Discovering new ways to enjoy BDSM is an exciting and alluring prospect for many people. Bondage leather restraints have become increasingly popular due to their aesthetic appeal, versatility, and ability to create novel sensations during sexual activities. 

Metal bondage restraints

Exploring the world of metal bondage restraints can be a great way to add thrilling kinks to your bedroom activities. From sex handcuffs and shackles to collars and full bondage sets, there are many different possibilities for metal bondage restraints that you can use for playtime.

Soft bondage restraints

Soft bondage restraints are an ideal starting point when exploring the world of BDSM. They provide a great way to begin experimenting with BDSM play to explore your sexual boundaries and increase intimacy between you and your partner. Most people find that they can be adjusted to fit snugly around the wrists without being too tight or slipping off easily during activity.

Bondage tape

Bondage tape, also known as self-adhesive BDSM tape, is a kinky fetish material used by couples during sexual activities. Unlike traditional duct or electrical tapes, bondage tapes are designed for skin contact without causing discomfort or irritation. It comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors that can create intricate patterns over your body. They can be removed easily without residue afterward.

Bed restraints and under-the-bed ties

Bondage bed restraint kits typically include handcuffs, ankle cuffs or ropes, an adjustable spreader bar, and tethers, which can secure wrists or ankles together in various positions. Bondage bed restraints kits and BDSM sex ties can be perfect for your bedroom. Whether exploring new sensations or trying out some light bondage play, these restraint sets have everything needed for a safe and enjoyable experience. 

Bondage rope and tape

Rope bondage is a hot and versatile form of BDSM play, but it can also be an emotionally intimate experience when done with the right techniques. Kinbaku and Hojojutsu are two traditional Japanese forms of rope bondage that have been practiced for centuries and combine sweetness and spice in their aesthetic appeal.

Wrist restraints and ankle cuffs

Wrist and ankle cuff restraints can be a great place to start your bondage play. With so many different materials available for couples to choose from - including rope, leather, and metal - there are endless possibilities for incorporating these sex toys into your BDSM fun.

Spreader bars

Bondage spreader bars are one of the most popular restraints when experimenting with kink. This type of restraint bar is used in BDSM play and is great for exploring power exchange dynamics between partners. Getting tied up with a spreader bar can help you and your partner take your sex life to the next level.