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Metal Dildos

Metal Dildos

  • 8-inch Le Wand Stainless Steel Large Metal Dildo - Peaches and Screams
    8-inch Le Wand Stainless Steel Large Metal Dildo - Peaches and Screams
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    Original Price £250.11
    Current Price £192.39
    Le Wand

    8-inch Le Wand Stainless Steel Large Metal Dildo

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    Explore your sexual pleasure in a different style tonight with this powerful Le Wand Bow Stainless Steel Dildo to give you a frustrating-free sensa...

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    Original Price £250.11
    Current Price £192.39
    Save £57.72
    Only 2 left!

Shop Metal Dildos - Aluminium & Stainless Steel Dildos

Buy a metal dildo at Peaches and Screams UK online sex toys shop. Browse aluminium & stainless steel dildos and metal sex toys.

Metal dildos are not only pleasurable, but they are also fun to play with. These metallic dildos you can see from this category are made from nickel-free, body-safe, hypoallergenic materials. So there’s no need to worry.

The best part about metallic dildos is that you can experiment with different types of play. Like temperature play. The metals used in these dildos are often temperature sensitive, so you and your partner can have fun exploring the world of temperature play.

  • Temperature Play
  • Anal Play
  • Vaginal Play
  • Stylish designs

Are you stranded on choosing the best metal dildo? Well, you are not alone because most people are not aware of the various options provided by these steel dildos. Metal dildos are among the most loved and top-selling categories in the sex toy industry. Most people struggle to choose the right metal dildo to fulfil their sexual desires.

What Are Metal Dildos?

While most people may know what a metal material is, it should not be confused with a metal dildo. This is because a dildo is a sex device crafted to resemble a man's penis for sexual satisfaction in men and women. Though made from a metallic material, a metal dildo should also constitute basic features close to a real penis.

A metal dildo is made from high-quality stainless steel or another alloy of materials that look and feel like a real penis. Metal dildos come in different sizes, shapes, and textures, making them ideal for newbies and advanced sex toy users. Although steel dildos may look similar in their functionality and adaptability to different temperatures, you must be well-versed in all the pros and cons before buying one.

Types of Metal Dildos

G-Spot Vibrating Dildo

The introduction of the G-spot vibrating metal dildo is what many individuals were expecting. It is no surprise they hit the sex toy market with a boom. Due to their unique compositions, metal dildos offer various sensations, including temperature play, deep penetration, and anal/vaginal sex. They are characterized by sculpted end pints that hit the sweet spots flawlessly and tirelessly. One of its disadvantages is that most individuals may not find its smooth texture stimulating.

Anal Metal Dildo

The anal metal dildo is designed mainly for anal play. It is typically fitted with a big handle to prevent slipping too far in the anus since it may lead to unexpected injuries. To avoid this, ensure you grip it tightly before inserting it into your partner's anus.

Advantages of Metal Dildo Sex Toys

Before dashing your cash on a metal dildo, here are the unique qualities you should expect;

Suitable for Different Temperatures

Versatility and adaptability to temperature changes are unique factors that set metal dildos apart from other products. Whether things get hotter, cooler, or heavier in the bedroom, metal dildos guarantee the desired stimulation and lovely ending. Most metal dildos are also water-proof, making them ideal for shower play.

They Are Hypoallergic

Metal is a hypoallergic material that will never leave rashes on your skin after use. For those worried about skin rashes and allergies to other materials like latex, rubber, and hard plastic, stainless steel dildos should be the only way to go.

Low Maintenance Costs

Steel dildos are among the sex devices with low maintenance costs. Since they are non-porous and hypoallergic, stainless-steel dildos are easy to clean and maintain for durability. After use, you need to clean them with hot soapy water or recommended toy cleaner and store them in a cool, dry place.

How to Buy the Best Metal Dildo

The only way to enjoy all the good stuff that comes with a metal dildo is by shopping like a pro. The best way to shop for the best metal dildo is by having simple guidelines to monitor your choices. Therefore, here are a few tips to consider when buying a metal dildo;

Consider the Size

Buying the right size is vital in how much fun you will receive from your sex device. You are likely to meet a variety of sizes, ranging from small to medium, large, and extra-large. As a first-time buyer, always start with smaller sizes as you adapt to larger versions.

The Shape of The Dildo

Stainless steel dildos come in different shapes, from straight dildos that resemble a realistic penis to curved versions with unrealistic dimensions. Buy a dildo that matches your fantasies for maximum satisfaction, depending on your body type.

Additional Features

Features like vibrations and textures make metal dildos suitable for different sexual demands. As an experienced user, you may want a sex device that delivers intense stimulation for multiple orgasms. For that case, choose a metal dildo with a ribbed surface or vibrations.

Buy High-Quality Metal Material

With a wide range of stainless steel metal dildos in the market, it can be stressful to identify a high-quality stainless-steel dildo. To buy a high-quality metal dildo, look for seams on the shaft, the weight of the product, and the ergonomics. Buy your metal dildos from trusted sellers that outline all the qualities of the material used to make the sex toy.

How to Use Steel Dildos

Steel dildos can be enticing and some of the most erotic sex toys ever discovered. However, without proper maintenance and user tips, metal dildos can cause fetal damage to your erogenous points. Here are some of the safety tips to note when using metal dildos for sexual achievement;

Use A Lot of Compatible Sex Lubricants

No amount of lubrication is enough to make things easier in the bedroom. Before inserting a steel dildo in your vagina or anus, ensure you apply a lot of lube on its surface and your orifice. Consider using a compatible sex lube, such as water or silicone-based, compatible with most materials. Silicone lubricants are long-lasting and ideal for shower play. They are also perfect for anal penetration due to their thickness. Water-based lubricants dry out faster and are unsuitable for shower play.

Thoroughly Clean Before and After Use

Before bringing metal dildo sex toys close to your genitalia, ensure it is thoroughly cleaned using hot soapy water or recommended toy cleaner to remove the possible harmful substances on its surface. When sharing your metal dildos, sanitize them before insertion to prevent infections. Clean your sex tool and store it in a cool, dry place.

Use Condoms When Sharing

Unless you know the health status of your sex partner or you are in a long-term relationship, always use a condom when sharing your metal dildos. If you want to experience anal and vaginal stimulation, use a condom when switching from one hole to another to avoid spreading bacteria from the anus to the vagina.

Read the Instructions on The Package

Most people overlook the instructions on the package and use the metal dildo to fulfil their sexual desires. Reading the instructions gives you the big picture of using your sex toy, maintaining it, and switching from cold to warm temperatures. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Right Lube to Use on a Metal Dildo?

Even though metal dildos are compatible with most sex lubes, the most recommended one is the water-based lube unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer. Water-based lube is compatible with most skin types and lasts longer too.

Are Metal Dildos Safe for the Skin?

Metal dildos are safe for most skin types due to their hypoallergenic nature. They rarely cause an allergic reaction. Additionally, they rarely rust or absorb bacteria.

What Are Metal Dildos?

Metal dildos are penis-shaped sex toys made from high-quality stainless steel, aluminium, or titanium materials. They are among the stylish and luxurious adult pieces in gorgeous shapes and colours. One can buy S-curved or C-curved metal dildos to satisfy their sexual needs. They are also hypoallergic, making them safe for all skin types.

Why Choose Metal Dildos?

Most people love metal dildos for their rigidity, allowing them to gain pleasure faster than flexible dildos. Metals dildos are also heavier than other materials; hence, they offer stronger sexual sensations. These devices are compatible with all lubricants since they are non-corrosive and easy to clean. Another significant reason metal dildos stand out among other dildos is their ability to offer sensory play. That means one can experiment with temperature to get different sensations.

How Do I Use a Metal Dildo?

A metal dildo is a versatile sex toy that allows users to experiment with different sexual fantasies. One can use metal dildos for internal or external stimulation. A metal dildo is perfect for G-spot, C-spot, or P-spot stimulation. Alternatively, one can use it for clitoral and perineal stimulation or arouse other sensitive regions. However, in whichever way one decides to use a metal dildo, it is recommended to apply enough lubricant to reduce friction.

How Do Metal Dildos Feel?

Generally, metal dildos are ultra-smooth, which gives a tantalizing feeling to the skin. However, one can customize the feeling by dipping the dildo in cold or hot water to get a different stimulation. For instance, it is recommended to store a metal dildo in the fridge for about an hour or place it in warm water before using it to get the intended feeling.

How Do I Clean Metal Dildos?

Metal dildos are extremely easy to clean, though it is wise to check the manufacturer’s recommendations first. If you don’t have cleaning instructions, dip your metal dildo in warm soapy water and scrub it with a non-abrasive toy cleaner. After cleaning, rinse it well and allow it to dry completely before storing it.

What Are Metal Dildos Made from?

Metal dildos are often made from high-quality stainless steel, aluminium, or titanium materials. These materials are easy to maintain and hypoallergic, making them safe for all skins. They are also heavier and ultra-smooth than other materials, giving them intense sexual pleasure and overall satisfaction.

Other Types of Dildos Available

Vibrating Dildos

Vibrating dildos are great for those who enjoy extra stimulation during penetration. The vibration adds an extra layer of sensation that can help intensify pleasure and make it easier for users with physical disabilities or limited mobility to reach orgasm.

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are designed with lifelike details such as veins, wrinkles and contours to mimic real skin. These toys provide an incredibly authentic experience many people crave when masturbating alone or during partnered sex play sessions. Realistic styles come in various shapes and sizes, from small starter sizes to extra-large options depending on personal preference and skill level.

Non Realistic Dildos

Non-realistic dildos don't feature any extra detailing like veins or curves that could potentially lead to discomfort. Non-realistic designs also tend towards smaller sizes which can help those looking for something discreet or travel-friendly find exactly what they need without sacrificing vibration quality.

Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildos feature a strong suction cup base that allows it to stick firmly onto any smooth surface, like walls and floors, enabling versatile hands-free playtime experiences. Many also include vibration functions and a range of textures designed for increased pleasure during use.

Glass Dildos

Glass is another material used when crafting realistic toys. Glass dildos provide intense sensations due to their weighty feel against your skin. They have beautiful aesthetics that make them stand out from other materials. Glass dildos should always be handled with care.

Jelly Dildos

Jelly dildos are soft yet firm toys in various shapes and sizes and usually have an appealing glossy finish. Jelly material is bendable but still provides excellent stimulation for those who want intense pleasure without too much intensity. The downside to this type of toy is that it can be difficult to clean properly due to its porous nature. Some manufacturers offer special cleaning sprays which help keep your jelly toy free from bacteria and other unwanted substances.

Double Ended Dildos

Double-ended dildos are an exciting option for all kinds of sexual play. They have two ends that can be used by one person simultaneously or by two. This means you and your partner can experience shared pleasure from both sides at once, adding a new level of intimacy and excitement to lovemaking,

Ejaculating Dildos

Ejaculating dildos provide another level of exploration that could be just what some people need to spice up their bedroom antics. These kinds feature liquid reservoirs connected near one end, which fill up before ‘ejaculating’ out at its peak moment, creating quite a realistic pleasure experience!

Inflatable Dildos

Inflatable dildos have air chambers that can be inflated using either a hand pump or an electric pump, depending on your chosen model. Inflating it increases its size while remaining comfortable enough for use – making it an ideal choice if you want something bigger than average but don’t want anything too intense!

Small Dildos

Smaller dildos are great for beginners who want to explore anal play, as they provide gentle stimulation with less discomfort due to their size.

Black Dildos

Most people like black dildos due to their dark hue. When partners watch, they create a heightened sense of visual stimulation internally and externally.

Animal Penis Dildos

Animal penis dildo users often prefer them because they provide an extra stimulation level not found in regular human-shaped vibrators or other sex toys.

Inflatable Dildo Balls

Inflatable dildo balls offer something completely different by allowing you control over how big or small you want them depending on your comfort level, making them ideal for almost any user.

Dildo Moulding Kits

Dildo moulding kits allow users to create any shape they want out of medical grade silicone rubber great if you'd prefer something unique than what manufacturers already offer or if other sizes don't meet your needs perfectly enough.

The Bottom Line

Metal dildos are one of the newest inventions in the sex toy world. You can never go wrong with it. They are easy to choose from since they are available in a few formulations. Individuals who are into BDSM play are a perfect choice since they show a sign of dominance. One good thing about them is that they are temperature sensitive, which means you can either cool it down or warm it up, depending on your partner's preference. They are body safe and effective for most skin types. Cleaning is simple since you only need an odourless soap and lukewarm water. Always remember to hang it in a well-ventilated place.