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Willy Moulding Kits


Create a DIY vibrating dildo or a penis cast for your lover to maintain the bedroom excitement while you are away with the Clone a Willy Penis Casting Kit. These tools also allow you to create a replica of your love tool to spice up solo anal play.

Do you know the right materials for your homemade pleasure god? Get more details below to ease your search and casting.

Are you planning to travel, leaving your woman behind, and you are afraid other men will grab the chance and get in bed with her while you are away? Worry no more because there is a solution for you.  First, you must agree as a man that women are sexually active, even if they don't show it. This means they will still have the sexual feeling to satisfy even when you are away. Therefore, you should leave her with plan B if you intend to stay out for a long.

What is a Willy Penis Casting Kit for DIY Dildo?

We know you are asking how you can cast your penis.  To get the right answer, you need to ask yourself what will happen when you or your partner walks out. As a man, will you allow your lady to get a fuckboy to satisfy her when you are gone? And as a woman, how lonely will you feel when your man leaves tonight? Instead of wasting time dealing with loneliness, you must employ some DIY skills to cast your favourite dick.

The Clone A Willy home penis and vagina moulding kit are essential for designing and creating replica manhood. It is all about imagining and making a realistic penis-like dildo that resembles a man's manhood. The kit also has everything you need for the project, including suction cup bases and vibrators that allow you to enjoy the resulting dildo hands-free. The size and shape of the final item depend on your preferences.

Choosing the Right Willy Molding Kit

While creating your penis at home can sound enticing, you should know that not every moulding kit will work for you. First, before ordering your first Willy Penis Molding Kit for a DIY dildo, you need to consider several factors, including.

Communicating with Your Partner

Communication is vital when you plan to introduce something new in your sex life. Not everyone will buy the idea of casting a penis for them. Therefore, before putting your imagination into reality, you have to ask your partner how they feel about casting a penis for them if you are in a relationship. Their opinion will help you know which type of moulding kit to buy.

Buy Body-Safe Materials

Like any other sex toy, you should ensure you buy a penis moulding kit that uses body-safe and hypoallergic materials. Premium materials mean you will get a fine, high-quality, durable replica of your penis. How do you identify the safe material to buy?

Willy Molding kits for men's sex toys use several materials to cure your alginate mould, including silicone, epoxies, chocolate, plaster, wax, and plastics. While knowing the best material to pick can be tough, you can measure the safety of the material by smelling it. If it has any smell, don't use it. Since it is impossible to smell these materials from online stores, stick to those you already know, like silicone, rubber, and other safe plastics. A good example is Cloneboy Glow-In-The-Dark Green Silicone Dildo Penis Moulding Kit.

Pick Your Favorite Color

Willy moulding kits also come in different colours and skin tones for you to choose what pleases you. If you want a more realistic casted penis, you can choose among the provided light, medium, jet black, or deep skin tones. You can also choose unrealistic colours like blue, pink, green, red, or various colours from the colour wheel. You can cast your penis glowing in dark colours.

Confirm the Moulding Powder

A moulding powder should have no impurities and be surgically safe with a non-toxic composition. Always buy a moulding powder designed for erotic use and is skin safe. Remember, the powder affects the impression of the final penis-like dildo. If you use too much powder, it will be difficult to cast a strong penis, whereas if you use little, the casted penis will not hold properly. The moulding powder should also change its colour within the three stages when mixed with warm water at 21 degrees Celsius.

Check for Added Features

The main reason for buying a Willy moulding kit for men is to create a similar penis for your partner or yourself. You can improve the casted penis to give you intense stimulation. This means you can consider other features like vibrations, textured surfaces, and suction-cup bases. To enjoy hands-free masturbation, you can buy Cast Your Own Nude Dildo Molding Kit with Suction-Cup Base. If you want a vibrating feature in your final cast, buy Clone-A-Willy Vibrating Silicone Penis Dildo Molding Kit.

Choose the Right Hardener

Some kits come with their hardeners, while others do not. When buying your Willy moulding kit, check if it has a hardener. If not, you need to buy the right hardener that is both body-safe and compatible with the kit. If getting the right hardener is challenging, always buy a moulding kit with detailed instructions. These instructions will help you understand what other extras you should buy to complete your project.

Willy Molding Kits Safety Tips

When agreeing to cast your penis with DIY tricks and materials, it means you are exposing your penis to factors that may harm it. Before settling for the task, remember these safety tips;

  • Avoid using plaster and plaster products for moulding because they are mostly exothermic and become rigid quickly, making them hard to remove from the body hair.
  • Avoid using chemically harsh materials that contain phthalates since they are easily absorbed in the body and disrupt the endocrine.
  • Always buy your moulding kits for male sex toys from trusted companies and sellers to avoid buying counterfeit products.
  • If possible, watch the tutorials and read many reviews about penis-casting kits before trying yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do We Start Willy Moulding Kits for Men?

The Willy moulding kit is a set of items for making a penis clone. The main ingredient is powder. Purchase the kit online or at a sex toys store. Take measurements of an erect penis with a plastic tube. Mark the spot where the penis reaches. Mix hot water of about 90 degrees F with the moulding powder and pour the mixture into the plastic tube. Insert the erect penis in the tube of mould. Wait for a few minutes for the mould to settle, and remove your penis. Pour silicone into the mould. Let it settle and remove it. The end product is a willy clone.

Why Would I Want to Clone a Penis?

Cloning a penis indicate that you have a fetish for different types of penises. Some women clone a penis because they want a bigger and longer shaft. The colour of a penis you clone shows you like a particular shaft. You can clone a black penis if you like black men. Penis clones give satisfaction as a woman fantasizes about different feelings. Some women clone a penis because their men do not satisfy them in bed. A cloned penis can be a souvenir and a wonderful gift to your partner. Cloning a penis is also a good idea in a long-distance relationship because you can have fun with it during sexting. You may clone a penis of a person you want when having a solo play.

Can Willy Moulding Kits Replicate any Penis for Men?

Willy moulding kits can replicate any penis for men because the tube is big. Depending on your desire, you can use it for a small penis or a large penis. Cloning a penis involves the size of the penis. Use the tube to measure the size of your penis. Insert the penis in the mould. Add silicone to the vacuum of the penis left. Let it settle, take shape, and remove the clone.

Is It Just for Men?

The Willy clone is for men, although the female version exists. Anyone who wants to make a replica of their favourite vaginal lips can get a kit and mould a clone. The procedure involved in making a female clone is similar to that of a wily clone penis, although the items are different. For instance, use a tube to take the measurements. The female version of the Willy moulding kits is available at most physical and online sex toy stores. A female who may want to keep her vagina as a souvenir or a gift to her partner may try out the female Willy moulding kits for her vagina clone.

Other Types of Dildos Available

Realistic Dildos

If realism is what you're after with your new sex toy, then realistic dildos might be the perfect option. These dildos resemble human genitalia—giving them a more authentic experience than other types. They come in many shapes and sizes, making them even more enjoyable.

Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildos provide an excellent way to explore hands-free fun with themselves or others. Stick your chosen model onto any flat surface (like walls) and ride away. Suction cup bases also make them easier to handle during play allowing users full control over how deep penetration goes without worrying about losing grip on slippery surfaces.

Glass Dildos

Glass dildos offer extra stimulation due to their wonderful coolness, perfect for those who like temperature play. They can be heated up if desired, so they are versatile enough to cater to all desires. These are made from tempered medical-grade borosilicate glass, which is extremely durable. They won't shatter easily on impact, making them great value for money over other materials as they last longer.

Double Ended Dildos

Double-ended dildos offer a unique way for partners to enjoy each other simultaneously. The versatility of these sex toys means they can be used during penetration with both partners simultaneously or even solo play – flip the toy around depending on who is being pleasured.


Ejaculating Dildos

If you're looking for something completely different, try one of these amazing ejaculating dildos. By filling up their internal reservoirs with liquid before use, you will get all the sensations of a real male climax, complete with realistic movements - remember not to let any spill onto furniture either before or after use.

Inflatable Dildos

Inflatable dildos have pumps to control how much pressure is applied when inserted. This gives individuals unprecedented control over sensations during penetration, increasing or decreasing intensity as desired depending on personal preference/desire

Black Dildos

Black dildos look stunningly stylish when left out on display but provide intense G-spot stimulation with their extra-long size and increased texture sensation due to their glossy finish. Plus, their nonporous nature makes them incredibly easy to clean, making them great additions to any bedroom arsenal.

Animal Penis Dildos

For those looking for something wilder than your typical human-shaped model - animal penis-shaped dildos could be right up your alley. Numerous varieties are available out there, catering to all sorts of whimsical fantasies imaginable. 

Inflatable Dildo Balls

Inflatable dildo balls provide incredible sensation as they expand within you while conveniently remaining lightweight enough for extended wear. They also travel well due to their small size when deflated, making them great companions on romantic getaways!