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Mould your own kits

Mould your own kits


Love your cock? Have the best dick in town? Or just needing a clone to give to your lover while you are away? Peaches and Screams has a wide selection of cock molding kits. Everything you need to replicate your cock can be found in these kits. In just a few easy steps you can create a silicone copy of your dick. Have a lover who is going to miss you while you are away? Clone your cock and give them the gift of you for those nights you cannot be together. Maybe you have a hot guy with a dick you can’t stand to miss when you can’t be together. Make a game out of it and clone his cock together. Then when he is away, you can take pleasure in knowing he will still meet all of your needs. Peaches and Screams carried Cloneboy kits that allow you to clone your cock with high-quality silicone. These kits do not contain plaster which can be irritating to your skin. Only the best materials for these cloned cocks. Cloneboy kits are easy to use giving you a cloned cock in just a few easy steps. Cloneboy also comes with a cock ring to help you keep your erection along with a masturbation sleeve to stimulate your erection. Peaches and Screams also carries Clone-A-Willy cock cloning kits. These kits are easy to cast. Using materials safe for your body and for your lover’s body, the kits come with all the materials you will need to create an amazing detailed replica of your penis or of your favorite penis. Clone-A-Willy kits are high quality and realistic to give your partner the pleasure they expect from your cock. Clone-A-Willy kits come in a variety of skin tone colors as well as vibrant neon and glow in the dark. Each kit also comes with a vibrating unit to turn your cloned cock dildo into a vibrating dildo. Peaches and Screams has our own selections which vary from color and even flavor. Be sure to check out our edible chocolate cock mold kit. Edible chocolate! Just imagine molding your favorite cock to have in your mouth. With the edible chocolate cock, you get to eat his cock while you play. Looking for a place to put your hard cock? We also have pussy molding kits. You can replicate her pussy for fun play when she is busy and can’t be with you. Peaches and Screams has it all. And with a full discretion ordering and shipping process, we make ordering easy. Buy clone a willy, penis casting, penis molding and DIY dildo kits now - browse penis molding kits below!

Penis molding kits are available in different types, shapes, and colors to help you easily create your pleasure gods within a short time. DIY vibrating dildos and penis life casts are essential pleasure tools when your lover is away. Some of the materials you can use for your homemade pleasure tools include; PVC, silicone, rubber, and Cyberskin.

Whether for you or your lover, creating a replica of your penis introduces a new wave of stimulations and next-level orgasms. With penis mold kit, you can leave your partner with a replica of your manhood for a continuous flow of orgasms even when you are away. Casting your cock also reduces cheating and infections in the relationship.

Getting Started on Do-It-Yourself Mold Kits

Penis molding kits are devices used to create a DIY vibrating dildo or penis cast. These kits come in different colors, including neon. You can also keep it real with a realistic color that matches your skin tone.

Molding kits are not only important to lovers who may not be together. You may also cast a DIY dildo and quip it with a vibrating motor for self-pleasure.

Some molding kit types come with edible chocolate to cast a cock for oral play. You can also modify the cast cock with veins, suction cup, and balls to pleasure for explosive pleasure.

Why choose Home Penis and Vagina Molding Kits?

Casting kits allow you to keep things intact even while far from your partner. These DIY dildos cast are safe, reducing incidences of sexually transmitted infections. The DIY dildo vibrator is readily available whenever your lover needs steamy penetrations.

How to Choose Beginners and Advanced Users Molding Kits

Choosing the best  Dick modeling tools and molds can be challenging, especially for beginners. Remember, health should always come on top of the list when choosing these products. Here are some tips that can help you shop for molding kits that your lover will enjoy.

Consider Materials

Home penis and vagina molding kits are crafted from various materials, including silicone, cyber skin, TPE, PVC, and rubber. The material used greatly influences the price of the kit. Some of the materials used include;


Consider this material for safety, pleasure, and easy cleaning of the casted cock. Industrial sex toys made from silicone are expensive but reliable for pleasure. This material is non-porous, keeping you and your lover safe from bacterial infections. It is also durable for everyday use. This might be the best material if your lover is allergic because it is phthalate-free and hypoallergic. DIY dildos made from silicone are also easy to disinfect and wash after each play.


For lovers who want live stimulations, this is the best material. The material matches your skin tone color giving your lover realms sensations and mind-blowing orgasms. It also has lifelike veins, balls, veined shaft, and tapered head for a one-of-a-kind experience. However, cyber skin cannot be easily disinfected, increasing the risks of infections. Also, it becomes sticky after contact with water.


Rubber molding kits are affordable. When you choose mold a dick with rubber its different from Other materials. However, the material is porous, increasing the risks of bacterial infections. This material is also not durable because of frequent wear and tear.


PVC is among the most used materials in the sex toys industry. However, it may contain phthalate that may harm your body. Also, disinfecting PVC is not easy, exposing you to infections. Choose phthalate-free PVC materials to be on the safer side.

The Molding Gel

For safety, choose medically tested molding gels. The vagina and anus are highly absorbent. They can easily take any toxic components to your veins, bones, and nerves.

Choose The Right Size

Molding kits are available in different sizes to meet all your needs. When casting a cock or vibrating dildo, consider the length and thickness that fits in your vagina and anus. Casting extraordinary sizes can compromise your sexual experience and pleasure. Also, choose a suitable sex lubricant to ease penetration and amplify sexual pleasure.

How to Make Your Own Dildo

Experimenting with new stimulations pushes your bedroom experience boundaries. Excitements start with creating a DIY penis and getting it to work without injuries. The following steps could be of great help for those who might find this challenging.

Insert your penis into a molding gel or tube to get the right length and thickness. This may be weird, but it is important.

Leave the penis inside for up to 90 seconds for the gel to capture the inches, ridge, veins, and nerves.

Remove the penis and fill the cast with silicone or molding powder to strengthen the new cock.

Do not use the cast immediately. Let it rest to take the shape of your penis.

Fix the vibrator for pleasurable play.