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Love your cock? Have the best dick in town? Or just needing a clone to give to your lover while you are away? Peaches and Screams has a wide selection of cock molding kits. Everything you need to replicate your cock can be found in these kits. In just a few easy steps you can create a silicone copy of your dick. Have a lover who is going to miss you while you are away? Clone your cock and give them the gift of you for those nights you cannot be together. Maybe you have a hot guy with a dick you can’t stand to miss when you can’t be together. Make a game out of it and clone his cock together. Then when he is away, you can take pleasure in knowing he will still meet all of your needs. Peaches and Screams carried Cloneboy kits that allow you to clone your cock with high-quality silicone. These kits do not contain plaster which can be irritating to your skin. Only the best materials for these cloned cocks. Cloneboy kits are easy to use giving you a cloned cock in just a few easy steps. Cloneboy also comes with a cock ring to help you keep your erection along with a masturbation sleeve to stimulate your erection. Peaches and Screams also carries Clone-A-Willy cock cloning kits. These kits are easy to cast. Using materials safe for your body and for your lover’s body, the kits come with all the materials you will need to create an amazing detailed replica of your penis or of your favorite penis. Clone-A-Willy kits are high quality and realistic to give your partner the pleasure they expect from your cock. Clone-A-Willy kits come in a variety of skin tone colors as well as vibrant neon and glow in the dark. Each kit also comes with a vibrating unit to turn your cloned cock dildo into a vibrating dildo. Peaches and Screams has our own selections which vary from color and even flavor. Be sure to check out our edible chocolate cock mold kit. Edible chocolate! Just imagine molding your favorite cock to have in your mouth. With the edible chocolate cock, you get to eat his cock while you play. Looking for a place to put your hard cock? We also have pussy molding kits. You can replicate her pussy for fun play when she is busy and can’t be with you. Peaches and Screams has it all. And with a full discretion ordering and shipping process, we make ordering easy. Buy clone a willy, penis casting, penis molding and DIY dildo kits now - browse penis molding kits below!

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