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Female Pumps

  • Doc Johnson Pink Pussy Pump For Her - Peaches and Screams
    Doc Johnson Pink Pussy Pump For Her - Peaches and Screams
    Save £14.82
    Original Price £64.21
    Current Price £49.39
    Doc Johnson

    Doc Johnson Pink Pussy Pump For Her

    Only 1 left!

    Any female who feels like adjusting her sex life to a more upgraded level, full of pleasure, use Pussy Pump that gives you comfort and extreme plea...

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    Original Price £64.21
    Current Price £49.39
    Save £14.82
    Only 1 left!
  • 4.25-inch Size Matters Pink Vaginal Pump For Her - Peaches and Screams
    4.25-inch Size Matters Pink Vaginal Pump For Her - Peaches and Screams
    Save £15.60
    Original Price £67.59
    Current Price £51.99
    Size Matters

    4.25-inch Size Matters Pink Vaginal Pump For Her

    Only 2 left!

    The 4.25-inch Size Matters Pink Vaginal Pump for Her is an intimate accessory designed to enhance arousal and sensitivity in the genital area. Crea...

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    Original Price £67.59
    Current Price £51.99
    Save £15.60
    Only 2 left!
  • Shots Toys Clear Nipple Suction Set For Her - Peaches and Screams
    Shots Toys Clear Nipple Suction Set For Her - Peaches and Screams
    Save £12.09
    Original Price £52.38
    Current Price £40.29
    Shots Toys

    Shots Toys Clear Nipple Suction Set For Her

    Only 4 left!

    Feel the stimulation of suction with these Nipple Cups. These suckers can be easily applied and twisted to temporarily increase the size of the nip...

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    Original Price £52.38
    Current Price £40.29
    Save £12.09
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  • Kink Black And Red Rechargeable Vibrating Pussy Pump - Peaches and Screams
    Save £41.73
    Original Price £180.82
    Current Price £139.09
    Doc Johnson

    Kink Black And Red Rechargeable Vibrating Pussy Pump

    Only 2 left!

    Have strong and maximum pleasure that leads to orgasm. Let this fantastic toy explore the vaginal area to create sensation to your clit and the g-s...

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    Original Price £180.82
    Current Price £139.09
    Save £41.73
    Only 2 left!
  • Size Matters Premium Black Pump With Pressure Gauge - Peaches and Screams
    Save £37.05
    Original Price £160.54
    Current Price £123.49
    Size Matters

    Size Matters Premium Black Pump With Pressure Gauge

    Only 2 left!

    This premium hand pump features an easy grip handle, professional vacuum gauge for monitoring pressure within the cylinder, and secure interlocking...

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    Original Price £160.54
    Current Price £123.49
    Save £37.05
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  • Rimba Clear Glass Nipple Erector Pump For Her - Peaches and Screams
    Save £7.02
    Original Price £30.41
    Current Price £23.39

    Rimba Clear Glass Nipple Erector Pump For Her

    Only 2 left!

    Enjoy the luxury of instant nipple sensitivity and take your sensational pleasures a notch up, thanks to the magnificent design of the Rimba Clear ...

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    Original Price £30.41
    Current Price £23.39
    Save £7.02
    Only 2 left!

Best Nipple Suckers and Pussy Pump Sex Toys - Clit Pump

Buy the Best Nipple Suckers, Clit Pump and Pussy Pump Sex Toys at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop. Browse Nipple Sucking and Boob Sucking Sex Toys

Here at Peaches and Screams, we have nipple suckers and Nipple Pumps of all sizes for several erogenous zones. Try some for your smaller nubbins (nipples and clit) and larger areas (breasts or complete genital area). How Does a Nipple Pump Work? Note that these are not electric vacuums which have uncontrollable power, causing pain and bruising. Pussy Pumps are manually operated for your just-right swollen desires. A female pump uses suction to swell any sexy place you desire with fluid and blood.

What Are Female Vaginal Pumps

If you are interested in experiencing pleasurable ways to have sex, pussy pumps are the way to go. These pumps provide the most beautiful and super-sensitive vagina by employing the suction mechanism. This makes the labia and clit swollen and nerves exposed for an explosive orgasm.

The pussy and clit pumps are the simplest sex accessories with fewer components. The ordinary design includes a suction cup and pump. These two are connected by a tube. The tube acts as a passway for sucking the air out and pushing the air in for a release. The pussy pumps are mainly manual, meaning you have to involve hand push on the pump to suck the air out and then release it. The suction cup is mostly made of a clear material, giving you a view of what is underneath. However, the process should be done slowly and repeatedly to attain maximum results without injury.

The Benefits of Having Clit Suckers & Pussy Pumps

There are multiple advantages of the pussy pumps in your sexual life. Let us look at some of them:

They Help to Make the Vagina A Super-Sensitive Zone

Women have different levels of sensitivity. Some get aroused fast, while others do not. Whatever sensitivity you have, you can always get more from the female pussy pumps. The pump allows more blood to flow to the sucked area when there is suction. This swells the place and exposes all the available nerves, making your clit and labia aroused even by the slightest touch.

They Give an Appealing View

The increased size of the sexual areas has always been a turn-on for many. For this reason, people use different methods to get increased sexual organs. Though these ways may work, pussy and clit pumps are the safest and most reliable ways to acquire that seductive appearance. When pressure is applied, the vagina and clit appear fuller and more attractive.

They Have A Variety of Uses

The pussy pumps are the best things to use on various occasions. They are good for a foreplay session with your partner. The use of these toys can also heighten the solo sensations. You can also take numerous positions to ensure the moment is more pleasurable.


  1. Simple finger-push suckers provide more gentle suction.
  2. Twist suckers - go from gentle suction to super vacuum with a few turns. Can you handle the super vacuum power?
  3. Bulb-pump suckers - a very popular choice, these are also perfect for double suction needs (like both breasts).
  4. Boob pumps that come with vibrators built in. We think that type of pump will pique your interest even more than it already is.

Almost all of our pumps are clear, so you can watch the action in real time. When you use pussy pumps on your sensual parts, crank the sucking power up to whatever limit you can take without hurting. Then leave your new favourite toy in place for up to 15 minutes. Give your bits a little break because the vacuum action pulls blood in but does not let it out. After the break from suction (the break does not need to be very long), you can go for another round and a higher sucking power if desired. You should probably stimulate your most sensitive erogenous zones before suction. Use some lube or water for "sticking" power and comfort.


  1. Plan for a two to three-hour session. Although this sexy play can get very hot quickly, you will probably come back for more and more within minutes of each orgasm.
  2. Watch some porn that features women using female pumps - or whatever else turns you on.
  3. Get wet and wild. Play with your nipples and clit. Are you imagining all of this and waiting for the next step?
  4. Place the nipple pump cups on wet or lubed skin. Use the manual sucking mechanism to create a vacuum and pull your skin deep inside the cup. Watch your skin pull further and further inside the cup. If this is your first time, start gently and leave them on for only a short time.
  5. Take the noob pumps off (do not leave them on for more than 15 minutes at a time).
  6. Marvel at the large shape you created. Touch your skin and marvel at how sensitive you have made it.
  7. You know what to do. (We mean climax!)
  8. Repeat the steps from number 4.

Check out our Peaches and Screams selection, and pick your Pussy & Nipple Pumps today! Buy nipple suckers & nipple suction toys at Peaches & Screams, UK's favourite ❤️sex shop. ✈️FREE SHIPPING on all orders over £50. Over ❤️5,000 5-STAR RATED sex toys. ❤️ DISCREET BILLING & PACKAGING! Browse the best nipple pumps, pussy pumps, clitoral pumps & boob pumps.

Increased Sensation with a Clitoral Pump

Men are not the only ones who need to pump things up down there anymore. Women worldwide are realizing just how good it can feel and how many benefits can come from clitoral pumps. The increased clitoral sensitivity that these pumps can bring about cannot be ignored anymore, and the fun that can be had is worth the investment.

Clit pumping can heighten sensitivity in the entire region due to the vacuuming action and the fact that the clitoris will be engorged with extra blood flow after use. This action makes sure that all 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris are extra sensitive and ready for exciting feelings that you never were possible. These pumps give new sensations that many women have never felt before, making sex more exciting and orgasm more explosive.

Vagina pumps and clitoral pumps are becoming some of the hottest-selling products for several reasons, but mainly due to the sensations sent through the entire body. Once you try out a clitoral pump and feel the increased sensation that it provides, you will want to keep clit pumping over and over again.

The most popular type of clitoral pump is made from a cylinder that fits snugly over the private parts and utilizes a hand pump to draw blood to the area. The clit pump then creates a vacuum that intensifies all the feelings in the area and primes you for sex as you have never been before. The clitoris is designed exclusively for sexual pleasure, and a clitoral pump makes every little feeling ten times better.

There are more sophisticated models of pumps on the market that also include textured surfaces, added pleasurable parts, and vibrations that can send a woman over the edge in a matter of moments. Clitoral pumps allow you to enjoy sexual activity as much as possible as long as you perform the act in moderation. You would be hard-pressed to find a more exciting toy to intensify female masturbation or get you worked up for the sex of your life.

The increased sensitivity and erotic pleasure that a clitoral pump provides simply cannot be ignored, and that is why so many women are turning to clitoral pumps. They are easy to utilize, and the benefits of increased sensitivity are undeniable.

Get ready to feel better and enjoy mind-blowing orgasms as you have never experienced before, thanks to the help and stimulation provided by a clitoral pump. The rush alone created by the vacuum makes using a pump more than worthwhile, let alone the other benefits that this toy provides.

If you do not believe how good one of these pumps can make you feel, then simply give it a try and find out. Once you use it once, you will wonder why you didn't give clitoral pumps a chance long before. Buy a clitoral pump today!

Do you want to have an elongated and sensitive pussy like porn celebrities? Get these pussy pumps created to improve the appearance of your vagina while giving you some mind-blowing sensations.

The female pussy pumps are the best option to enhance the appearance and sensitivity of your vagina. They are available in different designs, sizes, and materials, to ensure you get what you desire. They are effective and deliver sexual stimulation not found in other sex toys. Below is all the information you need to know about these extraordinary pleasure toys.

How to Buy the Best Clit Pumps

Are you interested in the pussy pumps? Here are some of the things to consider when buying a pussy pump.

Consider the Size Of the Cup.

Some cups are small, while others are slightly bigger. The cup's size determines the area covered. Pumps with small cups might only suck the clit area, while the bigger ones cover the whole vaginal area. Get the corresponding cup size depending on the place you want to pump.

Choose The Right Design

There are numerous pump designs. Some use squeeze bulbs; others use pistons to pump. There are also vibrating clit pumps that add stimulation to the pumping, allowing you to reach the ultimate pleasure. Choose the design based on your preferences.

How to Use the Pussy Pump Sex Toys

Though pussy pumps seem simple, instructions are still needed for better performance.

  • A shave on the pubic area is necessary for better and safe performance.
  • Use lubricant for a smooth feeling. The lube relaxes the skin and provides pleasurable suction. Here are some of the steps to follow when pumping.
  • Take a relaxed position, like lying on the back and legs apart.
  • When set in the right position, apply water-based lubricant on the cup edges to smoothen the impact and make the device more efficient.
  • Ensure all the components of the pump are set and functional. These include the piston pump, the quick release, and the tube.
  • When all is set, gently place the cup on the vagina. When doing it, consider the places you want to suck. Ensure the target area is enclosed in the cup. Some cups are small-sized and hence can only cover the clit area, while the bigger cups cover the whole outer labia.
  • While holding the cup tightly, use the other hand on the pump area (some designs have a squeeze bulb, while others have a piston to pump). Slowly squeeze or make several pumps to suck the enclosed area.
  • Once the area is trapped in the cup and the cup holds tightly, release your hand from the cup. Continue pumping up to the desired pressure. The more pressure you apply, the higher the suction.
  • You can pump up to the maximum level if done slowly and smoothly. Though uncomfortable at first, this should not hurt you.
  • Reduce the pressure using the quick-release valve when you feel like removing the pump.
  • You can have the cup on for about 10-15 minutes. If there is a need for more results, repeat the same procedure until you feel super sensitive and better.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Pussy Pumps

Are Pussy Pumps Any Good?

Absolutely. They aren't as scary as they sound. A pussy pump serves many erotic needs but is essentially a device that can boost sexual arousal and pleasure by enhancing sensitivity around a woman's genital region. Its working mechanism and principles exploit simple biological and physical nuances to pump up genitals and increase sensations.

Why Do Women Use Pussy Pumps?

Pussy pumps are sexual pleasure enhancer accessories that work wonders for women's genitals. Their use has nothing to do with a particular sexual dysfunction, but women who aren't easily aroused or have low libido use pussy pumps to boost performance and sexual satisfaction. These devices increase genital sensitivity and excitement through the suction mechanism to engorge the vagina, the clit, or both.

How a Pussy Pump Works

A pussy pump uses basic principles reminiscent of a penis pump. The device uses suction to create a vacuum over the vagina. This vacuum revitalizes and draws blood to the vaginal area to engorge parts such as the clitoris, labia, and vulva, making your vagina appear swollen. The result is heightened sexual sensitivity, excitement, and pleasure.

Are Pussy Pumps Safe?

Yes, pussy pumps are 100% safe. They are not only moulded from body-safe fabrics, but modern pussy pumps come with quick-release triggers that allow you to discontinue suction if necessary. Pussy pumps are easy and painless, as they increase sensitivity in specific areas of the vagina to make masturbation and other genital sex play more enjoyable.

Do Pussy Pumps Work?

Yes, pussy pumps are effective at increasing genital sensitivity. They can be used on the vagina, clit, or entire vulva to enhance nerve stimulation. Essentially, pussy pumps create a vacuum that increases blood flow to your vaginal region, evidenced by swelling of the labia and the clitoris.

Do Women Like Pussy Pumps?

That depends, but women who have used pussy pumps enjoy the sensuality of their enlarged vulva and clitoris. Women love pussy pumps because once the vagina swells and the juices start flowing, it turns them on more than usual. Besides, the vagina becomes moister, smooth, and feels super sensual.

Does a Pussy Pump Feel Good?

From the accounts of women who have used pussy pumps, it feels good. At first, attaining suction may be a bit painful, but the key is to elevate your pelvis and keep your legs apart to attain sufficient suction. To reduce the possibility of painful sensations, shave your pubs and remember to lubricate.

How Does a Pussy Pump Feel?

For starters, the suction creates a vacuum over your vagina that leaves a pulling effect. Secondly, the resulting enhancement in genital sensitivity makes the touch and feel of the vagina more intense with every stroke. The swollen vagina, coupled with the engorged clit, makes climaxing more intense because vaginal muscles will spasm violently.

How Does a Pussy Pump Work?

A pussy pump utilizes suction to revitalize and draw blood into the vagina to increase sensitivity. Its mechanism is quite simple. Their see-through suction cup uses a mechanical pump to create a vacuum that swells your vagina, clitoris, labia, and vulva. Other advanced pussy pumps rely on a trigger handle to create suction.

How to Make a Pussy Pump?

Most pussy pumps utilize a manual suction pump that enables users more control. This means most users would fancy making their DIY pussy pumps from the comfort of their desks. Purchase a manual suction cup and a valve from a reputable store and diligently follow adjoining instructions.

What Is the Point of a Pussy Pump?

Women use pussy pumps for different reasons. Some simply want to enhance sexual sensitivity; others want to engorge their vagina to enhance its aesthetic appeal. In contrast, others love the power dynamics of bondage role play and want to experience improved foreplay via pleasure denial techniques. And that is where a pussy pump comes in.

Where Can I Buy a Pussy Pump?

Pussy pumps are popular sex toys sold by many retailers, ranging from brick-and-mortar stores to online sexual wellness top brands, including Peaches and Screams, e-Bay, Alibaba, Amazon, Doc Johnson, and You2Toys, among others. The key to purchasing an authentic pussy pump is to steer clear of bogus retailers that sell products with questionable quality.

Why Do Women Pump Their Pussy?

When it comes to sexual sensitivity and arousal, every woman is different. Some are easily turned on by simple touches, while others require more direct and intense stimulation. Some require sex toys to heighten their genital sensitivity, but women generally pump their pussy to take the feel of masturbation and genital sex to another level.

Can I Use a Pussy Pump While Pregnant?

No, pussy pumping is not recommended during pregnancy, especially at 36 weeks onwards. Pussy pumping during pregnancy accelerates the release of oxytocin – the hormone that causes the contraction of uterine walls during labour. Pussy pumping will only lead to premature labour pains, and no one wants that.

Can You Use a Pussy Pump with Piercings?

Do you have a pierced pussy? Yes, pumping a pierced pussy is possible, but there is a catch. If those piercings are embedded on your clitoral hood or any part in between, it is recommended to use a large enough suction cup that can cover the whole pussy plus the clitoral hood.

Can You Walk with a Pumped Pussy?

Yes, absolutely. However, it is recommended to allow your vagina sufficient recovery time to restore normal blood flow, assume its normal shape, and subside the pussy pumping effects such as tingling sensations, numbness, throbbing, or any form of pain and irritation.

Do Men Like a Pumped Pussy?

For men and women alike, there is something quite appealing about the appearance of an engorged pussy or clit. Men see that as a signal of arousal and readiness for sex. Besides, this in itself can be a big turn-on for men.

Do Pussy Pumps Make Your Clit Bigger?

Yes. A standard pussy pump is often large enough to accommodate both the vulva and the clit. Some women are not interested in engorging their vulva. In such cases, a clitoral pump is perfect. It sends suction to engorge your clitoris like pussy pumps swell your vagina and vulva.

Do Pussy Pumps Make Your Lips Sensitive?

Yes, your vaginal anatomy comprises the clitoris, labia, vaginal opening, and vulva. Pussy pump models are designed to cover all these parts in the suction cup. When you pump your pussy, blood supply is revitalized to the vaginal area to increase sensitivity to these parts, including the lips (labia).

Does Pumping Pussy Make Sex Better?

Yes, pussy or vagina pumps help increase blood flow to the vagina and enhance sexual pleasure. For women struggling with low libido levels or having trouble getting sexually aroused, pussy pumps are perfect pleasure enhancers that increase genital sensitivity to make the clit and vagina more sensual for a better sexual experience.

Do Pussy Pumps Make Your Pussy Bigger?

The device utilizes basic principles reminiscent of a penis pump. The suction mechanism creates a vacuum over the vagina that revitalizes and draws blood to the vaginal area to engorge parts such as the clitoris, labia, and vulva, making your vagina appear swollen. The result is bigger vaginal anatomy, Heightened sexual sensitivity, excitement, and pleasure.

Does Using a Pussy Pump Hurt?

Using a pussy pump may not be a comfortable experience for first-time users. The discomfort may be because you have attached the suction cup too low or too high over your pussy. The key is to avoid tugging the sensitive skin that surrounds your anus or upper pubs. Also, remember to shave your pussy to ensure the device doesn't tug your pubic hair.

How Long Do I Keep a Pussy Pump on?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. If you are a first-time user, it is recommended that you pump your pussy for short sessions, not more than 10 minutes. As you get used to the feeling, you can build up your endurance level and slowly increase the amount of time you keep the pump over your pussy.

How Long Do You Keep Your Pussy Pumped for?

For beginners, it is advisable to pump your pussy at intervals of 10 minutes per session. But there is no magic answer regarding the amount of time you should leave the pump plugged on. However, pussy pumping sessions of not more than an hour are recommended if you want the effects of pussy pumping to wear off gradually.

How Long Does a Pussy Pump Last?

When you place the device over your pussy, it will increase blood flow that enlarges the clitoris, engorge the vagina, and create a tingling sensation. But once the pump has been removed, blood flow will be restored to normal, and any numbness, irritation, or throbbing in the pussy will disappear in less than two hours. Consider seeking medical attention if these effects persist.

How Long for a Pumped Pussy to Go Down Again?

The effects of a pumped pussy wear off gradually, and your pussy’s normal shape is restored within two hours. Such effects include a tingling feeling, throbbing, and numbness. However, be sure to seek medical assistance if these effects persist.

How Long Should I Use a Pussy Pump in Minutes?

First-time pussy pump users should begin pumping for short sessions of 10 minutes each and gradually increase the time as they get used to the throbbing and tingling sensations, and can leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.

How Long Do You Leave a Pussy Pump on?

At first, it is recommended that you pump your pussy for short sessions, preferably 10 minutes. As you get used to the feeling, you can build up your endurance level and slowly increase the amount of time you keep the pump over your pussy.

How Long Until a Pumped Pussy Goes Back to Normal?

When placed over the vagina and pumped, a pussy pump will increase blood flow that enlarges the clitoris, engorge the vagina, and create a tingling sensation. But once the pump has been removed, blood flow will be restored to normal, and any numbness, irritation, or throbbing in the pussy will disappear in less than two hours.

How Many Times Can You Use a Pussy Pump?

This will depend on the excitement you derive, the time you have handy, and whether you are using it solo or as part of your foreplay. You can use it as many times you have sex or masturbate, but remember to relax and restore the normal blood floor in your vagina each time.

How to Get the Best Effect from Pussy Pumps?

If you are looking to get the best out of a pussy pump as a beginner, shave your pussy to prep it. Take your time getting used to the device. Use lots of compatible sex lube and keep your legs apart and pelvis elevated. Place the device over the vagina to create an airtight seal, pump slowly and increase gradually. Sit back and enjoy the benefits of an engorged vagina.

Are Pussy Pumps Good Toys?

Pussy pumps are generally easy and safe toys to use with little to no risk of injury. Bar manufacturer recommendations, their usage is quite simple, and as long as you create a tight seal over your vagina and use compatible lube, you will achieve the intended effects. These are the makings of a good sex toy.

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Nipple suckers and pumps

nipple sucker is a device designed specifically for women which uses suction on the nipples to increase their size and sensitivity. This can enhance pleasure during sex or solo play and create fuller-looking breasts. Nipple pumps use either manual pressure or an electric pump, depending on the type chosen. In contrast, boob pumps are more commonly automated and create vacuum pressure inside a cup placed over your nipples.

Nipple tassels, breast covers, and nipple pasties

Are you looking for a way to dress up your lingerie look and add a bit of sparkle and shine? Get introduced to the world of nipple tassels, breast covers and pasties. Nipple covers, pasties, tassels and stickers are becoming very popular in creating that perfect sexy look. These products range from sparkling gold heart-shaped nipple covers and pasties to those covered in shiny sequins.

Nipple vibrators

Nipple vibrators provide a unique and pleasurable sexual experience for those looking to spice up their sex life. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also stimulate the nipples in a way that traditional sex toys cannot. With different intensities and settings, these types of breast massagers and vibrating nipple clamps offer an array of options for users to choose from when it comes to discovering new sensations. 

Combining multiple types of female pussy pump devices can result in some truly explosive experiences worth trying out if you want to spice up your bedroom routine, solo or shared between partners. With innovative designs available on the market today, there’s sure something out there that caters perfectly to everyone's needs.