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Remote Control Love Eggs

Remote Control Love Eggs

  • 2.25-inch Colt Wired Silver Mini Bullet Vibrator - Peaches and Screams
    2.25-inch Colt Wired Silver Mini Bullet Vibrator - Peaches and Screams
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    Original Price £32.94
    Current Price £25.34
    California Exotic

    2.25-inch Colt Wired Silver Mini Bullet Vibrator

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    The 2.25-inch Colt Wired Silver Mini Bullet Vibrator is a discreet and powerful pleasure device designed to provide intense sensations in a compact...

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    Original Price £32.94
    Current Price £25.34
    Save £7.60
    Only 1 left!
  • 2.25-inch Colt Silver Mini Bullet Vibrating Love Egg - Peaches and Screams
    Save £11.86
    Original Price £51.39
    Current Price £39.53
    California Exotic

    2.25-inch Colt Silver Mini Bullet Vibrating Love Egg

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    Experience heaven-defying clitoral and labia stimulation using the magically designed Silver Bullet Vibrating Love Egg with Wired Controller for Wo...

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    Original Price £51.39
    Current Price £39.53
    Save £11.86
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Are you looking for discreet love eggs that you can use even in public without raising the alarm? Get these remote-controlled love eggs and let your partner bully you with intense deep sensations.

With the advanced technology in the sex toy industry, there has been a huge demand for discreet hands-free warming toys.

What Are Remote-Controlled Love Eggs?

Remote-controlled love eggs are smooth, egg-shaped sex toys worn internally and controlled by a remote. They often stimulate by warming and circulating in the vagina. These love eggs are inserted, controlled, and retrieved by an App that uses WiFi or Bluetooth.

Guidelines for Choosing Remote Control Love Eggs

Shopping for the best vibrating love egg can be challenging. A few factors are essential to consider to make a good decision. They include:

The Material Used

Remote-controlled love eggs are available in different types of materials. Silicone is the greatest option because of its softness, giving a feel of human skin. It is non-porous and easy to clean. Consider the friction of the love eggs when remotely controlled. Do not go for a slippery material. It can be embarrassing if it falls off in public.

The Number of Eggs Included

Consider the number of eggs that will be comfortable to wear and provide intense sensations. Most remote-controlled love eggs come with either a single or two eggs, usually attached. Pick one that will be easy to control remotely, especially for long-distance play. Some partners find the two eggs easy to slip out during vibration, while others find their sensations more intense. Beginners should start with a single love egg since it is more beginner-friendly and easy to control.

Their Appearance

Look for an eye-catching love egg toy to enhance sexual arousal. The appearance of a sex toy also triggers feelings and enhances sensation. App-controlled love eggs are available in various colours, such as pink, sexy black, and blue. When selecting a colour, consider what looks sexy and fantastic. Pick a nice device for a more erotic session with the hands-free toy.

How Heavy They Are

It is important to opt for love eggs that are comfortable to wear. The heavier the eggs, the more experienced one must be for safety and comfort. Therefore, lighter weights are great for those using remote-controlled love eggs for the first time. An easy way to find out what is suitable is by choosing the same weight as your potential sex toys.  Before shopping, you can also do quick online research on the weights of remote-controlled love eggs.

Their Cost

Remote-controlled love balls are relatively expensive because they involve an App and the internet. Beginners should start with a low-priced model if the toy is not theirs. Consider the quality while looking for a relatively cheaper remote-controlled love egg.

How to Spice Up Things in the Bedroom with Vibrating Love Eggs

Love eggs can spice up things during sexual intercourse. You can insert the love egg before going for a dinner date and hand over the remote control to your partner. Let him control the device for intense stimulation while at the table. You will not wait to reach home for sex. Do not stay with the toy inside your body for more than 30 minutes. During intimacy, let him move the string to one side remotely as he penetrates.

Safety Tips when Using Remote-Controlled Love Balls

  • Go through the descriptions first to use the remote-controlled sex toy as intended. These toys are only intended for vaginal stimulation. If used anally, they might get deeper into the body, which is very dangerous.
  • It is risky to sleep with the remote-controlled love eggs inside the body. One might not notice if something goes wrong because the pain receptors are often inactive when asleep.
  • Never use love balls while menstruating because they can prevent blood from flowing out of the vagina.
  • Remote-controlled love eggs are not good for pregnant women. They can cause premature birth or miscarriage.
  • Never share your love eggs to avoid spreading bacterial infections and Sexually Transmitted Infections.
  • Always clean the love eggs before and after use to remove any dirt or bacteria. If not properly done, it can lead to vaginal infections or irritation.
  • Store your vibrating love eggs in a clean sex toy drawer to reduce or prevent the chances of contamination.

How Wireless Love Eggs Compare to the Manual Types

Stimulation Level

Both models provide sexual pleasure. However, manual love eggs can directly hit the g-spot to provide more intense pleasure than remote-control devices that do not involve extra affection.


Remote-controlled love eggs can be used in four ways; spice up things during sex, and masturbation, be used in long-distance relationships and arouse a partner sexually in public. However, manual love eggs are specifically used during masturbation or couple play.

Mechanism of Operation

Remote-controlled love eggs are directed, controlled, and retrieved from the body by an app. They are usually hands-free, even when used during sex. These sex toys offer interaction between partners via Bluetooth or WiFi. In contrast, manual love balls are inserted, controlled, and retrieved using the hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use an Egg Vibrator

An egg vibrator is an oval-shaped sex toy meant for internal use. However, it can also be used externally. You can use it to stimulate other erogenous body parts, such as the clitoris and the nipples. An egg vibrator comes with a cord to remove it. You need lubrication to move the egg into the vagina, and your inner muscles will pull it until it reaches a spot where it will fit perfectly. Egg vibrators have settings and are app or remote-controlled. Use the settings to choose the intensity, speed, and pressure you want from your egg vibrator. Use the same steps for anal play.

How Long Can You Leave Love Eggs In for?

You can leave the love eggs inside you and remove them after the session. Clean and store it until the next session. Some love eggs are app or remote-controlled to be worn outdoors for more fun. You can have them in during sexual intercourse, depending on the size. Some love eggs are small and useful in pleasuring sex as your partner thrusts and feels the vibrations. You can also use one anally during vaginal intercourse for double penetration.

What to Do with Love Eggs

Love eggs are versatile sex toys used for anal and vaginal pleasure. They can be used for anal pleasure when a woman enjoys vaginal sex to feel double penetration. Love eggs can also stimulate the erogenous zones, such as the nipples and other body parts. Since most of them are app or remote-controlled, they can be enjoyed outdoors. Use lubrication, especially for anal sex, because the anal cavity does not produce any lubrication. Sex toys should be used with lubrication for more fun.

How Do You Get the Vibrating Love Eggsout?

Vibrating love eggs are fun sex toys used beyond the bedroom. They are app and remote-controlled and can therefore be worn outdoors too.
Apply lubrication for more fun and fewer injuries when using the love eggs. They come coded for ease in removing them. When you want to get them out, use the cord to pull them. Lubrication makes them glide with ease. Avoid using a love egg with no cords since it can stick inside.

How to Use Remote Control Love Eggs

The remote control love eggs are vibrators, and you can never have enough natural lubrication to counter vibrators' aggressiveness. It is important to understand the settings of the remote control love eggs to pick the sensations you want. Relax and insert the love egg. Do not push them too deep. The muscles naturally pull them until they settle. You may enjoy the vibrations solo or partner.

Other Female Sex Toys To Consider 

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Using Orgasm balls isn’t just about pleasure; many people use them to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. The constant internal vibration helps strengthen your vaginal walls over time, allowing better control during sex play and more intense orgasms. Regular use also increases blood circulation in sensitive areas, which may lead to improved sensation when touched and increased lubrication during intercourse or other activities involving penetration.

Ben wa balls

Ben Wa balls and Jiggle Balls are the perfect way to take intimacy with your partner or yourself to the next level. Not only can these toys be incredibly pleasurable for both partners, but they also help strengthen pelvic floor muscles leading to more intense orgasms in women.

Kegel exercisers

When it comes to building strength and tightening the muscles of your vagina, kegel exercisers are one of the most popular solutions. Women of all ages can benefit from using these devices to improve their pelvic floor health. By performing regular kegel exercises with a Kegel exerciser, women can strengthen their vaginal muscles, reduce incontinence and improve sexual pleasure.

Double penetrators

Double-penetration dildos and vibrators are one of the most popular double-penetrator toys available today. These versatile devices come in many shapes and sizes, from small ones designed for anal stimulation to larger ones for vaginal stimulation. Many models even combine both sensations with multiple vibration settings. With these toys, both partners or one can experience simultaneous pleasure from two separate points of entry. This is great news if your partner wants different levels or kinds of stimulation than what you might provide alone.

Vibrating love eggs

Vibrating love eggs increase blood flow throughout the body, leading to increased arousal and greater intensity of orgasmic pleasure when used correctly. Not only will this enhance sensuality between partners, but it also improves overall sexual satisfaction. With regular use over time, couples can develop their unique connection through understanding each other's pleasures leading to a deeper level of intimacy than ever before experienced together previously!

Remote control love eggs can be a great way for couples to explore their sexuality and experience new sensations. They are also small enough to be easily concealed, making them perfect for discreet playtime. However, it is important to consider the potential risks associated with using these vibrating love eggs for women before diving in. Ensure you read and use all instructions correctly to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment. With proper safety measures taken into account, remote-control love eggs can add an exciting element of fun to your relationship, leaving both partners satisfied and wanting more.