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Clitoral Vibrators and Stimulators

Clitoral Vibrators and Stimulators

  • Toy Joy Pink Waterproof Bunny Vibrator With Clit Stim - Peaches and Screams
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    Toy Joy Pink Waterproof Bunny Vibrator With Clit Stim

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    Original Price £19.77
    Current Price £15.21
    Save £4.56
    Only 9 left!

Clitoral Vibrators & Stimulators - Clit Sex Toys

Buy the Best Clitoral Vibrators and Clitoral Stimulators and Clit Sex Toys at Peaches and Screams Sex Shop. Browse the best g-spot, quiet, powerful, waterproof, luxury and discreet vibrators today.

Clitoral Vibrators are designed specifically to induce orgasm through the stimulation of the clitoris. Clitoral toys range from bullets and clitoral vibrators to Fingertip Massagers and vibrating tongues. We also stock powerful wands such as the Doxy Massager. Clitoral orgasms are often said to be more powerful than vaginal orgasms but obviously this will be down to personal preference.

Did you know that most women cannot achieve their climax and fully experience orgasms without clitoral stimulation? This is what Clitoral Vibrators are for! These clitoral vibrators are made for one purpose, and one purpose alone: to give you the ultimate clitoral stimulation that will give you the most intense orgasms of your life!

These products are built for the sole purpose of stimulating the female clitoris. There are many innovative approaches, with some products using suction, ticklers and teasers in addition to vibration.

  • Clitoral Stimulation
  • Perfect for playing solo or with a partner
  • Provides intense orgasms

Elevate your sexual awareness and enjoy more clitoral stimulations, using these clitoral vibrators and stimulators made with on-spot sensations in mind for multiple orgasms.

The clitoris is one of the most sensitive organs in ladies, mostly considered the most essential in orgasm play. This tiny organ is full of nerve ends, and when aroused, it gets erect and highly sensitive. The clitoral vibrators and stimulators are here to ensure the fun never stops. With the vibrations and stimulations on the clit, you experience more orgasms as you reach climax.

Why You Need the Clit Vibrators and Stimulators

With the stimulations from these best clit sex toys and clitoral vibrators, you get maximum arousal and intense orgasms. The toys come in different shapes and designs that will blow your mind in the sensation. Some are the eggs vibes, others pocket rockets and others are finger vibrators. With these, you can take your solo or partnered sex to the next level.

Furthermore, the vibes are easy to use, hand-held, and have other features such as the remote-control features that make the game more pleasurable. These are the best clit sex toys to have since most are easily moved around, ensuring the fun goes on wherever you are. If you are a lady who enjoys some solo moments or has a loving partner who appreciates good foreplay, the Clitoral vibrators and stimulators are a must-have.

Things to Consider When Buying Clitoral Sex Toys

Here are several things you need to ensure you get right as you place the selections.

Consider the Material of The Clit Vibrator

There are various materials used in fabricating the vibrators. Some are soft, while others are hard. Some are elastic, while others are rigid. With a clear knowledge of what you want, make the right decision. Beginners should always start from the soft materials and advance with the experience. The fact that an item is soft doesn't make it weak or ineffective. Also, some materials are water-resistant while others are not. This dictates whether you can enjoy the moment in the shower or not.

Consider The Size Of The Clitoral Vibrator

The size of clit massagers determines the areas that will be massaged. The stimulator can be small and focus only on the clit, while others are big to stimulate the whole vulva area. Therefore, your size preference depends on where you want to be pleasured. Some prefer arousing the whole labia, while others focus only on the clit.

The Design and Type of Clitoral Vibrators and Stimulators

Clitoral vibrators and stimulators are of different types like bullet vibrators, finger vibrators, rabbit vibrators, or bigger designs like the I rub my duck. All these designs stimulate the clitoris but in different ways. For instance, some designs work outside while others can penetrate or do both. Go through all these types of vibrators and get the best that fits your desires.

Consider the Power Mode

Best clitoral stimulators vibrators for clitoris can be battery-powered, rechargeable, or electrical. The electrical vibrators are connected to the main switch and get power through the wire connector. These are the best in terms of power and strength of stimulation and are ideal for people who prefer to have pleasurable moments in their room. However, they will limit you to one place and deny you the flexibility you require.

The rechargeable vibrators are the favorite. They are easy to carry around and are useful as long as they are recharged. They have easy rechargeable methods such as the USB, which allows recharge from other devices such as laptops. However, with these rechargeable vibrators, there is a reduction of the stimulation as the power reduces. The last mode is the disposable batteries mode. These come with non-rechargeable batteries. These are replaced once depleted. They are also good to carry around, except that you need backup batteries.

Water Compatibility of The Clit Stimulator

Though some toys might be written water-resistant, they may be only resistant to splashes like in the showers but not an immersion in the water. Therefore, before immersing the toy in water, ensure it is waterproof. Waterproof are the best clitoral vibrators, ensuring you get maximum pleasure in the tub, pool, or shower.

Using the Clitoral Vibrators and Stimulators

Before using these vibrators, ensure you understand the mechanism of the item. This ensures that every action you take you are familiar with. Understand how it is powered on, the mode of power, control, and so forth. All the instructions are provided on the manuals attached to the packaging. After understanding the making of the toy, take the perfect, relaxed position and be sure to get the vibe powered on. Before using the toy, apply some lube on the clit area for a smooth texture.

Clitoral vibrators provide extra excitement for everyone during real sex. We here at Peaches & Screams think he'll love the vibrations too! Do you suspect your man may feel inadequate next to that giant vaginal vibrator! Look no further than a clitoral vibrator. When you want a quickie, these sweet spot toys will make you climax surely and quickly. Take the pressure off your lover to stimulate your clit. They will be grateful for the more satisfying experience of a set-it-and-forget-it clitoral stimulator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Clitoral Vibrators and Stimulators?

A clitoral vibrator is a vibrating device made specifically for clitoral stimulation and pleasure. They are non-penetrating sex toys designed for external use only. Clitoral stimulators vibrate at different frequencies and intensities. Batteries power most vibrating tools. Some clitoral vibrators and stimulators are waterproof. They are also innocuous at first appearance and discreet sex toys.

How Do I Use Clit Vibrators?

Intensify things and speed up the path to an orgasmic climax using a clitoral vibrator. If you've never used a vibrator before, it's best to begin by gently tapping it on your clitoris. Iterate this pattern until you reach your peak performance. Clit vibrators can be used during solo or partnered play. If there is numbness while using it, try to avoid pressing the vibrator down too hard.

Are Clit Stimulators Safe?

It is safe and convenient to use a clit stimulator. Find a toy that prioritizes your safety and comfort by carefully researching available options. Numerous sex toys are manufactured with low-quality or abrasive materials. Ensure you choose the proper toy. The best clit stimulator is made of soft, pliable silicone that is safe for use. Also, it has a luxurious sensation when rubbed against the skin.

How Do I Choose the Best Clit Stimulator?

Some of the most important things to think about while purchasing your first clit stimulator include the following:

  • Body-safe material: Use a sex toy that is safe for the body and comfortable to play with. Silicone, glass, metal, and body-safe wood are nonporous sex toys.
  • Various suction settings: Find a sex toy with various pressure and suction settings so you may adjust the intensity of the sound pulses to your liking.
  • Suction and vibration: Recently developed gadgets include those that vibrate and provide a suction force.
  • Appearance: Find a clitoral stimulator that is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

How Long Should I Use a Clit Vibrator?

Most women achieve orgasms depending on the stimulation degree. However, if your partner does not want to use the vibrator, do not go against their wishes. Furthermore, if you find that regular use of vibrators is causing problems, such as delays to work or social events, or distance between you and your significant other, you may want to reconsider. Use soap and water to clean the vibrator after use. Cleaning your vibrator with diluted bleach will help keep it germ-free. However, ensure you read the device's care instructions first.


Studies show up to 85% of women need clitoral stimulation to climax. Much to a man's dismay, his shaft is probably not getting the job done, no matter how much stamina he has. A note to men shoppers: Getting her the gift of a clitoral vibrator will tell her you care about her pleasure. (And probably get you some more play time too!)

But what about when you are without that man or vaginal vibrator around? Sometimes a girl just needs to let off some pent up energy. A clitoral vibrator can be small enough to go along for the ride anywhere you go. How naughty would it be to try it at work? Run off to the ladies room for a quickie. Or maybe dare to use it at your desk! (We don't recommend watching porn at your desk, though.) Perhaps you adore self-pleasure. Avoid the hand cramps by letting your battery-operated dynamo take care of everything. These are perfect for the woman who likes to have multiple orgasms in one session!

Clitoral vibrators are the first choice for satisfaction without penetration. These sweet spot toys can go as fast or slow as you need. They can have a gentle smooth glide or a more vigorous tickler with bumps nubs or other yummy textures. Toys specifically made for sweet spots are some of the most popular for women for many reasons. Let's look at several.

​Find clitoral stimulators with fun features such as multiple vibration settings and different pulse patterns. And that one that looks like ten tongues...yeah, you know you're curious about that awesome looking thing. Even if you're too timid to try that one for yourself, give one as a fun gift to all your friends. And giving a plain vibrator at a bridal shower is so passé - but a clitoral stimulator that looks like tongues will be the star of the party! Needless to say, all your girlfriends will talk about it for weeks. Be a trendsetter!

Don't let your sweet spot get all the attention....that other spot - you know, the one that starts with a G - needs some love too. Some clitoral vibrators come with g-spot stimulators for extra intense orgasms. Our range of clitoral vibrators and clitoral stimulators are sure to please even the most finicky sweet spot. Try a strap-on clitoral vibrator or tucked inside panties to leave your hands free for other things - why not play with your nipples! Or guide the sweet spot vibrator with your hand to target the neediest places.

Turn your self-satisfaction or couples sex up a notch (or five notches). Use your imagination to put this versatile vibrator thru its paces. Easily stimulate your sweet spot for satisfying orgasms every time you get in the mood. Never have a hand cramp again when you want to make yourself cum 9 times in a row. We have something new for even the largest sex toy collections.

The clitoris is the only body organ that has no other purpose except pleasure. Treat it accordingly!