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Mini Vibrators

Mini Vibrators

  • 11-inch California Exotic Silver Bullet Vibrator - Peaches and Screams
    11-inch California Exotic Silver Bullet Vibrator - Peaches and Screams
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    California Exotic

    11-inch California Exotic Silver Bullet Vibrator

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    An 11 inch, phthalate free, silver in colour, 1.25 inches in diameter, 4.25 inches wide, smooth coated plastic with a built in controller. It is fi...

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    Original Price £35.67
    Current Price £27.44
    Save £8.23
    Only 1 left!

Bullet Vibrators - Shop Mini Vibrators - Discreet Sex Toys

Buy the Best Bullet Vibrators and Mini Vibrators for vaginal and anal stimulation at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop. Bullet vibes are beginner friendly, great for travelling and discreet.

Small can be beautiful and powerful, as Small Vibrators and Mini Vibrators illustrate. Choose from over 40 small vibrators that are discreet and rather cute, making ideal gifts while generating a fantastic orgasm. They also make perfect travel vibrators. If you are inexperienced in the use of sex toys, mini vibrators are a great introduction to vibrating adult toys and are also one of the cheapest sex toys that you can purchase. Available in a range of stylish designs and colours and with multi-speed pulsations that you can control, you are bound to find the perfect small vibrator.

If you want a more substantial sex toy, browse our selection of big vibrators and click here for our small anal vibrators.

Busy and always on the go? Please don’t tell us you don’t have time to get some pleasure because you do. These Mini Vibrators will provide sexual and sensual pleasure even when you’re always on the go. Here at peachesandscreams.co.uk, we aim to give you satisfaction wherever, whenever.

These tiny vibrators are perfect for targeted clitoral stimulation and, in most cases, offer an intensity of vibration comparable to that of the larger vibrators. These clitoral vibrators are often referred to as compact vibrators or micro vibrators. Their small size makes them convenient to carry discreetly and great for travelling.

  • Discreet size and shape
  • Get pleasure on the go
  • Intense vibrations like huge vibrators

When having sex talks, the conventional wisdom is that the bigger it is, the better. On the contrary, small devices can equally accomplish the job. You don’t necessarily need a large vibrator to guarantee sexual stimulation. Besides, large vibrators are hard to carry around in concealment. That is why the Mini Vibrators are ideal choices for you.

And as they say, it is not the device's size that matters but how you use it. Mini vibrators have proven to be sex devices that can promise maximum sexual satisfaction.

Types of Mini Vibrators

Although sex toys are no longer taboo, there is still a need for discreet and portable toys that can be used anywhere. People still look for tiny-sized vibrators they can use when travelling or in the office. You do not have to stay with your sexual desires until you reach home to have sex with your partner or use your sex toys. This means you can find the best mini vibrators in the following categories;

G-Spot Vibrators

If you find penetrative sex pleasurable and more orgasmic, you probably need a vibrator focusing on the G-spot. These vibrators are manufactured in different categories that are designed for internal stimulation. While classic vaginal vibrators have curved tips for easier G-spot stimulations, others have ribbed and long shafts that allow raised ridges to stimulate the G-spot during penetration.

Moreover, some G-spot vibrators are designed like fully insertable eggs with tips that sit right on the G-spot. Examples of mini-G-spot vibrators include Fifty Shades Freed Deep Inside Rechargeable Classic Wave Vibrator and Ricky’s Ultimate Wand Massager Vibrator.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are tiny sex toys designed to vibrate against the clitoris, nipples, or prostate glands. They are bullet-shaped with a solid body. Do not underestimate their stimulation because bullet vibrators are made with powerful vibrating units in them.

If you are only interested in external stimulation, such as nipple and clitoral play, these mini devices will do the job perfectly to give you countless orgasms. They come in different shapes and sizes, from discreet bullets that mimic fingertip touch for beginners to broader bullets with powerful vibrations. Examples of bullet vibrators include Premium Rechargeable Smart Silence Clitoral Stimulator.

Rabbit Vibrators

This goes for women who value both clitoral and G-spot stimulation. Rabbit vibrators are created with vibrating shafts that target the G-spot and rabbit ears that massage the clitoris. However, others are designed with a shaft and a clitoral stimulator but are not detailed as those with rabbit ears. The only good thing about them is that you can manoeuvre the toy into different positions for a hands-free experience. Some include We-Vibe Nova Rechargeable App, Controlled G-spot Rabbit Vibrator and Loving Joy Dua Magic Wand Vibrator with Rabbit.

How to Buy the Best Mini Vibrator

Whether you are a sex toy newbie or a pro, buying the best vibrators comes with a few challenges. It even becomes harder when looking for a discreet vibrator you can use when travelling or in public. Consider the following factors when buying your first mini vibrator.

The Material of The Vibrator

Mini vibrators are made from different materials, including silicone, metal, rubber, jelly, and glass. Each material has unique safety, ease of cleaning, and compatible sex lube. Silicone is the most preferred material because it is body-safe, hypoallergic, non-porous, and easy to clean. It is also compatible with most sex lubricants, except silicone-based lube, and is suitable for vaginal and anal play. If you prefer buying other materials like rubber and jelly for their artistic appearance, go for medical-grade materials and buy from top-branded sellers.

Consider Its Buzz

This is a vital factor when it comes to any vibrator. The intensity of the vibrations and speeds determine how you will enjoy using your mini vibrator. Luckily, most vibrators have many settings that allow you to customize the vibration patterns, speed, and intensity to find your desired stimulation. Therefore, it is advisable to test the vibrations before buying the sex device; however, if you deal with an online seller, always search for reviews on each product to avoid regretting later.

Check If It Is Waterproof

Do you intend to use your mini vibrator in the bathroom? Then ensure you pick a waterproof mini vibrator. Fortunately, newer mini vibrators are waterproof. For instance, all Tenga, We-Vibe, LELO, and Je Joue products are waterproof, so you should not be worried when placing your order. However, ensure that you carefully read the waterproof description on the package since some products are only splash-proof and cannot be used deep inside the water. Waterproof mini vibrators are also easy to clean as you can dip them into a sink of hot soapy water.

The Shape of The Vibrator

Vibrators are shaped depending on the type of stimulation they are designed for. While some have straight shafts with fully egged tips for G-spot stimulation during penetration, others have curved tips that rest on the G-spot for intense stimulation. Most external vibrators are straight and finger-shaped for on-spot stimulation.

How to Use Mini Vibrators

There are different ways you can use your mini vibrator. For instance, you can use them with your partner during foreplay to stimulate the clit and prostate gland. You can use it for anal play to achieve anal orgasm. However, durability and maximum satisfaction from your mini vibrators require you to use your sex toys carefully. Therefore, after buying your first mini vibrator, you need the following tips to maintain and get the most out of your device;

  • Buy a compatible sex lube and apply it to the vibrator before using it on your clitoris or insertion.
  • Use your mini vibrator for its designed purpose. If you want to enjoy clitoral and G-spot stimulation, it is advisable to buy a rabbit vibrator.
  • Clean your mini vibrators before and after use and store them in a cool, dry place.


Find the same options available with other vibrators, such as their materials and the variety of vibration patterns.
Check out the options here at Peaches and Screams for either quiet vibrating bullet sex toys or bullet vibrators that do not look like your giant penis-shaped vibrator modelled after that hot porn star. Find the bullet vibrators that have both options. If you don't yet have a mini vibrator in your collection of sex toys, what are you waiting for? Buy one today.


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Many troubleshooting guides offer a long list of things that might go wrong. We could only think of one. We would put links to the whole host of other items, but they do not exist.
Item 1: If you find your mini vibrator too intense, place a thin barrier between your sensitive places and the tiny monster.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Mini Vibrators

Mini vibrators are small to fit in a bag or pocket. They come with settings to control the intensity of vibrations. Most women use them for clitoral stimulations. Mini vibrators are common since they can be used anywhere at any time. Apply lubes on the vibrator and the vagina before penetrating. Grind and slide the vibrator to feel more sensations. You can set a high frequency of vibrations when you are about to orgasm. Use mini vibrators in solo or partnered plays. The mini vibrator can be used for foreplay before penile penetrations the vibrators on the nipples and other erogenous zones.

What are the best Mini Vibrators for travelling?

The mini vibrators are the best vibrators for travelling because they are small. They have a power button and a rechargeable battery. Partners can use it anywhere as long as they are charged. A vibrator must use a socket wall is not the best for travelling. A versatile mini vibrator would be better. The mini vibrator should be made of good quality material, which means it will be easy to clean, durable, and compatible with your favourite lubricant.

Are Mini Vibrators Powerful?

Mini vibrators may be small, but they are more powerful than other vibrators. They come with fewer settings than the larger vibrators, but they offer much satisfaction. The mini vibrator may be small but can send intense vibration even at the lowest speed.

What Is the Best Mini Vibrator?

The best mini vibrator is made of good quality material that is of high quality and durable. The material is easy to clean to prevent infections. Silicone-based vibrators are the best since they are soft and flexible. They increase stimulations when in contact with the vaginal walls. The ideal vibrator is versatile in that the wall socket can power it, uses dry cells, and might also have a rechargeable battery. Most versatile mini vibrators are rechargeable, and they use the wall socket.


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More Vibrators to Choose

Realistic Vibrators

Realistic vibrators are designed for those seeking an experience closest to the real thing. They often feature lifelike textures and intriguing shapes that provide maximum stimulation during playtime.

Penis Vibrators

Most penis-shaped vibrators have an incredibly lifelike design that makes them highly stimulating and enjoyable. The outside of the toy often has ridges or bumps that provide extra stimulation when used on your body during solo sessions. They come with different vibration levels, allowing for more adventurous exploration as your tolerance increases.

Wireless vibrators

Most wireless vibrators now feature intuitive controls directly on the device itself, eliminating the need to fumble through multiple buttons when trying to find the right setting or intensity level during intimate moments. This makes it easier to enjoy yourself or your partner with ultimate satisfaction and convenience.

Remote control

Remote control vibrators allow couples separated by distance to share stimulating experiences like never before. With motion detection, voice command activation, and adjustable intensity levels, these sophisticated sex toys give users full control over each other’s sexual stimulation from miles away. Whether you're enjoying a romantic night or want something extra special for date night, these devices make it easy to keep the spark alive between two people no matter how far apart they are geographically speaking.

Extra Powerful Vibrators

Extra powerful vibrators offer an intense experience with higher levels of stimulation than other types. They usually come with a range of vibration settings so that you can adjust them according to what kind of sensation you're looking for at any given time. The extra power means that they tend to be louder than more basic models, but if noise isn't an issue, then this could be the ideal choice for those who crave stronger sensations during playtime.

Extra Quiet Vibrators

Extra quiet vibrator types are designed specifically with sound sensitivity in mind and often feature advanced technology which keeps sound levels low while still providing strong vibrations. Most modern designs include rechargeable batteries, meaning no irritating wires or cords get in your way.

Waterproof Vibrators

Water-proof vibes provide a unique combination of comfort and convenience as their design allows them to work perfectly underwater without fear of damage or malfunctioning due to moisture exposure (perfect for tubs and pools too. Furthermore, some even come equipped with special “auto-shutoff” mechanisms when submerged, ensuring maximum safety while adding another layer of security against internal and external water damage.

Discreet Vibrators

Discreet vibes offer powerful vibrations while remaining small enough to hide away in your purse or travel bag if needed. These toys typically don’t look like traditional vibrators, so they're perfect when discretion is key. Some discreet vibes even double as jewellery pieces that no one would suspect were designed for playtime pleasure purposes.

Rechargeable Vibrators

Rechargeable vibrators use less electricity than those powered by disposable batteries, making them more environmentally sustainable than other options on the market today. Unlike most battery-operated toys, you only have to charge them once per cycle. You'll save money on replacing dead cells each time your device runs out of juice.