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Extra Quiet Vibrators

Extra Quiet Vibrators

Silent Vibrators - Extra Quiet Sex Toys

Shop Silent and Extra Quiet Vibrators at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop. Designed with quieter motors and materials that bring noise levels down to a minimum, our quiet vibrators can be used without alerting anyone else.

Silent Vibrators

In this section, you will find vibrators that work extremely quietly when in use. If you’re looking for that perfect vibrator you can bring and play with anywhere you go, you’ve come to the right category.

Here at peachesandscreams.co.uk, we make it a point to give you vibrators that will provide you with extreme pleasure and discreet privacy. These ultra-quiet vibrators can be used anywhere. You can still have your privacy. They are built with ultra-quiet vibrator motors that no one in the next room will hear.

  • Ultra quiet
  • Offers maximum privacy
  • Perfect for travel 

Discretion is key when using sex toys during solo or partner play, especially concealment. Most people love to pleasure themselves while on the move, and the Extra quiet vibrators are what you need to stimulate your clit and G-spot without the risk of blowing your cover.

Imagine living in a one-bedroom house with your ex-boyfriend, who is luckily still your best friend, while you are making a shift bedroom in the living room. You are always horny, wishing to have him ride you the whole night, but you are afraid that he will judge you cheaply or desperately.

Therefore, buy a quiet vibrator that will work on your clitoris or G-spot silently to give you amazing orgasms without raising the alarm in the house.

Why Do You Need Extra-Quiet Vibrators?

There are various reasons why you should consider buying silent vibrators. First, it is a terrible time in history to have thin walls and limited time to enjoy your lonely erotic moments. Secondly, it sucks to see that most vibrators in the market are noisy and cannot be used privately behind closed doors. Therefore, if you have some extra coins to splurge, it is the right time to try these unique and discreet vibrators that can be used in the office or on public transportation.

Created for discreet sexual arousal and satisfaction in silence, extra-quiet vibrators are usually small and allow paranoia-free solo masturbation. You do not have to worry about your neighbours knocking on your door in the middle of the night because they cannot sleep or your kids looking at you in shock every morning because of the noise from your room at night. Therefore, if you want to taste the magic carried by these extra-quiet vibrators, grab your toy.

Types of Extra-Quiet Vibrators

Silent vibrators come in different types that determine how and where you intend to use them. Like any other kind of vibrator sold in the market, you should always be well-versed with the right type of sex toy that will give you the desired stimulation. The common types of noise-free vibrators include;

Remote-Controlled Vibrators

Remote-controlled vibrators such as bullet vibrators are simple but powerful sex devices that can be hidden in your private parts and give you tingling orgasms. Imagine inserting this tiny device in your vagina or butt and holding the remote in your hand to control the vibrations at the touch of a button. You can also give the remote to your partner and allow them to control the stimulation produced by these vibrators. Like discreet vibrators, remote-controlled vibrators are also small and worn in offices, theatres, or other public places.

Discreet Vibrators

Mixing silence and privacy is the best way to explore your sexual desires without worrying about your friends pocking their noses into your erotic business. These discreet vibrators are small enough to hide in your palms and vibrate against your erogenous points unnoticed. They do not resemble a vibrator, and most people confuse them with simple meaningless toys. They include egg and finger vibrators.

Plug-In Vibrators

Suppose your erotic games are only confined to your home or bedroom. In that case, various silent vibrators allow you to enjoy your sexual fantasies in your room without thinking about the outside world. These are plug-in vibrators that can be plugged into the main power source. They come with either a USB cable or a long power cord that connects to the main power source for vibrations. However, this type of silent vibrator is not suitable for shower play due to possible electric shock.

Vibrating Cock Ring

For men, this is one of the sex devices that comes with numerous benefits. First, a vibrating cock ring is only designed to be worn around the dick, meaning you can walk with it or wear it during sexual intercourse with your partner. It is also quiet, even on intense stimulation. Lastly, cock rings provide extended erections and prevent premature ejaculation.

How to Choose the Best Extra-Quiet Vibrator

Apart from avoiding the irritating noise produced by most vibrators, there are various factors to consider when buying these silent vibrators. They include;

The Power Sources

How the silent vibrator is powered determines how you will use it. For example, plug-in vibrators are only designed for indoor stimulation, while rechargeable and battery-powered vibrators are suitable for outdoor use. Most rechargeable vibrators are waterproof and can be taken to the shower or bathtub, while only a small percentage of battery-powered vibrators can allow wet masturbation. Choose wisely.

The Material of The Vibrator

Silent vibrators are made of different materials, such as silicone, rubber, glass, metal, and jelly. When buying your first silent vibrator, it is vital to check for its medical safety and ease of washing. For instance, silicone is the best material for beginners because it is body-safe, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and flexible.

Most silicone, glass, and metal vibrators are waterproof, making them suitable for shower sex and easy to wash. Its compatibility also determines the choice of the material with the most sex lubricants available. Ensure you choose a material compatible with silicone or water-based sex lube.

Buy the Right Size and Shape

To enjoy using your quiet vibrator, you need to buy the right size to cater to privacy and satisfaction. Smaller vibrators can be used unnoticed in public places, while larger options are only suitable for indoor masturbation. Although most extra-quiet vibrators are smaller, you must choose between vaginal stimulation and anal play to pick the right size.

The shape of the vibrator is determined by how you intend to use it. If you buy it for a G-spot or prostate massage, you need a curved-tip vibrator. Straight shapes are right if you only buy for penetrative stimulation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Quiet Vibrators

What Are Quiet Vibrators?

Quiet vibrators are discreet. Partners can use discreet vibrators in public. They vibrate yet do not attract attention like the magic wand. The quietness does not mean they are ineffective. Quiet vibrators are rechargeable, making them ideal travel mates. When buying the vibrator, note that the noise level is measured in decibels. The average quiet refrigerator produces a noise of 50 decibels, and a quiet room is around 33 decibels. Most quiet sex toys produce less noise than refrigerators and quiet rooms.

Which Are the Best Quiet Vibrators?

The best quiet vibrators have other features that make them exciting. They should be small to fit in a bag. They should have settings with a charging system to allow charging. However, some quiet vibrators are plugged into a socket to function. Their material should also be durable and easy to clean to prevent infections. The best vibrators should also be affordable. Quiet vibrators are available at all costs depending on the type and material used.

The Best Quiet Vibrators Are

The best quiet vibrators are affordable. A vibrator should be quiet for luxury. Best quiet vibrators are affordable but serve the purpose. The vibrator should have multiple settings for individuals to decide the intensity they want. They should be effective. The best quiet vibrators are made of a durable material that is easy to clean. The material should be non-porous to clean easily. Porous materials are difficult to clean because they hide germs.

How to Use a Vibrator Quietly

Partners can use a quiet vibrator in their homes or in public. The vibrator makes no noise even when the user opts to use the higher settings. You can also use the lower settings. Some vibrators are quiet when lower settings are used and get louder when higher settings are used. However, if the vibrator cannot be quiet, you may soundproof your environment. Lock the door and stuff any space beneath or above the door with a towel.

How to Quiet Vibrators

The method you choose to silence a vibrator depends on the settings. Some vibrators have multiple settings, determining not only the settings but also the noise that the vibrators will cause. For instance, if an individual opts to use lower settings, the noise is lower than when selecting a higher setting. Other vibrators are designed to be quiet, regardless of the individual's setting. Some vibrators have settings to reduce noise; you can mute them. Lock the door and use the vibrators under the bedding if the noise is too much.

Other Types of Vibrators

Realistic Vibrators

Realistic vibrators look and feel like real penises and provide intense stimulation. They come in various sizes and shapes, including veins or bumps, which increase sensation. They are usually made from soft materials such as silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).

Penis Vibrators

Penis-shaped dildo vibrators are designed to mimic the shape and feel of an actual penis while providing intense vibrations that increase arousal. They provide deep penetration due to their long length, which is ideal for those wanting more intense internal stimulation or even G-spot massage.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibes are short and compact devices that provide intense stimulation due to their small size. They are great if portability is an important factor in your purchase. They often come with multiple speeds and vibration patterns, making them perfect toys for experimenting with different intensities during solo play or foreplay with a partner.

Wireless Vibrators

Wireless vibrators provide plenty of possibilities for having fun alone or with a partner and give users greater flexibility because they allow intimate exploration without any cords tethering them down. If you're ready for something new and different, try this product. It will bring excitement back into even familiar scenarios while enhancing everything from solo sex sessions through self-exploration up to a playful couple's playtime together.

Mini Vibrators

Mini vibrators are a popular choice among those looking for intimate stimulation. While they may be small, these powerful devices can deliver big pleasure. Whether you want to add extra stimulation to your sex life or explore different forms of solo play, the right mini vibrator can make all the difference. 

Extra powerful Vibrators

For those who want nothing more than absolute power from their toys, an extra-powerful vibrator could be just the ticket. These models offer up bigger motors and deeper vibrations than quieter ones do. Additional features like pulsation patterns should certainly hit all your hot spots. 

Waterproof Vibrators

Waterproof vibrators are great for use in the bathtub or shower due to their high level of waterproofness offered by special seals within their construction design. With these toys, you get more freedom when exploring wilder pleasures without worrying about any damage from water exposure, making them ideal partners during particularly hot sessions outside the bedroom.

Rechargeable Vibrators

Rechargeable vibrators have become increasingly popular because they offer convenience while delivering powerful vibrations without needing to replace batteries. Rechargeable models last longer than battery-operated vibes and come equipped with USB chargers or plugs so they can be charged quickly via any power outlet. Many top brands now produce high-quality waterproof options, too, perfect if you plan on using yours near water or taking it into the shower with you.