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Dildos - Squirting Dildos

Squirting Dildos function as close to a real penis as possible. Sometimes known as ejaculating dildos, squirting dildos deliver that all important feeling of a man cumming inside you. Squirting dildos are not only good for single use. They can be refilled thus allowing for as many uses as you desire. Use ejaculating dildos for anal, vaginal or oral sex. If you time it right, your squirting dildo can cum at the same time as you do allowing for an altogether more explosive orgasm!

Dildo sex is fun but you miss out on the cumshot, which is a shame for some people. Thankfully, the adult toy industry has come up with a solution to that problem in the form of a squirting dildo. It’s pretty much what you’d expect. For the most part squirting dildos look like real cocks with the large head, the veins down the shaft, and even balls in some cases. They’re made that way to enhance the reality of the situation that is created by the fact that a dildo can cum. It’s just more fun to have a cum shooting dildo that looks like the real thing, too.

The squirting dildo features a tube up the middle that is attached to hand pump of some sort. When you want the dildo to shoot a load of cum you simply squeeze the pump and a big load comes out. The volume of fake cum and the speed at which it moves is surprisingly realistic. There are many choices for what you want to squirt out of the dildo. There are a number of recipes online for fake cum and many come fairly close to replicating the milky slickness of ejaculate. You can also use water, lube, and any number of other safe substances.

Squirting dildos can be tons of fun for couples of all kinds or solo guys and girls. A guy-girl couple can play with strapon sex and have the girl ejaculate or the guy can penetrate his lady and enjoy the view of something new slipping inside her and squirting a big load. You can give her a fake facial. Lesbian couples can simulate ejaculation during their strapon play. Solo guys and girls can squirt all over or inside themselves. It’s a great toy!


Squirting dildos. Pause there and think about that. Think about how you might feel if your real life partner ejaculated inside of you. It is a rush of sensation that you feel when you receive this final thrust and this push of liquid inside your vaginal or anal cavity. As he ejaculates inside of you, you feel the force of liquid up against your walls sometimes hitting your G-spot. Even if you have not cum with him, sometimes this final rush of fluid is amazing enough to put you there. Some men pull out and cum on your stomach or on your back. This is a sexy and sensual visual for you to see his cum all over your skin. There are times he may pull out and cum on your face or even into your mouth. If this is the kind of thing you thoroughly enjoy and want to feel over and over again, check out our ejaculating dildos here at Peaches and Screams. These dildos ejaculate whatever liquid you put in them. A little bit of powdered sugar mixed with a little bit of water thinned out and sucked into a syringe through a hose, and this hard cock awaits your orgasm. You decide when your dildo cums. Does it cum with you? Does it cum before you? Does it cum after you? You control how it cum and where it cums. With the push of a pump, as you thrust it into you, as you ride it, as you suck, it as you pull it out, no matter what action you are doing with it, all you have to do is push on a syringe or a pump to get the liquid pushed through this ejaculating dildo to feel the rush you would feel if you had a real cock cumming inside of you or on top of you. Imagine using this cock and an egg vibrator on your clit. Thrusting this cock in and out of your vagina, fucking it as hard as you can with the clit vibrator and the thrust of this ejaculating dildo you can reach an amazing orgasm. Your vaginal walls tighten around this ejaculating cock, and you cum hard. As you reach the top of your peak, squeeze that bulb and make that ejaculating dildo cum inside of you. You will feel the force of that liquid thrusting up against your vaginal wall. An ejaculating dildo can be one of the most exciting sex toys you introduce into your life. Are you playing with another woman or with another man? This ejaculating dildo can give you and your partner everything you desire together in dealing with a third genitalia cumming in your mouth or on you. Fuck your partner with your cock while your partner gives the ejaculating dildo a blowjob. You hold the ball, then as you cum inside your partner, squeeze the bulb and have this ejaculating dildo cum into your lover’s mouth. The possibilities with ejaculating dildos are endless. Buy ejaculating dildos & squirting dildos at Peaches & Screams UK online sex shop. Browse penis shaped dildos for women, inflatable dildos, huge dildos, jelly dildos, silicone dildos, dildos for beginners, black dildos, strapon lesbian dildos.

Full Guide: How to Buy Squirting Dildos

Before women were allowed to enjoy sex in most cultures, squirting was mistaken for pee, leaving women embarrassed and unsure about themselves. But now, we know squirting (or female ejaculation) are secretions of the Skene’s glands which occur when the G-spot is stimulated. And for ladies out there who understand the exotic sensations of a squirting orgasm, you now have a reason to celebrate. Sex experts have created dildos with squirting features allowing you to pleasure yourself all the way to body-numbing orgasms. Shaped and designed to enhance G-spot stimulation, these amazing toys allow you to enjoy deep thrusting penetration for as long as you want and then climax with a squirting orgasm.  Even if you are playing with a partner, squirting dildos will give you the sex experience of a lifetime. Most are compatible with strap-on harnesses for when you want to give your partner a rough thrusting that will leave them shaking with orgasms. The Squirting dildo allows you to control when and how you climax.

While they are not many in the market, squirting dildos require you to pay special attention to the size, design and special features to make sure you get a toy that fulfils your sexual desires. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing squirting dildos.

Factors to consider when buying Squirting Dildos

Size Matters

Squirting dildos come in different sizes ranging for normal, large and extra-large. Make sure to choose a length and girth that is comfortable and pleasurable. If you are new to dildo sex, start with a normal size, which is usually the size of the human penis (around 5.5 inches in girth and 6-7 inches in insertable length). You can then move up to larger sizes as you gain more experience and train your vagina to accommodate extra fullness. 

Consider the Material

Squirting dildos are made from soft and squishy materials including rubber, silicone, PVC, CyberSkin, and other real feel materials to give the dildos a lifelike feel and flexibility. Silicone is one of the most premium sex toy materials in the market. It is hypoallergenic, flexible, soft, waterproof and easy to clean. You certainly can’t go wrong with it. But you need to be very careful when choosing silicone because some manufacturers use cheap versions of the material which have been chemically mixed with plastics. Be sure to buy from reputable adult stores like Peaches and Screams for the best quality. On the hand, rubber, PVC, Cyberskin and jelly though soft and flexible are highly porous. These make it difficult to just wipe out the toy with warm water and a toy cleaner. You need to take extra care when cleaning and sterilizing these materials to prevent bacteria growth and moulding.

The materials you choose also determine the type of lube to use. Water based lubricant is compatible with all materials. But it tends to dry out quickly. You need to reapply a few times in the same session. Silicone materials cannot be used with silicone lube because the materials tend to react, damaging the surface of your toy. When shopping, contemplate on the material’s lube compatibility and cleaning requirements to ensure you get maximum benefit from your dildo.

Contemplate on Squirting Delivery

Squirting dildos delivers the fake cum through manually squeezing the balls or a bulb connected to the dildo. The balls simulate more realistic appeals especially if you are playing with a partner. On the other hand, the bulb serves best for solo plays as you can easily deliver the squirt without including so much handy work. This leave you free to curl and explode with orgasm, just like you dreamed it would be. Although it is a matter of personal preference, contemplate on the way you would like the squirt delivered and choose appropriately.

Consider Additional Features

Besides the squirting, think about other features that would really pay tribute to your sexual desires. Some squirting dildos are waterproof allowing you to enjoy a pummelling in the shower or pool. Others have a suction cup for some hands-free fun. There are squirting dildos that are compatible with chest and waist strap-on harnesses making for prefect partner play toys. You can also get squirting dildos with a rabbit vibrator for enhanced clit-massage and stimulation. Explore your sexual creativity and think of how you would want to experience your erotic moments.

How to Enjoy a Squirting Orgasm

Squirting is a skillset that doesn’t come naturally to most women. But once you have mastered it, you will never want to miss it.

If you are in a relationship, you might want to discuss your new squirting dildo with your partner for their consideration and preferences. This will improve your intimacy and sexual satisfaction once you start going down.

Relaxation and foreplay are essential to squirting. Make sure to calm yourself down and arouse yourself. Play your favourite fantasy. Play around with your ladybits, enjoy a clitoral massage with a vibrator. If your partner wants to help, let them give you a nice warm tonguing. It is best if you get a clitoral climax as it heightens you arousal even more.

Once your vagina is involuntarily opened, trace your g-spot with your finger and give it a few thrusting. Then insert your squirting dildo and thrust as hard as you love it. Assume positions that target thrusting to the vagina front wall like the reverse cowgirl (suction cup comes in handy) or doggy-style (perfect if your partner is doing it). Concentrate on the angle of stimulation and depth of every stroke. Once you feel like you need to pee, it’s time to flash out the squirting dildo cum into your vagina. The uncomfortable feeling will climax into a deep sensation of toe-curling orgasm. It is nothing you have felt before!

Enjoy explosive squirting orgasms with squirting dildos here at Peaches and Screams. Whether you are flying solo or with a partner, squirting is how your body lets you know you have been well pleasured. Open up your bedroom for body shaking squirting orgasms with silicone, rubber, jelly, and realistic squirting dildos. Place your order now and Peaches and Screams will be delighted to discretely package and deliver to your doorstep. You no longer have to be embarrassed when you squirt during sex. Embrace your femininity girls. We rule the world remember!

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