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Close your eyes and picture having an all access pass into the inside of the anal cavity. Now picture your butt being filled up as your partner pounds into it without any interruptions. Open your eyes and smile wide as this is a reality as the butt stretchers in this wonderful fairy tale have a tunnel inspired shape that have a base designed to keep the butt cheeks beautifully wide open. This level of access is something that was not achievable before as there was no way to keep the cheeks spread without using your own hands. The tunnel and stretchers have set ablaze a trail that will be lined with anal stimulation enthusiasts begging for more.

The tunnel connects to flexible flared tips that open up once inside the butt. The tips are pressed together for easy entry and once the toy is in, the tips press against the walls of the anal cavity immediately giving the person that full feeling that produces a tingling sensation down the spine. The tunnel prevents the butt hole from closing up while simultaneously spreading the butt cheeks allowing for easy access into the depths of the pleasure dome, and with your partner’s hands free, you can expect that cheek smacking, hair pulling kind of kinky sex that doggy-style lovers love so much. The cock is not the only thing that can be inserted into the accessible anus. Remember that favorite dildo that was too hard to use for butt stuff? Well, now it is fair game and with the option of transparent tunnel and anal stretchers, you get to watch the action up close and in real-time.

The tunnel and stretcher opens up the world of anal stimulation to endless possibilities. For the adventurous souls it means that the dreams of double penetration have become easier to realize and double stimulation has endless possibilities. The tunnel and anal stretcher come in different sizes, accommodating participants of every level. With its application to both sexes, the toy ensures that all are welcome to play and this feature propels its popularity as play sessions can be used as the perfect opportunity to experiment with all kinds of kinky stuff.

This innovation deserves a hearty round of applause for its ingenuity and its ability to allow simultaneous use with butt plugs, vibrators, vibrating bullets and even anal beads. Although there is an option of a tunnel by itself, this does not provide the pleasure experience by having the anal cavity filled to capacity. The tunnel and stretcher is here to stay and hopefully there will be adjustments made to make it even more of a delight, if that is even possible. As you browse through the Peaches and Screams’ list of tunnel and anal stretchers, do not forget to provide a home for one. Your wildest anal dreams will come true and you will find yourself coming up with new ideas on how to integrate this pleasure haven with your favorite anal toys for an absolutely unforgettable experience. Browse tunnel butt plugs, anal stretchers and hollow butt plugs below.

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