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Remote Control Toys

Remote Control Toys

Best Remote Control Vibrators - Remote Control Sex Toys - Wireless

Buy remote control vibrators, butt plugs, love eggs & bullet vibrators at ❤️ Peaches and Screams UK sex toys shop. Browse Remote Control Sex Toys, wireless sex toys, remote control vibrating knickers and Remote Controlled Vibrators. 

In this category, you will find remote controlled vibrators that are wireless. This means that your vibrator comes with a wireless hand controller to control the vibrator. This is made with the same technology used in your car to unlock when you press the button on your key, so it's an accepted standard and perfectly safe.

There are lots of sex toys that utilize wireless technology, so we here at peachesandscreams.co.uk have put pretty much everything in our range that uses wireless control in here, so the products may appear somewhat diverse, but they all have that key feature in common.

  • Smoother, more robust design
  • Often made with pull cords for safer play
  • Seamless and smooth finish
  • Often waterproof
  • Can be used from a distance
  • Perfect for teasing your partner from afar
  • Wireless so it’s hassle free

Are you looking for discreet love eggs that you can use even in public without raising any alarm? Get these remote-controlled love eggs and let your partner bully you with intense deep sensations.

With the advanced technology in the sex toy industry, there has been a huge demand for hands-free warming toys. With the popularity of more discrete and versatile sex toys, the market for remotely controlled sex toys is increasing gradually. Partners in different worlds can use these devices for sexual pleasure.

What Are Remote-Controlled Love Eggs?

They are smooth, egg-shaped sex toys worn internally and controlled by a remote. They often stimulate by warming and circulating in the vagina. These love eggs are inserted, controlled, and retrieved by an application that uses WiFi or Bluetooth.

Guidelines for Choosing Remote Control Love Eggs.

Shopping for the best remote control sex toys can be very tricky. However, a few factors are essential to consider making a good decision. They include;

The Type of Material Used.

Remote control vibrators are available in different types of materials. Silicone is the greatest option because of its softness that gives a human skin feel. Additionally, it is non-porous and very easy to clean. Also, consider the friction of the love eggs when remotely controlled. Do not go for a slippery material. It can be embarrassing if it falls off in public.

The Number of Eggs Included.

Most remote-controlled love eggs come with either one or two eggs attached. Pick one that will be easy to control remotely, especially for long-distance play. Some partners find the two eggs easy to slip out during vibration, while others find their sensations more intense. However, it is ideal for beginners to start with a single love egg since it is more beginner-friendly and easy to control.

Their Appearance.

Look for an eye-catchy remote-controlled love egg to enhance sexual arousal. Do not pick a powerful device if it looks awkward or unattractive as the sex toy appearance also triggers feelings and enhances sensation. The remote-controlled love eggs are also available in various colors such as pink, sexy black, and blue. When selecting a color, consider what looks sexy and fantastic. Pick a nice device for a more erotic session with the hands-free toy.


It is important to consider the weight of the love eggs that are more comfortable to wear. As a general rule, the heavier the eggs, the more experienced one must be for safety and comfort. Therefore, lighter weights are great for first-timers. An easy way to find out what is suitable is by choosing the same weight as your potential sex toys or doing quick online research on remote-controlled love eggs weight before shopping.

Their Cost.

Remote-controlled love eggs are relatively expensive because they involve using an application and the internet. Beginners should start with a low-priced model just if the toy ends up not being their thing. Remember to consider the quality while looking for a relatively cheaper remote-controlled love egg.

How to Spice Up Things with Remote Control Love Eggs.

Remote-controlled vibrators for hands-free orgasms are the best to add to one's sex toy collection as they can spice up things during sexual intercourse. You can use a remote-controlled love egg to make a night date more exciting. Insert the love egg before going for a dinner date and hand over the remote control to your partner.

Let him control the device for intense stimulation while at the table. However, do not stay with the toy inside your body for more than thirty minutes. During intimacy, let him move the string to one side remotely as he penetrates in and out.

Remote Control Love Eggs Safety Tips.

First, go through the description to use the best remote control sex toy and wireless vibrators as intended. These toys are only intended for vaginal stimulation. If used anally, they might get deeper into the body, which is very dangerous.

Sleeping with the remote-controlled love eggs inside the body is very risky. One might not notice if something goes wrong because the pain receptors are often inactive when asleep.

Never use them while in your menstrual cycle, as they can prevent blood from flowing out of the vagina.

Remote control love eggs are not good toys for pregnant people. It can cause premature birth or miscarriage.

Never share and consider them as personal items. They can transmit bacterial infections and Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Always clean the love eggs before and after use to remove any dirt or bacteria. If not properly done, it can lead to vaginal infections or irritation.

Store in a clean sex toy drawer to reduce or prevent the chances of contamination.

How Remote-Controlled Love Eggs Compare to The Manual Types.

Level of Stimulation.

Both models aim at providing sexual pleasure. However, manual love eggs can directly hit the g-spot to provide intense pleasure than remote control devices that do not involve extra affection.


Remote control vibrators for long-distance or solo play can be used in four different ways; spice up things during sex, masturbation, used by partners or those dating in different parts of the world, and arouse a partner in the public sexually. However, manual love eggs are specifically used during masturbation or couple play.

Mechanism of Operation.

Remote-controlled love eggs are directed, controlled, and retrieved from the body by an application. They are usually hands-free, even when used during sex. These sex toys offer interaction between partners by Bluetooth or WiFi. On the other hand, manual love eggs are inserted, controlled, and retrieved with hands. That's why they are not considered long-distance sex toys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have You Tried a Remote-Controlled Sex Toy?

Yes. A remote-controlled sex toy is a must-have for anyone who enjoys using sex toys. The remote-controlled sex toys are ideal for partnered play. Your partner controls the remote while you enjoy the sensations. They are discreet; therefore, you can play with the sex toy outdoors too. The remote control has settings to determine the intensity, pressure, and speed of the sensations that your partner wants you to feel. You can use it for solo play indoors and outdoors. The remote control can be the perfect masturbation sex toy. It can add a lot of excitement to a relationship.

How to Use Remote Control Toy

The best place to buy the remote control toy is at the sex toy shop because you can enquire how to use it from the attendants. Buying it online is convenient. You can watch online tutorials about how to use the remote control toy. The sex toys come with instructions on how to use them. Remember to add some lubricant to the play to reduce friction. Oil-based lubricants will be the best because they do not dry up quickly and therefore do not need frequent re-application.

What Is the Best Remote Control Toy?

The best remote control toy has a material that is easy to clean. It should be non-porous; it does not hide dirt and germs. It should be compatible with most lubricants, especially silicone and oil lubricants, because they do not dry out quickly. Silicone sex toys are not used with silicon lubricants because they will damage the silicone sex toy. The sex toy should be user-friendly and have settings and instructions that the user easily understands. The sex toy should be affordable and still be of good quality. It should be durable and safe to use.

How to Connect the Remote Control Toy

There is no standard method to connect the remote control to the sex toy because they are not the same. However, most of them have sensors that respond to the activities of the remote. Purchasing a sex toy at a sex toy shop is the best because it allows you to enquire how to use your sex toy. Buying it online is also a good idea as it is convenient, but you will need to watch some tutorials to understand your sex toy better. However, sex toys come with instructions you can read and follow. Consider if you are within the radius that the sex toy is meant to function.

Where to Buy Remote Control Toys

You can buy the sex toy at a local sex toy shop around you or an online shop. The challenge for most people is not only where to buy a sex toy but also how to buy good quality sex toys. Cheap does not mean the lowest quality. A cheap sex toy should be durable. Buy a user-friendly remote control sex toy with instructions that are easy to understand.