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Intimate Organics - G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulating Gel - Anal Relaxing Gel

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You could probably be a beginner or seasoned pro, but it’s important to note a lubricant’s relevance to your anal play. Anal sex is actually a joy many can share regardless of being gay, lesbian, straight woman or man. It’s among the reasons you should get yourself an anal relaxing gel like the ones provided by the Intimate Organics anal gel at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop. Therefore, those interested should visit the Intimate Organics anal gel shop website to get more information on the user guide and products.

What is an anal gel?

An anal gel is mainly meant for lubrication and specifically designed for making the surface slippery during anal penetration. It’s a wonderful and thoughtful addition to your bedroom essential kits. The reason is because numerous individuals are getting into a new thing- ass fun, apart from the usual vaginal penetration in real time or using toys. An anal lube is necessary because the anus doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina does. Lack of lube use can easily cause anal lacerations and fissures due to friction and penetration pressure caused by stretching the sphincter muscles. As a result, you’re likely to suffer from various infections that will cause misfortune to your sex life generally. Another thing you should note are the factors to consider when choosing an anal gel as a lubricant. Let’s have a look at some of them.

How to choose an anal gel

Thick or thin types?

There’s great bum fun, especially for individuals lubricating the ass hole and butt surface. Nevertheless, one may think off having different tests to understand how each feels or determining the type you might like best. Well, a thicker lubricant in most cases depending with the brand gives more coating to the part applied- sex toy or penis. It also needs less frequent applications because it takes longer to dry. On the bad side, they’re a somehow messy. Conversely, thinner lubes feel a bit more sensational as reported by many earlier users. You may just dislike them for having to top up every now and them during the fun time. They again are stickier if water-based. Otherwise, the decision greatly lies between what you and your partner prefer most.


Different anal gels found in the market come with various advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a silicon-based lube as the name suggests, is made from silicon. This type doesn’t get absorbed by your skin instead, it keeps the area slippery for a longer time. It’s the reason for being praised for anal sex- it rarely dries while you’re on the go. Additionally, it’s hypoallergenic, meaning it’ safe for using with all condom types. You’ll find it used in most pre-lubed condoms and sex barriers. Unfortunately, this lube type reacts with most silicon sex toys and is a bit expensive.

For a water-based lube, it’s the most sold due to the less costs involved in production and selling. It mostly feels natural mimicking the lubrication naturally produced by the body. It’s composed of several components ranging from thin liquids to thick anal gels. The best thing is that they go along with almost all sex toys or condoms you can come across. However, they easily dry up. You have to keep lubricating throughout the entire sex period to get the most out of it. The reason is due to water absorption by the body, hence the frequent dryness.

Another type is the oil-based lube, which in most cases are manufactured from plants with ingredients such as shear butter and coconut oil. They play a wonderful role in anal sex except for not being compatible with latex condoms. Therefore, it causes damages when used with a latex made oy r condom. You’ll love it because it takes longer to dry as compared to water-based types. The ingredients used provide an incredible moisturizing and relaxing sensation as the penis gently slips its way in.

How to use an anal gel

Among the best tips for introducing anal play is using your fingers. Through finger play, one loosens up and relaxes and it’s also the greatest way to spread the lube nicely at their anus or toy. Therefore, as a foreplay technique, massage the anus to relax its muscles as you spread the lube to cover the area properly. Please don’t forget to stimulate your partner’s penis or vulva for ladies at ago. Doing that will get them eagerly waiting to have your finger or penis inside them. At that point is when you’ll how great it also feels getting to play with your finger in someone’s anus. It’s a place you’ll explore in a new way. If your partner is a man, drive him crazier by going for his prostate too at the same time.

Anal gel can be used in various ways and that’s why it’s recommended as an accessory. It can be used for foreplay by incorporating it as part of having butt fun play. Spread it across your partner’s bottom as you take your time letting them feel special. Let it work through their skin. You can both play silly by getting artistic and doing finger painting using the gel. Just don’t forget to give the asshole the best lubrication required. In case you want to get the most out of an anal sex lube, warm it up before any application on the skin or bum specifically. It’s because a cold gel application is likely to fire down every little sexual hunger you may be having.

You can warm your gel by placing it in a glass filled with warm water. The lube bottle can also be slipped between your legs for heat conduction from your body. Do that as you continue with foreplay to keep the eagerness burning. Please don’t forget to keep checking on how your partner feels. No matter the lube type in use, continue monitoring your feelings. Find out even at the play’s pick how they feel about the lube, is it good or bad? Again, don’t take longer before reapplying the gel to avoid undesired rubbing in the bum. Keep sweet and comfortable throughout for a memorable anal sex experience.