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Dildos for Men - Your Shopping Guide

Dildos for Men - Your Shopping Guide

Dildos for Men - Your Shopping Guide

Enjoy a satisfying solo moment as you expertly use these dildos for men from Peaches and Screams. Popular male dildos to try to include realistic, suction-cup, ejaculating, and curved dongs.

The male sex toy industry is fast changing. At first, you could cover almost half of the male category by mentioning only cock rings and pocket pussies. However, although adult toys for men have not experienced many changes, at least you can get new options ranging from anal toys that give G-spot-like stimulation. So, how do you benefit from this massive shift and customize your pleasure games as a man?

Here, we talk about the easiest and, of course, the readily available male sex toys every man should have. These include dildos for men, which have garnered a massive following over the years. In this guide, you will learn how to buy and use male dongs satisfactorily.

What Are Dildos for Men?

First, using sex toys was traditionally regarded as a female sexual activity. At the same time, men who indulged in solo masturbation were counted as gays. However, recent statistics show that men of different sexual orientations are now open to incorporating adult toys into their relationships. In fact, according to Men's Health, almost 66% of men have purchased sex toys. Also, about 40% of male sex toy purchases involve butt plugs. This is a clear indication that men are increasingly becoming comfortable trying erotic products; hence, a rise in dildos for men.

Male dildos, therefore, are phallic or penis-shaped sex devices that help men to arouse their most erogenous zones. These dongs have smooth and tapered heads for easy insertion and a differently structured shaft to stimulate the nerve endings in the butt. Some male dogs are also used to stimulate the outer zones, such as the perineum and penis. Moreover, men can also wear hollow penis dildos when penetrating their partners.

Which Dildo for Men Is the Best?

In different sizes, shapes, and features. That means any man can get what caters to his sexual needs. However, this does not necessarily mean that any type suits everyone. Hence, before buying any dildo, it is vital to check its functionalities, as discussed in the following major types:

Realistic Dildos

Realistic, lifelike, or penis-like dongs are the most common, as they have user-friendly features that make them suitable for all. They are mostly made from soft Cyberskin or flesh that is easy to clean and maintain. They also have true-to-life detailing of the head, neckline, wrinkles, veins, and even balls or scrotum. They are perfect for men who want to feel their gay partners penetrating them.

Suction-Cup Dildos

Almost every soul now owns a suction-cup dong that he can ride anytime. These devices have strong suction-cup bases that can mount on flat surfaces such as walls, tables, or even bed headboards. This allows men to enjoy hands-free stimulation with mind-blowing orgasms. Other suction cups or wall dildos are also compatible with harnesses, especially for women who want to peg their men.

Ejaculating Dildos

Do you want to feel your partner's hot cum in your butthole? Then these ejaculating male dildos should not miss your list. These dildos are prefilled with fake semen; you only need to squeeze the balls to release the semen in your butthole. You can also fill them with any liquid of your choice. However, checking the liquid's ingredients is advisable to minimize bacterial infection.

Curved Dildos

As the name suggests, these male toys have curved shafts that allow them to easily reach and stimulate the prostate gland. Unlike the G-spot vibrators for women, curved dildos for men have realistic features and the right angle to hit the P-spot. For instance, they have soft and penis-like heads and veiny shafts to stimulate the numerous nerves along the anus. Other curved dongs have bendable spines in the middle, making them super-flexible.

How To Choose the Best Dildo for Men

Look At the Material

It is always recommendable to buy a sex toy made from non-porous, non-toxic, and easy-to-maintain material. Most male dildos are made from silicone, stainless steel, glass, or metal. Although these materials are expensive, they require minimal maintenance and are safe for all skin types. Avoid adult toys made from toxic materials such as jelly and rubber.

Think About the Size

If you are a beginner, always go for smaller dildos with slimmer girths for comfortable insertion. Starting on a lower scale allows your sphincter muscles to adapt to the new guests. After getting used to different small-sized dongs, you can slowly upgrade to medium and large-sized male toys.

Check the Design

Considering the device's design is vital at this point. If you want to feel like a penis penetrating you, go for realistic dildos. If you want to experience deep-reaching sensations, buy a vibrating male dildo. On the other hand, if you want to use your toy in the shower, you can buy a waterproof suction cup dong.

The Cost

The amount you decide to splash on your dildo is a personal choice. However, we do not recommend spending hundreds of dollars on your first purchase if you are unsure whether it will satisfy you. You should check the above factors before settling on the price. You can still get a high-quality male dildo at a pocket-friendly price.

How To Use Dildos for Men

Male dildos are best for solo play, foreplay, or coupled sex. However, how you use them significantly impacts the results. Therefore, once you unbox your dildo, consider the following usage tips:

  • Start by washing the device with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner. You can also read the cleaning instructions on the package to remove all the industrial debris.
  • Apply enough water-based or any other compatible sex lubricant for smooth insertion.
  • Take the best position and insert the tips as you retract until it feels comfortable. The best positions include missionary, spooning, and squatting.
  • Increase the thrusting speed gradually until you reach your big orgasms.
  • After use, clean your toys and store them in a cool and dry place, preferably in their storage bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Male Dildo with a Partner?

Male dildos are suitable for all sexual activities, including solo and mutual masturbation, partnered sex, and pegging. You can use them with your partner, but remember to lube them for enhanced pleasure.

Can Men Take Large Dildos in Their Anuses?

Although the anus does not stretch like the vagina, it is still possible to take large dildos. However, this depends on the user experience and foreplay.

The Bottom Line

The modern world is full of modern solutions to men's sexual problems, including the introduction of dildos for men who want to experience solo P-spot stimulation. However, since male dildo ownership is a personal idea, it means what works for one man may not work for another. Therefore, before buying any sex device, it is always advisable to research and compare different options available.

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