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Love Swings and Slings

Take things to a whole new level and experiment with Love Swings and Slings (with caution, of course!) Peaches and Screams have listed some of the best Love Swings and Accessories out here in the market, and made it available for you!

Love swings are a swing that mounts to the ceiling, enabling a vast array of different sex positions and activities. The swinging motion also allows the motion to continue with a minimum of effort from both partners. As they mount to the ceiling and must be strong enough to hold the weight of two people, correct installation is important. Instructions are provided with all sex swings, but if you have questions or need help installing it please contact our customer service department.

Our customer service staff are familiar with the safe installation of love swings, and can give you additional information, advice and detailed instructions if necessary.

If you need someone to install a love swing for you, we have trade qualified installers that can visit you and perform the installation. Our installers are sub-contractors and have signed a confidentiality agreement with us. This legally forbids them from discussing any jobs they perform for our customers on our behalf with anyone.


Sex swings and bondage slings have revolutionalised sexual gratification. Peaches & Screams have an imposing array of bondage slings with stirrups, swings for breathtaking sex positions and machines that make penetration and stimulation an unforgettable journey. Now you can fulfil that fantasy of swinging from your roof or door. Shop at Peaches & Screams online shop for high quality and durable sex swings and bondage slings. Sex swings and slings can be safely attached to the ceiling or door. For comfort bondage slings come with adjustable pillows. Buy and use slings for deeper anal or vaginal penetration or for great oral sex. Love swings and door slings make sexual positions that you viewed in the past as unattainable easily achievable. These BDSM toys breathe a new life into sexual performance. They make fuss-free bondage play possible. Buy toys from this category to take out the boredom from routine sex. These toys test your limits and challenge any fears you might have of swinging and performing at the same time. As with other bondage toys start slowly and with the least formidable toys and build up to the more challenging ones as you gain confidence and feel more comfortable. Respect and honour your lover's hard limits when using toys in this category. Safe bondage builds trust. Always agree on a safe word or sign and play must be stopped if the player in the sling or swing experiences anxiety or discomfort. Buy and use these toys to widen your bondage experience and also to sthrengthen your bond as a couple. Ensure that slings or swings are firmly secured before play commences and that the partner in the sling is comfortable and secure. These toys enhance penetration and also make volcanic orgasms possible.

Visit Peaches & Screams and order vibrating dildo seats, bondage slings and swing door sets. Add to your shopping cart an innovative single locking suction foot rest for some wet and adventurous sex in the shower. Push the boundaries and use these toys to creatively come up with the most impossible sex positions. Pump your lover's desire imprison them in a swing, tease and torment them with lust-filled anticipation. Seduce and mersmerise with the expertise of a bondage connoiseur. Buy these sexually exciting toys and add them to your stock of bondage essentials. Combine these toys with the prick of a pinwheel, the tickle of a feather or a tingling spanking. Explore and challenge your erotic imagination. Turn your games into an erotic feast of creativity. Treat your lover to deep warm penetration and guide them to riveting multiple orgasms. Change the narrative of your bondage games introduce the toys of stimulation and access into your lives. Invest in an inflatable position master and attain deeper anal or vaginal penetration. Experience the buzzing throes of hitting the g-spot. Enjoy the power of putting your lover in a compromising but sexually pleasing position. Bring back hot panting sex into your bedroom. Buy these thoughtfully and passionately made toys and jumpstart your sexual mobility. Make a bold entrance into the world of deep penetration. Swing away from the boring, unimaginative and predictable sexual positions. Bring your lover to groaning earth-shattering pleasure in a sexually inspiring and impressive position. Feel your lover shudder in orgasmic delight. Buy and use these toys to turn around your sexual life and to put a spark in your bondage delivery.

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