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It is always great to try and change things up. Anal sex can be a new thing or activity for you. Some of the reasons anal sex is so hot include; being highly stimulating and very pleasurable.

Avoid being a boring person or partner in the bedroom and try to bring in new sexual activities to spice things up. The best one that you can try is anal sex. It is a great activity to engage your partner in. you are guaranteed to get different stimulations and sensations that you have never felt. You may also get to achieve an orgasm through anal sex. Some of the reasons why anal sex is hot include; 

It Is Highly Stimulating

Many people are of the idea that anal sex is not pleasurable. Well, this is just a myth. When done correctly, you can experience the sensations of a lifetime. When done very well, the pleasure and the sensations will be well and perfect. Most people have even achieved getting an orgasm during anal sex. You may want to get over it, but the sensations you always feel tend to draw you back to want some more. 

It Is Intimate   

To engage in anal sex means that you trust your partner. It is common knowledge that having anal sex can get uncomfortable at times and may even make you feel so much pain in the anus. The fact that you know this and still practice anal sex shows that you trust them, and you would like to continue building a connection with them. Anal sex makes one vulnerable to their partner, by giving away the trust you have for them and by the fact that you will need to bend your back completely naked with your butt completely exposed, waiting for your partner to penetrate inside you. 

For anal to start, you need to communicate with your partner regarding what you want to feel and the speed or pace they need to go with. But before they try going hard on you, they need to romance you so that they can get you in the mood. The romancing part will require you to be intimate with your partner. The good thing about anal sex is that it seems like a dirty and naughty game but also needs you to be intimate and tender.

It Frees Up the Vagina for Some Fun

You can always try and have double penetration. As you are thrusting on your partner, you can try and introduce some fun games to the clitoris or the whole vagina if you want. You can use sex toys such as vibrators or dildos to stimulate the pussy.  

It may seem difficult, or just the whole thing may be tiresome, but it is always worth the try. You may even achieve multiple orgasms with sensations you have never thought of or felt before. 

No Unwanted or Unintended Pregnancies

Most couples end up having raw sex after knowing their partner's health status and knowing that they are at no risk of getting sexually transmitted infections. They end up getting rid of the use of condoms. Some end up using the withdrawal method as a form of birth control. It may or may not work. However, some people are always happy with the idea of their partners coming inside them. They may want this, but the idea of getting pregnant makes them think otherwise. This is why they result in having anal sex. According to Morhason-Bello et al. (2019), one cannot fall pregnant through anal sex.

You can have as much fun as you want in anal sex and not fear getting knocked up. Your partner can even come inside you, and you will get to feel the sensational feelings you have always wanted to get. It is a great feeling compared to where they have to pull out and pour the ejaculate on your stomach.

Anal Sex Is in Advanced Level  

Getting to the point where you are a pro in anal sex is something top-notch and worth bragging about. To have the perfect anal sex, you need to be very careful about how you are doing it, or it may be uncomfortable for you and, at times, painful, as Collier et al. (2012) described. If you are new at this, you should first try sex toys or fingers to know how to stimulate your partner. There is always that great feeling when you accomplish something so advanced.

Drives Your Partner Wild 

most partners have agreed that when having anal sex, you get satisfied. During this sexual activity, you will hear both genders moan heavily and even groan because they are feeling the pleasure. The sounds made by a person during these activities are a direct turn-on, and mostly anal sex is the one that gives such results.

It Is Something Done by Bad Girls

There's always that thrill of doing something, yet you know that you should not be doing it. According to Hashemi et al. (2013), anal sex has always been viewed as taboo, and only people who have not been raised well love it. Well, this is a myth. However, such restrictions and taboos make this sex more fun and exciting. It is evident that when engaging in anal sex, it does not mean anything bad but the thought of being considered a dirty girl is what always gets people to be excited.


Just because you have had a terrible experience with anal sex does not mean anal sex is terrible. Well, it is also not meant for everyone. Some are just fearful because of the stories they have heard from people. Try not to listen to people and get to experience it first hand. Once you do it and you perfect the art, you will always look forward to having anal sex for the rest of your life because of the sensation it will give. It is never that complicated; you just need to get your mind into it and have some fun.


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