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What are anal sex toys? How effective are anal sex toys to an individual? How best can a beginner use anal sex toys? This article guides how best a beginner can use anal sex toys. 

For a long time, topics to do with anal sex and anal play have been taboo topics because most people feel like anal pleasure is going against the body's anatomy. However, the increase of anal toys in the sex toy world has resulted in more people getting accustomed to anal pleasure. This article provides a guide for beginners on using anal sex toys.

Purchasing anal toys can be mind-boggling because there are a lot of sex toys on the market that promise a good time but end up not delivering. Even though shopping for anal toys should be based on preference, most people purchase toys above their expertise. With that, you should know what you hope to achieve from a sex toy.

A Guide To Anal Sex Toys

Butt Plugs

Pröts et al. (2019) explained that butt plugs are bulbous butt toys placed in the anus. These toys are also known as ass plugs and anal plugs. They come in three sizes: medium, small, and large. You can choose the size depending on your level of experience. Butt plugs are meant to be used before sex to stretch and prepare the sphincter muscles for anal sex. They're normally only worn for a brief period, but during domination or submission situations, the user can be forced to wear them for an extended time. These toys are ideal for both solo and group play.

Anal Probes

Anal probes are a type of anal toy popular among beginners because they are versatile. They are viewed as one of the most spectacular anal toys for newbies, but advanced individuals on anal sex will also like them. According to Sayin (2017), anal probes can stimulate clitoral, vaginal, and anal zones, dubbed the "wonderful trifecta." Anal probes have a smooth body and tapered tip, similar to a narrow, little dildo or vibrator. Some anal probes may have a vibrating feature, while others do not. Also, probes are significantly longer than vibrators, which can stimulate the prostate and G-spot more effectively.

Anal vibrators

An anal vibrator is a device that is designed to induce a variety of sensations through diverse movements. They pulse, rotate, vibrate and pulse at different speeds simultaneously. Anal vibrations are equipped with advanced motors that ensure the vibrations can travel through strong rectum and sphincter muscles. Although it is popular among men and women, vibrating anal devices appeal to men since they send sensations directly to the prostate.

P-spot Anal Toys

Wiratno (2021) stated that prostate massagers are commonly known as P-spot anal sex toys and are toys that are developed exclusively to stimulate a man's prostate. They look like butt plugs and dildos, but they're usually curved or have a spherical tip. When placed inside a man's anus, these male anal toys feature a particular form that makes it simpler to reach the prostate. For added excitement, some of the P-spot anal gadgets vibrate. You can use these sex toys for sex with a partner or during solo-masturbation sessions.

Anal Training Kits

Anal play is a process that you should approach with care since performing it on the spur of the moment can result in injuries and splits in the anus, which is distressing. Most people prefer to initiate anal play with their fingers and do some fingering in the butthole before adding a butt plug kit while preparing for anal sex. Anal toys that help you relax the anal sphincter and anus over time to prepare you for more intense anal joys are included in a complete anal training kit (Cheng 2020). The whole goal of having anal training kits is to have sexual pleasure. Your first anal play will be a terrible experience if you don't have an anal training kit.

Anal Pumps

Anal pumps are devices that use an inflatable butt plug to access and expand your butthole for intensive anal training and pleasure. It's also known as an anal inflator. It enhances the pleasure you'll get from being penetrated or fisted, especially when used with other forms of penetration. Anal vacuum pumping can be used for medicinal or sexual reasons, which many people are unaware of. However, we're more concerned with the erotic element of things in this case. Adding an anal pump to your sex life is a real game-changer, guaranteeing that your anal play sessions will be more exciting.

Anal Hooks

Anal hooks are curved metal rods with a loop on one end and a ball. They are used in various kinks as they are commonly employed for anal stimulation, training a sub for intense anal play, and domination or submission sessions. The ball end is designed to lie comfortably inside the sub's anal cavity, while the loop is intended to tie a rope through or place a finger in so that the anal hook may move around comfortably. Hirose et al. (2017) explained that an ass hook is usually around 1 inch in diameter and about 6 inches in length. You can switch the balls for different-sized balls based on user preferences and comfort. Be careful during insertion and use minimal force to get the most out of your anal hook.

Anal Dildos

If you're new to anal sex, you need to know that anal dildos are similar to the normal vaginal dildo with which sex toy fans are familiar. The distinction between the two can be apparent in design and shape. Male anal dildos, female anal dildos, short or long anal dildos — the varieties and options are endless. Anal dildos have a smoother and rounder edge and a larger base to avoid deep penetration and gradually ease into the hole. Since the anus is significantly narrower and drier than the vaginal area, anal dildos are designed to aid in relaxing the orifice so that anal intercourse can be less painful.


Most would concur that anal sex is thrilling, unpredictable, and produces the ultimate sensation of climax. However, traditional methods of obtaining sexual pleasure might become monotonous with time, necessitating the use of more unusual but extremely exciting sexual behaviors. Anal sex, often known as anal play, is one of these unique forms of sexual pleasure. Anal pleasure can lead to various intensive activities exhausting for solo sex and with a partner. The anal dildos outlined in the article above are the most well-known and celebrated type of anal sex toys that can save the day when you're attempting the world of anal sex.


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