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Introduction To Male Chastity

Introduction To Male Chastity

Introduction To Male Chastity

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Chastity is a game many cannot fathom indulging in. The century of indulgence and the technological advancements have taught the masses that waiting is for those who have no means of obtaining their desires. However, the sex scene has seen a rise of a game that capitalizes in making people wait for their orgasm. Male chastity has embraced the idea of savoring the journey as the end is a guaranteed satisfaction of epic proportions. However, with the power being completely in someone else’s hands, the wait is designed to be filled with sexual frustration. Before starting off, take a look at the basics of chastity play;


It would be very unfortunate if you end up choosing a device that turns out to be very disappointing or even causing you pain. Always take your time when it comes to choosing a restrictive device.

Tolerance is something that should be built gradually, so start slow by wearing your device for a few hours and increase the wear time gradually until you can achieve the tolerance limit that encompasses a few days.

To avoid getting your pubic hair snagged in the device, consider shaving before game time to prevent painful removal of the device after each session.

If you find that your erections cause you pain when you are caged, make sure you remove your cage when you go to bed to ensure you have no painful experiences.

Always experiment with different sizes to ensure that you find the perfect size that you can comfortably wear for days on end.

Never wear a new device for days on end at the first try. Always ensure that you break in the toy slowly so that you grasp its limitations and capabilities before serious damage is done.

Never, ever cause yourself undue harm in the name of chastity play. This is a game more guided towards psychological torture as opposed to physical harm.


To clean your penis and the inside of the cage or tube, use a small and soft paintbrush.

Use your shower head to blast your cage and penis with clean water.

To dry yourself, employ the use of cotton buds to completely dry the inside of the cage or tube.

Toilet runs leave some fluid behind, so ensure that you clean yourself after each toilet trip and dry the excess moisture with cotton buds.

Wash your genitalia regularly, always using soap and water to ensure total and complete cleanliness.

To avoid painful frictions, apply lotion to the testicles and around the cage/tube ring.

Choosing a Device

When it comes to chastity devices, the broad categories include;

  • Chastity Belt

This is extremely secure and comfortable, allowing for long term wear. However, its bulkiness needs a little getting used to and may be visible under normal clothing. This is a great choice if discreetness is not a priority.

  • Chastity Cage

Unobtrusive and discreet, the chastity cage makes for a great addition to the chastity collection. The cage provides for great ventilation as well as extreme security, inhibiting any cheating. Depending on the composition material the cage may be heavy or light. However, first time users may find it a bit uncomfortable. The cage may be a bit limiting to uncircumcised users as the foreskin may protrude through the bars, a position that may cause inflammation over an extended period of time.

  • Chastity Tube

With its lightweight and discreet design, the tube is a great way to enjoy chastity play. However, moisture buildup makes hygiene an integral part of this device, requiring constant attention to ensure that the moisture buildup is tended to every so often. This device may be very uncomfortable for the uncircumcised male especially if it has a slit opening at the tip. The tube does a great job of preventing bacteria buildup, so would be a great choice for those who value discreetness and comfort over hygiene complexities.

As with all new sexual experiences, chastity play may be a great way to add excitement into your bedroom play. Take chastity play a step at a time if you fully intend to enjoy the benefits it has to offer. Always remember that you are never in charge, your Key Holder is.