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Beginner’s Guide To Glans Rings

Beginner's Guide To Glans Rings

Beginner's Guide To Glans Rings

By Ekaterina Mironova

Adding extra stimulation to your penis play is never a bad idea especially with the promised intensity that the toys bring about. With the glans ring, you get to enjoy the intensity of sensations focused on the tip of your penis. Resting against the coronal ridge, the ring is sure to stay in place until you decide to take it off. As with all sexual play sessions, always ensure that you keep in mind the safety cautions set so that you get to enjoy your play without accident or incident.


  • To reduce friction and improve comfort, add a little lubricant.
  • When starting out, do not leave the ring on for more than 5 minutes so that you can get used to the feeling of having the ring on.
  • Do not use a glans ring if you have any nerve or blood disorders, or even diabetes.
  • If you are on blood thinning medication, avoid using the glans ring. 
  • Once you get used to the glans ring, limit your sessions to a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes. Make sure to remove the ring before this time lapses.
  • If you experience any coldness, loss of sensation, swelling or pain, remove the ring immediately.
  • Remove the ring if you experience any irritation.
  • Never sleep in the glans ring.
  • Always ensure you use a glans ring designed for this purpose. Never use makeshift rings or cock rings for this purpose.

Finding the Right Glans Ring

Just like cock rings, glans rings come in various sizes. Getting the ring that would make for a perfect fit starts with measuring your penis. This is done using the following steps;

  • Take a measuring tape and if you have none, a piece of string will work just fine.
  • Wrap the tape or string around the shaft of your cock just below the head.
  • Mark the string on both sides, or just read the measurement on the tape measure.
  • If you have marked a string, place the string on a ruler and read the measurement.
  • The measurement is the circumference of your shaft. Use this circumference to calculate the diameter of the shaft.
  • Measure the widest part of the head of your penis and calculate the diameter of the same.
  • Choose a ring whose diameter closely matches your diameter but is less than the diameter of the widest part of the penis head.
  • To be on the safe side, always round up the diameter to the nearest mm.
  • Some prefer a snug fit, but all that matters is that the ring is not too tight as this would be highly uncomfortable and painful. Make sure to always check on your penis when wearing the ring.

Types of Glans Rings

Beginner’s Guide To Glans Rings

Standard Glans Rings

Simple in design, the glans ring provides pressure on your penis, keeping your nerve endings perfectly stimulated for the entirety of the session. Some rings have a ball designed to provide extra stimulation to the frenulum, adding to the level of intensity already provided by the ring. Some have more than one ball, adding pressure to multiple points of the penis at the same time. Mostly made from stainless steel, the standard glans ring is as efficient as it is effective. However, other materials are used to make glans ring, the most popular alternative being silicone.

Sperm Stopper

Designed to provide stimulation from the inside as well as the outside, the sperm stopper includes a penis plug for urethral stimulation. Including a penis plug or a sperm stopper, this ring is ideal for orgasm control and denial. With a ball included for frenulum stimulation, this ring is dedicated to providing your penis with multiple pressure points for increased stimulation.

Beginner’s Guide To Glans Rings

CBT Glans Ring

For those dedicated to intense play, the CBT glans ring is meant to provide multiple pressure points along the entirety of the penile circumference. With the additional features such as spikes or plugs, this ring will provide extra intensive stimulation to your nerve endings. Made from metal mostly, this ring will guarantee that you get exactly what you are craving, be it pain or pleasure. Take your penis for an adventure by getting this beautiful and intensive jewelry designed to provide intense nerve stimulation.