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The concept of an alpha male is nothing new. It has been attracting the interests and attention of males for centuries for a good reason. Unlike a beta male, an alpha male is respected by men and super attractive to girls. If you are among the millions of males obsessed with this concept, this blog might be a must-read. Below, you will discover alpha male traits and how to become one.

According to Van Valkenburgh (2021), an alpha male is one of two common terms used in the manosphere. The other term is beta male. These pseudo scientific slang terms are frequently used to define two classes of men. However, if you are a frequent internet consumer, you have probably seen articles on how to become an alpha male. Most males are gravitated toward the concept, prompting multiple writings. Although most males think being an alpha male is all about confidence, it is a biological process that requires more than that. This explains why the application of the concept fails in some men. Changing your mindset does not make you a full pack. Instead, it masks your beta male traits, denying you an upper hand in relationships and general life. So, what is the best way to become an alpha male? Let us first understand the ins and outs of an alpha male for the benefit of those bumping into the concept for the first time.

Who is an Alpha Male?

Ludeman & Erlandson (2006) described an alpha male as a man who wants to dominate various aspects of life. Since the definition is subjective, some believe alpha males look down on others. Being an alpha male is not about developing an ego or dominating a certain social circle or specific clique. Instead, the concept is about being responsible for your life, enjoying the present, and creating a future that excites you. An alpha male is compassionate, caring, positive, and knows how to control affairs. The desire to be dominant makes it easy for an alpha male to impose their will, earning respect from men and women.

Alpha Male Traits

After knowing who an alpha male is, it is time to get schooled about the alpha male traits. Let’s get started.


Alpha males are always up for risks, challenging tasks, and huge responsibilities. This explains why most of them make great leaders, CEOs, and managers. That is not all; they also set their rules and turn their backs on societal rules, thanks largely to their "don't care" attitude.

Super Intelligent

Alpha males have inborn intelligence and analytical skills that give them an upper hand in life. Most of them realize they are smart while young. This is why they blow up fast enough, getting money, popularity, prestige, and power.

Natural Leaders

The inborn leadership skills allow alpha males to manage and lead others while still young. Once they leave the boyhood zone, they become actors, independent musicians, directors, political leaders, athletes, organizational heads, and business magnets. Amazingly, they shine in their careers, thanks largely to their problem-solving skills and ability to handle responsibilities. 

How to Become an Alpha Male

Work on Your Self-Confidence

This point makes sense if you are an introvert. Being an introvert means you are less likely to interact with people. This significantly affects your confidence, drifting you and the concept of an alpha male apart. Luckily, there are classes that can help you develop your confidence, helping you become the man you want to be.

Learn How to Lead

Everyone is not blessed with inborn leadership qualities. However, this does not mean you cannot make a leader. People learn leadership skills, improving how they impose their will and make decisions. If you do not know where to start, try observing or reading. Alternatively, find a qualified mentor to get the leadership qualities.

Find Life Purpose 

An alpha male without a life purpose? It is unusual. This is why you also need to find your life purpose if you have an interest in the alpha male concept. Once you have your purpose, give it your all passion and energy.

Get Married to Your Purpose

Chances are, you will be moved by people or external forces. If you are serious about your life purpose, it will require you to bow to certain things and say "no" to others. After all, you cannot please everyone no matter how hard you try. Being a people pleaser wastes your time and energy and, worse yet, affects your life purpose.

Stay Away from Conflicts and Arguments

Engaging in fights or arguments is a weak representation of masculinity. Alpha males usually ignore those with mismatching ideologies. Your views are sacred to you. For this reason, you don’t have to explain or argue.

Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself means eating well-balanced meals and engaging in regular physical exercise. Yes, alpha males prioritize their health and general well-being.

Set Principles and Live by Them

Setting principles and living by them allows people to know what you believe in. Some will accept you, while others will distance themselves. Since this does not affect your career, you will find it comfortable to be a lone wolf. Having principles is like setting boundaries that give you maximum respect.

Learn How to Word-Out Your Opinions

Learning how to communicate your opinions boldly is vital if you want to become an alpha male. This includes being tactful while expressing your opinions and respecting your principles. Betraying your principles to impress others weakens your frame, which is not a good thing.

The Bottom Line

The concept of the alpha male defines a real man. Although some people understand an alpha male as egocentric, they are charming, masculine, aggressive, and successful in every aspect of life. The alpha kicks in at a young age in some people. However, this does not mean you cannot work your way to the alpha male kingdom. All you need is to understand the personality traits of alpha males and tips on how to become one. Since they are all discussed above, read the blog to increase the chances of becoming the man you want to be.


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