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The lucky few are already looking for warmer climates, while others plan to do it come July. For the majority planning a beach vacation to have fun, sex is the main part of the plan. However, if you've had a chance to have sex at the beach before, you can tell that it’s not as simple as it sounds. Therefore, to get maximum satisfaction for you and your partner, these are some good ideas of enjoying at the dunes;

Case the Joint

Start with a bit of recon, just like a seasoned bank robber before getting into the dirty business. Get a natural cover from passersby and the sand that a gust of wind might carry. Also, consider the season of high and low tides for the beach that you both choose. 

Get a Towel

There is no freedom in having sex in the beach because partners can’t just plop down anywhere and begin their dirty business freely in the swooping seagulls. It will be necessary to cover the ground. When sand gets inside the genitals, it feels itchy, thus no fun for everyone. 

Get Another Towel

This extra towel will be important if some people enjoy the sun a hundred miles down the beach. Couples can also use this extra towel to dry themselves after the cleanup swim. 

Wait for Nighttime

Keep in mind that it’s not legal to have sex anywhere in public, and also, doing it a couple of yards down the beach sounds like a bad move. Therefore, plan for the beach sex when it’s dark because at that moment, you are quite invisible, and there are also very few people at the beach. Just ensure you don’t trip over other couples while looking for a better spot, though it sounds like a great meet, to start swinging with your partner. 

Carry a Cover

Get a big beach umbrella to prevent other beachgoers from viewing you. Some folded chairs can also offer good coverage for erotic play

Dress Appropriately

The lady can put on a flowing sarong, sundress for this season, or perhaps a flowy cover-up. For the guy, something like a large board short or swim trunks that he can quickly put on or off. Have something you can easily get around with and have enough fun, then quickly get it back afterward or in case of a passerby.

Make It Fast But Countable

As much as you want to have maximum fun at the beach while making love, both partners must keep their dignity intact. Consider the time you will take to have satisfying foreplay and get through everything. However, if there isn’t enough privacy, mind enjoying the breeze and the sound of the surf while at it since you can never get busy at the beach every day.

Take a Dip After You’re Done

Get into the ocean or lake after having fun to clean up easily. Nobody will realize that you and your partner did something fishy by just swimming around. If planning for the second round of sex, return to the dry land on the beach since sex in water has never been as pleasurable as it sounds.  

Beach Blanket Bingo!

While planning to try it at the beach, you will need only you and your partner. Start the game; take the opportunity to find out what you don't know about your partner and engage in your sexual fantasies. Show him exactly what you want. Gauge the courage to encounter it outside and not feel shy getting down to business.

What To Do To Enjoy Sex At The Beach

Sex at the beach feels very nice but only if you will approach everything romantically. Forget about how you've been doing it in the bedroom and spice it up. It's you and your man with your pillow and towel at the beach. Intensely tickle each other or engage in a pillow fight. To surrender, the first one will have to submit themselves to the winner sexually. Creating such memories is very important. It spices up your marriage life and increases the bond. Consider starting with clothes on, and the loser will be the one to pull them off for everyone. Do it until you both find yourselves naked.

Other sex games that increase the fun

Time Bomb

You will need a scarf to blindfold him. Continue ravishing him slowly and recklessly. His arousal will guide you. Not being able to see while having sex increases psychological vulnerability and sensitivity.

You Are My Prisoner

Your partner will need to shave your pubic hair while you lie down. You will need a shaving cream and a new razor. First, take a hot bath to help soften your hair and skin, then lie in bed and let your man foam you up and romantically shave you. It might be scary, but you won’t feel nicked as he does it gently.

Blind Man’s Buff

You require a big towel and a bottle of massage oil. Spread the towel, then grease each other with the massage oil on the body. Roll around for some time and wait for what will happen next. The lubrication will make your skin feel a little bit messy. If using a lot of lubricants, avoid the risk that comes with using a condom. It might lead to breakage, increasing the possibility of getting pregnant.

Naughty Girl

This gives us a fantastic adventure. It comes with a card deck, cinnamon massage oil, a game board, and a blindfold. Give each step a sexy meaning. The card number represents the seconds each game should take.