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Your Definitive Guide to Sex in Public Places

Your Definitive Guide to Sex in Public Places

Your Definitive Guide to Sex in Public Places

By Tatyana Dyachenko

If you are into having sex in public, you will love this. Here we go with some more of my favorite places to have sex in public. Remember to be careful and to bring a partner, if you are caught jacking off in public you are a pervert. If you are caught having sex in public, you are a stud. Having sex at the office. This is my favorite place to have sex. If one day you are working late, invite the girlfriend over for a quickie at your desk. She will love it and maybe a few of your coworkers will want to join in. Having sex on a life guard stand. This one was fun. I don't know how I didn't get caught, but you can imagine how the people looked at me with my girlfriend ridding me like a wild animal. Needless to say, I was very turned on by everyone watching and didn't last long. I wouldn't suggest that you try this unless you want to be caught.

A golf course can be a great place to have sex. Usually most golf courses are very well kept and have a beautiful view. You can get several holes in and not have to work on your stroke. I would suggest to you that if you do it at a golf course, rent a golf cart. This will help you get into the more remote areas. Also, if you lug around all of those clubs, you won't have the energy to putt in her hole for the birdie.

I'm almost too embarrassed to talk about this one. Let me set the stage for you. Me and my girlfriend went out to an amusement park to have some fun. We walked around and had a few drinks at the strangest bar I probably have been too. It seems that everything at these places has a childlike theme.

After about six drinks each or so, we were feeling a nice buzz. We walked around and looked at the rides. They had some animals too that we were looking at. We found a big tent that was empty. I'm not sure that someone was setting it up to sell stuff out of or maybe they were done using it for the day.

Me and my girlfriend walked into the tent and she took my clothes off right away! I about shit my drawers. We went at it for about a half hour and no one told us to stop. People kept passing by us and they looked shocked to hear my girlfriend moan so loudly. I got so turned on banging her in the tent, that I was drilling her faster jack hammer.

Bouncing on the trampoline. One time me and my latest girlfriend had a few drinks and was about to hit the sack around 2 am. I heard a strange sound outside and went to check on what it was. I noticed that my neighbors had gotten a new trampoline. I hurried in and grabbed my drunken girlfriend and he had sex on their trampoline. I was laughing the whole time as we bounced up and down.

I once had a girlfriend who liked to have sex in the graveyard. Personally, I thought this was kind of weird. I'm not sure if you can count this as having sex in public. There sure was a lot of dead people there though.

One time I went to Florida and I met a girl on the beach. We got to know each other for a few days. She was one of these perky, happy people. I'm more of a down to earth lazy guy myself. I think that is what attracted me too her.

One day she asked me if I would like to go jet skiing with her. I'm not into this kind of thing, I've only been in a boat a few times, so this was out of the question. Well, she came over to the house with a new hot bathing suit on and that changed my mind about the whole ordeal.

We went out jet skiing and it was kid of fun. Actually, I was so afraid the whole time I almost pissed myself. We got really deep into the lake and I wondered why she stopped the motor. She bent over, and pulled her bathing suit to one side. Needless to say, I banged this chick while we were on this machine in the water. Man, that was fun.

This was a weird place to have sex. I went with my girlfriend to wash the car one day. She was wearing a white shirt and I purposely got it wet. She got mad at me, but after I told her how hot she looked in the wet shirt, she seemed not to be angry anymore. We washed the car and got all wet and soapy. I went back to put the hose back and she told me that she wanted my hose in her! Wow, that was something else. One guy came to wash his car and he couldn't believe what he was looking at. His eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head.

One time me and one of my girlfriends had been playing games at the local arcade. We were driving home and she started to get real horny. I couldn't believe it but she pulled over on the highway! She took her clothes off and we got in the back seat and had sex! I could only imagine what the passing truckers were thinking.

Here you go. I hope you had as much fun reading these as I did doing them!!!!!