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The Deepest True Sex Stories - The Beach

The Deepest True Sex Stories - The Beach

The Deepest True Sex Stories - The Beach

By Ksenia Sobchak

I would like to meet you on a secluded beach. Emerge from the water with my outfit clinging to me and search your eyes for a reaction. If a smile was to tug at the corners of your mouth or a sparkle was to dance across your eyes, I would be confident in coming closer to you. Close enough to feel your breath on my skin, close enough to wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you deeply, a "hello" a long time in the making.

And without waiting, sink to my knees to rid you of your trunks and take you deep into my mouth. My tongue swirling tantalizingly around your hardened shaft. Reaching up to roll your balls through my fingers. My full, soft lips sliding up and down the full length of your cock...sucking you deep and hard.

I feel your fingers in my hair, pulling my head closer to you so you can take full advantage of my mouth. My ministrations on your cock are making you weak in the knees, you're trembling...I work it harder and faster as if begging you to cum in my mouth, to shoot your hot sticky cream down my throat.

And I am rewarded with exactly what I want after a few more strokes of my lips. And the taste of you sends me into orbit. I feel dizzy with desire and animalistic need. I stand up, slide close to your body and kiss you deeply as you take my hand and lead me from the beach to the hotel.

Reaching your hotel room, we head immediately for the shower. Taking turns lathering each other up, our hands and fingers lingering in intimate places. Your hands cup my large breasts and massage them until my nipples are achingly hard and begging for you to suck and nibble them. Your head bends to do just that and I need to lean against the shower wall to steady my shaking knees. I arch my back and the moans escape my slightly parted lips.

After what seems like hours of delicious torture, you pull your mouth away from my nipples and turn me around, bending me over to expose myself to you. In one swift motion, I feel you plunge inside my wet pussy. I gasp at your size, but it feels so damn good to be so filled up. I match your thrusts to take you as deep as I possibly can. My hot cunt envelopes you like a velvet glove. Already I am close to orgasm.

I shudder with the impact of my orgasm and you plunge deeper into me as you always said you would upon my intense orgasm. And without hesitation I push back into you. I so badly want you to cum with me, in me, all over me. Our fucking becomes frenzied as your need is just as great as mine. Multiple orgasms rock my body as you slam into me from behind. Your voice gets huskier and I know you are close. I love the sound of your voice when you cum. I love the grunts and groans you make. Hearing them in person makes me even more excited and together we cum, spiraling in a whirlwind of bliss.

Sliding out of me, you help me stand back up and we kiss, the water still spraying our bodies. Soaping each other up again, I notice you're getting hard. A man after my own heart! My smile just keeps getting bigger. But I am careful not to touch you again or we'll never make it to dinner. I step from the shower and wrap myself up in the big fluffy white hotel towel. You are soon to follow. From behind, you wrap your arms around me and kiss my neck. You know that is the most erogenous zone on my entire body. My knees feel weak and I beg you to stop. I don't really want you to, but I do want a little bit of control over the evening.

You honor my request with a groan and a quick tug of the towel. As it falls from me, you slap my ass and sprint from the bathroom. I just laugh at you and begin getting ready for our evening out. I slather my Blackberry Frost lotion all over my skin to make it sparkle, apply my makeup and get my hair done. It's longer now, so I have many more options than before. I slide into a pair of purple satin panties just for you and then my dress. And I emerge from the bathroom for your approval. My eyes sparkle when I see you, you are devastatingly handsome and now I am not so sure I want to go out anymore.

As I walked into the room, you met me half way and pulled me into your arms for a deep knee-weakening kiss. Your hands started to roam my body as you whispered your approval of my choice of attire. I told you we should go to dinner and you told me you would like for me to be dinner.

I giggled nervously, but got my way yet again when I heard your stomach growl. We left your hotel room hand in hand, not being able to stop touching each other even for a moment. Our earlier sexual encounters did not satisfy our need, it only intensified.

It was a 15 minute drive to the restaurant and we were ushered in and shown to a secluded booth near the back corner. The lighting was dim and there was music and a small dance floor. My eyes sparkled with delight and you knew then that you wouldn't get out of there tonight without a few dances. And we both knew that could quite possibly be agony, our bodies pressed close, swaying to the music.

Our booth was the shape of a half moon and we were able to sit close. You pulled me close for another mind-blowing kiss and it lasted until our waiter cleared his throat to announce his arrival. You ordered red wine for the both of us and your left hand began tracing imaginary lines up and down my thigh. As ticklish as I am, it was driving me wild. You whispered in my ear for me to open my legs for you and without hesitation I positioned my left leg over your right one under the table. At the same moment, my hand went to your crotch. Slowly, I unzipped your pants only to find that you had gone commando for the night. You sly devil. My hand slipped easily inside the zipper opening to caress your hardening cock just as our waiter reappeared with our wine.

I am sure the look on your face gave us away, but he was kind enough not to do anything but wink as he poured our glasses for us. He asked if we were ready to order and we sheepishly admitted we hadn't even looked at the menu. He just nodded with a knowing smile and left us alone.

Your hand was now inching along the slit in my dress reaching further toward my soaking wetness. Your sharp intake of breath reaffirmed your approval when your fingers met with the satin of my panties. My breath was quickening with every caress and my hand was stroking you harder and faster. You leaned in close to inform me that I had better slow it down if I wanted to keep some modicum of modesty in public. I knew you were serious and stopped what I was doing and told you I thought we should order. With one last caress, this time against the wetness of my panties, you leaned over, kissed me deeply and agreed to look at the menu.

We ordered, and while waiting for our meal to come, we had more wine and I coerced you into dancing with me. You cradled me in your arms and held me so close while we danced. I could feel my nipples hardening and the hardness of your cock against my thigh. Every now and again, you would kiss my neck or kiss me deeply on the lips. And each time, I thought I would melt and wished I would have just told you to order room service at the hotel.

Our waiter came over and informed us our meal was served and we returned to our table. And while the food was exquisite, our lust was overpowering and we couldn't wait to leave and get back to the hotel. You informed me as you had once before that I would suck your cock on the ride back to the hotel. Involuntarily, my mouth began to water. I begged you to ask for the check so we could leave.

In a rush, we leave the restaurant and climb into the back of our chauffeured car. Before the car is put into gear and moving, I have your hard cock out of your pants and in my mouth. My tongue swirling around the tip of your engorged cock, your moans already music to my ears. I lick the excess of precum from your dick and savor it. Your fingers are entwined in my hair, the pressure of your hand lightly pressing me further into you. My head bobs up and down on your steely cock and you lay your head back against the seat and groan loudly. You tell me how fucking hot I am and how you love it when I suck your big cock. Your words spur me on and I suck you harder and faster. My lips grip you tightly and pull you further into my mouth. You tell me you're going to cum and ask me how badly I want it. My only response is a quick wink in your direction and my tongue applying more pressure to the underside of your cock. I don't have to wait long, a few more strokes with my lips and tongue and you are spurting heavy loads of cum in my mouth. I gulp greedily and then hold the last of it in my mouth as I slide up to kiss you and share your cum. About this time, the car comes to a complete stop and we know that we are back at the hotel.

We can hardly contain ourselves as we step into the elevator...if it weren't for the other 3 men and 2 women, I am sure we would be stopping the elevator to fuck. But instead I feel your hand sliding down to my ass and I am pressing back toward you. Your tongue keeps sliding into my ear and I am squirming and suppressing the giggles. The others in the elevator glance knowingly at us and I blush profusely at the attention.

We get off at your floor and practically race to the room. You fumble with the key card and I already have your shirt untucked as my hands roam your bare back. Once inside the room, you push me against the wall and kiss me fiercely and passionately. My hands fumble with your pants as I try to get them off you....but you pull away and tell me to stop. My mouth drops open, I never thought I would hear you utter those words. But you quickly put my mind at ease when you tell me that you don't just want another fuck, that it's time to take it slow and easy. Oh the butterflies that awakened in the pit of my stomach made me weak.

You lead me to the bed and gently push me down and your hands grasp my ankles as you unbuckle and slide my heels off my feet. Your hands slide up my legs and you push my dress up as you go. Each inch you move, you kiss my exposed skin, lighting fires along the way. I can't hold still, you're driving me wild with lust and want, need and desire. And then, you stop. You have my dress pushed up around my waist, my purple satin panties exposed to you and I am sure you can already see the darkened patch from my wetness. You lean in close and inhale deeply, running your fingers over the soft material. My hips raise up to meet your touch and my breath catches in my throat. I am biting my bottom lip to keep from screaming out.

Your finger slips around the material to gain access to my wet pussy and you look up at me and smile. I can see the wicked glint in your eyes as you slide your finger up and down my slit and then bring that finger to your lips. The things you do to turn me on...my goodness, I am in heaven. Your tongue darts out to the wet spot on my panties and you begin to suck them into your mouth. I can feel your lips and your teeth pressing against my covered clit and I am going wild. But you place your hands on my thighs to steady me and keep me on the bed.

Your lips move to my hips where your teeth grasp the bikini string of my panties and you pull them down my hips with your teeth. Down my creamy thighs and over my knees...all the way to my ankles and off to the floor. I am shivering, quaking with desire and yet you still plan to go slow. You kiss the backs of my knees and that's a turn on like no other. With your tongue on the inside of my thigh, your hands migrate toward my soaking mound and your fingers probe my lips. I am so wet that you easily slide 2 fingers inside me and dabble a bit in my liquids. And then you push in 2 more and fill me up as I moan your name and beg you to fuck me. But you just tell me to have patience and so I concentrate on your fingers and the way you drive me wild.

Your fingers are curling inside of me, slowly fucking me as my muscles clench around them and my body is racked with orgasmic waves of pleasure. And at the height of my most recent orgasm, your tongue finds my clit and you suck it in to your mouth with force. This time I can't hold back the screams of pleasure as you drag your teeth over my engorged clit and suck in my puffy pussy lips, your fingers finally probing my ass...oh hell, this is the most amazing experience I have ever had.