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Sex Music Playlist - Top Songs to Have Sex

Sex Music Playlist - Top Songs to Have Sex To

Sex Music Playlist - Top Songs to Have Sex To

By Elena Ognivtseva

Sex is something that can be great. But, when you add music into the equation, you put on a totally new level. Whether you are engaging in some solo loving, or are having sex with a partner, music is a great addition that can change the entire experience in a positive way. Not to mention, you turn that song into something memorable, so every time you heart it, you will instantly be brought back to that amazing night. We have come up with a list of the best songs to have sex to.

Brian McKnigt – What’s My Name. Let me just say one thing; any of Brian McKnight’s songs are great for setting the right mood, but this sexy ballad is one of our favorites.

Sleep Brown – Till (You Legs Start Shaking). With a quick glance at lyrics such as, ‘I’m on top of you… you are under me’, it is not hard to see why this is a great song to play during our passionate lovemaking session.

The Kings of Leon – Sex is on Fire. The music behind the lyrics as well as the lyrics themselves make this a great sex song.

Usher – Love in This Club. This song has a great rhythm to set the pace for a great lovemaking session while the lyrics just add to the passion you are already feeling.

Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing. This song is famous, and tops the charts of many lists of songs to play during sex.

Next – Too Close. Although this is an oldie, it is and always will be a goodie. The entire song puts you in the mood to get close, and of course, make love.

Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around.. Comes Around. Yes, this songs is all about deceit and cheating, but the music and the beat is perfect for a perfect sex session.

Nickelback – S.E.X. This is one of my personal mood setting songs. Once I play it, I feel sexy and just ready to have fun.

Mary J. Blige – I’m Going Down. Although this song is definitely not talking about ‘going down’, it is still a very sensual song because of its beat.

Fiona Apple – Criminal. Whenever I listen to this song I feel like I want to be a bad, bad girl, which is exactly that state-of-mind I need to be in before getting freaky.

J. Holiday – Bed. This song gives new meaning to getting tucked in, and will definitely set the right mood for your sex session.

R. Kelly – Bump and Grind. R. Kelly is infamous for being quite the pervert, but when we are talking about sex, there is a need for perviness. The lyrics in this song, along with the music will be just right.

The Isley Brothers – Between the Sheets. Another oldie that has remained on all lists for bedroom music. This is an example of a perfect song to make sweet, passionate love between the sheets to.

No matter if you use our songs, or find your own, music should be part of everyone’s lovemaking routine. It sets the mood, relaxes you, and ultimately gives you an incredible sex session.