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Traditional Christmas songs focus on Santa Claus delivering presents for kids, but most of them have turned sexual in recent years. For example, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is an erotic Christmas session by the Christmas tree. Some musical artists have risen to fame by producing music that focuses on sexually idolizing Santa. However, you should not use  "sexy" and "Christmas" simultaneously, and there are many Christmas songs that will get you and your partner in the mood for a steamy session. Below are soundtracks for your Christmas rendezvous.

Erotic Christmas Songs

“Santa Claus Got Stuck In My Chimney” By Ella Fitzgerald

some people wonder what Ella, the queen of jazz in the 60s, was on when she was writing and recording this song. This song came with controversies and led to Ella blocking its re-issue until her demise in 1996. According to Riis et al. (1904), the song has a lot of aspersions, and in one verse, the singer is heard teasing that Santa got stuck in her chimney due to his round and fat physique. She is looking forward to his return soon.

“Back Door Santa” By Clarence Carter

According to Berenson et al. (2003), Clarence rose to fame in the late 60s with the hit song "Back Door Santa." In this song, Clarence brags that he is a back door man, popping into women's houses when their husbands leave for work. He says that he saves a few pennies for their children so that when he is busy inside, the kids can go to the shops and get something to eat.

"I've Got What You Want For Christmas" By Louise Mandrell.

Country music Christmas songs are nothing compared to this piece by Louise, filled with lyrics to boost your Christmas erotic adventures. Composed and produced in 1985, Louise says she will not waste time penning down a Christmas list because she knows what her man wants. She promises to make the night as enticing as possible, one that he will relieve. In one of the sensual lines, she says that what she wants should come unwrapped. 

“Last Christmas” By Wham!

According to Perez et al. (2017), the song last Christmas has an original version by Wham released in 1984 and another one by Ariana Grande in 2014. Both versions are perfect and will serve your erotic needs. The song tells a tale of unreciprocated love. A grief-stricken lover contemplates what went wrong with the lover and promises to give their heart to someone befitting their love by next Christmas. This song gives mixed feelings of romance.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” By Anne-Margaret And Al Hirt

The song was released in the 1960s. It is a hit song at the heart of any Christmas celebration. It's based on a couple who decide to go to the man's apartment after a date, but the woman is thinking about leaving. The man then tries to persuade the reluctant woman. The woman excuses not staying the night, but her date has an answer to each, coupled with valid reasons for why she should stay. 

“Christmas Eve” By Justin Bieber

According to Bickford et al. (2014), Justin Bieber was just 11 years old when he released this steamy song in 2011. The release of this song was accompanied by backlash from several people, but it did not stop it from being a cult favorite. He says that he will enter his lover's house through the chimney because he wants to spend the night kissing her underneath the Christmas tree. He sings that he does not need any presents because she is the ideal gift.

“Santa Baby” By Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt rose to fame with this hit, released in 1953, which led her to play the role of Catwoman in the Batman series. She calls Santa endearing names like "honey" and "cutie," sighting that she deserves the most expensive gifts because she has been a good girl. She promises to keep up with the good habits so that Santa keeps buying her gifts. 

“The Mistletoe Jam” By Luther Vandross

Luther released The mistletoe jam in 1995. He asks his lady to join him for a romantic dance under the mistletoe in a jam. Luther complements the lady's big legs stating that they are the best for dancing. He is a party maniac who loves to dance with his big feet. However, the lady declines the dance, saying that she got twins the last time they danced under the mistletoe.

“Be Mine For Christmas” By KEM

Be mine for Christmas was released in 2012 by KEM, who is deeply in love. KEM tells his girl that she is his favorite and that he wishes to make her Christmas dreams come true. He says to the girl that he will offer his heart wrapped in a bow. They should spend some quality time together while playing under the snow, cuddling by the Christmas tree, and getting cozy.

“I’ll Be Your Santa, Baby" By Rufus Thomas.

This song has innuendos that will leave you giggling. Rufus Thomas sang it in 1973. It is about a lady he wants to share the holiday season with. Rufus proclaims that his heart is filled with cheers, enough to share with an extra soul. Rufus asks the lady not to look for Santa Claus because he wants to be her only.

The Bottom Line

Most Christmas songs may not sound as innocent now as they did. You will notice suggestive lyrics and outlandish talk centered on how erotic Santa is or how bad they want to beat someone's cookies. There are tons of sensual Christmas songs you can play to boost your spirits during the festive season. However, this does not mean that the Santa Claus tradition of buying kids gifts is abolished. Try out erotic Christmas playlists to serve your needs.


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