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Looking for a better way to say thanks to an individual? How effective is Thanksgiving to an individual? Which is the best way of Thanksgiving for someone? Can sex be one of the ways of Thanksgiving? This article discusses some of the five reasons why Thanksgiving should be all about sex.

Thanksgiving is the time of the year when individuals take the routine of all that they have to be thankful for and gather with friends and family to enjoy each other’s company. Which is a better way to act out in such a year? Most individuals would prefer such moments and periods to be about sex rather than food. For one to make thanksgiving count, they need to get down and dirty. Individuals can also be dirty as they can in the presence of their family members and friends. Here is why Thanksgiving should be all about sex instead of food.

Pilgrims were thankful for sex.

Marthur et al. (2018) explain that this American holiday did not just start in recent years as it is a ceremony that goes back to the year 1621 when the first pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts. These pilgrims and puritans did not hate sex according to popular opinions regarding their harsh sexual laws, but rather they also loved and respected it. They viewed it as a gift from God, and just as the Bible was their major source of laws and perspective: sex and marriage were seen as holy. They even allowed women who were not being satisfied by their husbands sexually to file for a divorce; as a man, one had to make sure they satisfied their wife. A common phrase among people today would have been: Pilgrims may have been strict about sexuality, but if we had to thank them for anything, it’s for helping us live healthy lives. The Pilgrims made Thanksgiving all about how important it is to enjoy sexual pleasure in life and be thankful for what one has, including sexual pleasures; Thanksgiving should be all about having fun with sexual pleasure. 

Two birds, one turkey

Thanksgiving is not always Thanksgiving without a tummy full of food and other food that will have you sleepy. The table at Thanksgiving is usually full, and with all these types of foods, aphrodisiacs usually find their way in. Food such as strawberries, oysters, mussels, and clams are not always known for their mouthwatering tastes; these foods are all about sex. According to Sanfilippo (2016), foods are considered foods that can boost one's sexual desires, imagine what happens when individuals fill their stomachs full of them. Though they are not famous aphrodisiacs, they can still provide one with added sexual pleasure. It is also seen that food and sex go wrong. Food like this cannot get better than that. Imagine what your tummy feels like after eating a full plate of them. And if that makes you feel hornier and lighter for more reasons than one, imagine how much work it takes to put on weight after your thanksgiving meal? I bet no one can hold out long in bed. After a night of eating a table full of food and having not talked about the turkey, with its unusual words such as breasts, thighs, and stuffing, your mind will be going crazy with ways to shake off that extra energy. With your stomach full and you are feeling sleepy, remember to put sex on the menu. 

There is always alcohol included.

Thanksgiving is about spending time with your family and friends. But sometimes, after a whole year of dealing with family issues, it’s hard to stay sober with them. You always need to stay high and keep your time with them less annoying, but wine can sometimes bring other thoughts. Nadkarni et al. (2015) explain that alcohol is always why you can get laid. So when you are done with the family giving, and you are a little tipsy, it’s no surprise that it will give you the idea of giving your partner thanks in other ways. It will help you get naughty all the way. There is nothing like a drink before dinner on Thanksgiving Day, but don't think alcohol only makes us frisky after dinner; it's one of our favorite reasons for getting busy during November. Sex and alcohol go hand-in-hand more often than not. We know it's almost taboo to admit that we are using liquor as an aphrodisiac, but we're not afraid to come clean. If someone hands us a glass of chardonnay or opens up a bottle of cabernet sauvignon, our clothes come off faster than those champagne corks pop.

Food is not the only thing good about Thanksgiving.

Although the most notable thing about Thanksgiving is the table full of various foods, it is not the only good thing. Thanksgiving entails more than that, and it is about an individual's relationship with nature. The celebrations express our appreciation for the bounty we have received with the celebration in the fall of harvest. The pilgrims joined the Native Americans in a great feast to celebrate their survival in the new world in the American traditions. But celebrations like these were celebrated much before Christianity and the pilgrims. In ancient Saxons, Celts, and Romans, similar celebrations were held to celebrate the harvest festivals of fertility. With the people appreciating what the earth produced and interned what their beautiful women in the celebration of the miracle of life. 

Celebrate Thanksgiving in bed

The celebrations do not end at the dinner table because Thanksgiving goes all the way. It is about giving thanks to all those people in their life who have made one year grateful, your family, friends, and your partner. So why not show gratitude for having your partner around by giving them the best gift you could ever give them, which is sex. Twenge (2017) states that individuals can show their friends how much they love and care for them at the best time they will ever have. Yes, sex is the best way to express your love because, just like Thanksgiving, it is a time to connect and bond with each other. 


Some of the reasons why Thanksgiving should be all about sex on each thanksgiving day are explained. When you remember to put the turkey on the table, remember to put sex on the menu. Make sure your partner understands that your mouth is not just good at eating but also give them thanks for sticking around all year long.


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