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Are you looking for the best songs to listen to when having sexual intercourse? Try the top five songs discussed in this article and let your soul skyrocket with pleasure. 

Music heightens the emotions felt by partners. Van Bohemen, S., Den Hertog, L., & van Zoonen, L. (2018) state that good music contributes to good sex. The right tunes played correctly during the right moments makes a person do everything from a slower phase, gaining momentum steadily until things get hard and on another level. On the other hand, an ill song can make things go sideways. For instance, you cannot play a sad song in the event of sex. This will be a total turn-off and further destroy the mood. The positive emotions experienced will be wiped away by playing a sad song. 

Although sex without music is safe and enjoyable, introducing some music at the right moment and time can make both parties burst with lust and urge to embrace each other more, especially if it is your first time with each other. Therefore, to make sure you tune in the right songs during sex, we have researched and come up with the five best top songs that will help improve your sex session.

Janelle Monae – Make Me Feel

This song is best for fun and fast sex. The music beat makes your heart start thumping with its rhythm. It is ideal for creating the momentum to make your bedroom session fun. You can tune it to a moderate volume and let the rhythm guide as you penetrate your partner. The singer's smooth voice soothes the atmosphere, perfect for awesome moments. Additionally, the song's lyrics are sexy, and it will make you more lustful toward your partner without even knowing. 

Sabrina Claudio – Unravel Me

This song is best for gentle and sensual love-making sessions. Once the song starts, both partners will be undressed and what remains is to follow the song's rhythm as they indulge in pleasure. The music features a high-quality jam that enhances a delicious and steady pace good for gentle penetration. Therefore, it provides both partners an excellent time for pleasure. The tune is also best to use with a sex toy, and one can set the pace of the vibrator to match that of the beat. This makes you feel an intense sensation with a calm soul with nothing in your mind other than sex. The singer’s voice is soft, providing the best vocals you need for the session. Moreover, the lyrics merge with the atmosphere making everything perfect for you. 

Childish Gambino – Redbone

This song is the best to use when offering foreplay or sensual massage. It features a slow pace that allows you to take all the time you need to massage or give your partner awesome foreplay. Moreover, it will make you want to thrust your partner deeper when listening to it. The jam beats will direct you on what you have to do. After some time, you will discover that your hands follow the beats by instinct. By that time, all that is in your head is your partner. The awesome atmosphere created by this song will make your session worth your efforts. Always use average volume. High volume will become irritating more than directing you to maximum pleasure. Once you use this song for your first session, you will always look for it to guide your session.

Rihanna – Pour It Up

This song is good for kinky and medium-paced sex. By giving us S and M, Rihanna’s name probably won't miss this list of top songs for sex. The song’s audio beats and video will help you create that momentum you need. The vocals will also help the pace at which you are penetrating your partner. Since the pace is neither fast nor slow, this song is ideal if you want sex with a moderate pace. The video also features explicit scenes that will turn you on when you watch it. This song is also best for some kinky bondage play and role-playing. With the music’s video scenes, your bondage play will turn for the best. Also, you can see the song when playing prisoner with chain-link cuffs on your hands and ankles.

Nine Inch Nails – Closer

This tune is ideal if you need the S and M experience during sexual intercourse. The lyrics will leave you with nothing but imagination when you first listen to the song. The beat will allow you to engage in bondage play, typically giving and taking discipline without feeling intimidated. Furthermore, the lyrics match your environment, making you dwell deeper into what you are doing. The beats will guide you rhythmically, and that's what you need to avoid a sadistic experience in semi-funky plays.

Although songs cannot dance for you, it acts as the universal mood-setter that will turn over the scales of romance between you and your partner. Don't forget to play safe music, especially those closely related to your situation.

The Bottom Line

Songs play important roles in enhancing your sexual session. It is a mood setter that helps you create the great atmosphere you need during sex. The songs' beats will guide you slowly, and you will, at some point, start working with your instincts. Furthermore, music helps clear your mind off other things to dwell on pleasure solely. This will make both parties enjoy being intimate. Not all songs can be listened to when having sexual intercourse. For instance, some mood-breaking songs or some genres can't fit the romantic session no matter what you want. Therefore, it is always best to try the songs mentioned above so that you don't break your mood.


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