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Erotic massage is among the most ornate type of foreplay. It is a fantastic way of connecting emotionally and physically with someone while also turning them on. Herein are the tips for giving a relaxing, sensual massage, including stimulating the senses and engaging different body parts.

Since our daily communication is mainly nonverbal, body language plays a significant role in how we connect with and understand others. Sensual massage not only helps in releasing tension and relieving physical discomfort, but it can also unclog your partner's thoughts. This article will equip you with the essential tips on how to give your partner a sensual massage. 

Stimulate Your Partner’s Senses


When it comes to preparing a romantic atmosphere, lighting is key. Close the blinds, turn off the bright light, and illuminate the room with candles to set the mood. Since the bed will be the room's focal point, it should be kept clean, tidy, and not excessively soft. This will be essential in giving your partner a successful sensual massage. If the bed is excessively soft, you can request your partner to lie on the floor with a pile of blankets as a cushion.


Set a calm atmosphere for your passionate erotic massage with the help of aromatherapy. This is a type of holistic medicine that uses the sense of smell to improve one's health. It can also be applied directly to the skin. Allow the scent to dominate the room before inviting your companion in. Essential oils such as tea tree and lavender have aphrodisiac properties that provide relaxing scents. You can also opt for aroma oils in relaxing fragrances to make your sexual massage more enjoyable.


There is a variety of music that you could use to create a sensual atmosphere. You can play calm and soothing music for a passionate, sensual massage experience. If you are undecided on which song to play to strike the proper mood, you can put together a playlist of the best songs you and your partner enjoy. While performing a sensual massage, try to whisper some naughty phrases into your partner's ears, making the mood more intimate.


Some approaches can be applied anywhere, irrespective of the body part you're massaging. While massaging your partner, be careful not to press too hard or cause any pain. Communicate with your partner and get to know the body parts they appreciate the most. The initial strokes should be prolonged, lingering, and meaningful. From a psychological standpoint, firm contact will reassure and secure your partner emotionally and mentally. Make sure your nails are clipped and your skin is warm. 

Tips on How To Give a Sensual Massage

Massaging The Palm

Softly massaging the palm creates a great sensation. Using your fingertips, create circles on your partner's palm, gradually working your way to the most sensitive spot, which is the center. Slide your fingertips up and down the area of your partner's hand connected to the pinkie's edge. You can lick and suck your partner’s fingers to make it more sensual, driving him insane.

Rubbing Your Partner’s Back

Apply some oil on your hands and use long, gentle strokes to rub the back. You can stand behind their head, massage their back near the spine, and then up the sides. The Kama Sutra massage oil candle is the best for use. You can also use a heartwarming massager, which has a reusable heated massage pad, that's great for soothing tense muscles, relieving stress, and calming aches. Warming up yourselves is necessary before a steamy session. 

Belly Button Plays

Tap your spouse’s belly button and slowly move your fingertips to the base of his shaft. Continue using your fingertips and create circles around his belly button, as you get closer to his outer abdomen. This area is extremely sensitive and intensely pleasurable. To avoid tickling him, change the speed and pressure depending on his response. The goal is to evoke moans from your partner and not making them laugh.

Engage Different Parts of Your Body

Don't solely use your hands for massaging. Use your breasts to gently massage their back, accompanied by nibbles on the earlobe and neck. You can also kiss their shoulders and go down to their spine. When stroking your lady's back, gently lay on top of her and rub her crotch with your shaft, followed by sensual kisses on her neck, back, and other body parts.

Massage Their Knees

The flesh behind the knees is extremely thin and densely packed with sensitive nerve endings. Your spouse should lie down on their stomach as you softly massage each knee to warm up the skin before moving your tongue back and forth in circular motions across the crack. After that, treat your partner to a wonderful foot massage. Begin at the ankle and work your way down the top of the foot. Then, using your thumbs, stroke the pad in a circular manner. 

Gently Massage the Inner Thighs

Finish with a firm massage on your spouse's inner thighs. This is a delicate and erogenous spot for most men and women; therefore, it's difficult to go astray with this technique. Combine your massage with gentle bites and licks to make it more intimate. Continue rubbing, kissing, and licking up to the most sensitive place of the human body. You can decide to end the massage with an intimate moment together, be it intercourse or snuggly cuddles. 

The Bottom Line

The secret to a sensual massage is to keep it simple and pleasant and be willing to try new things. Try to touch each other in unique and unusual ways, making each other sigh, laugh, scream and groan with delight. Exploring one's emotions and sensations is essential for a real sensual massage. As a result, the most crucial thing you can carry to this encounter is your willingness to learn, and together with the tips above, you will learn about each other's boundaries and emotions.