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Beginner’s Guide To Nuru Massage

Beginner’s Guide To Nuru Massage

Beginner’s Guide To Nuru Massage

Are you curious about learning something more erotic and fascinating when it comes to body massage? Nuru massage could be your first stop as the best and ever-growing massage trend that will leave you with intense orgasms you have never felt before.

The fastest-growing and, of course, erotic Nuru massage has raised a ton of questions in the recent past. Many sex-oriented souls and novice erotic players are now trying to assemble as much information as possible on how this technique works and its benefits. While most people will only seek standard massage techniques to quench their weak and tired muscles after a demanding day, it is now undoubtedly clear that erotic massages are now attracting more traffic like never before. And Nuru massage is one of these trends.

If you are, therefore, interested in trying this new massage technique, here is everything you should know about what is a Nuru massage and how it works for beginners.

What Is Nuru Massage and Its Origin

First, before indulging in Nuru massage, you may want to know where it came from and its evolution. Well, the ancient Nuru massage came from ancient Japan. Though there is limited historic information about this technique and how it evolved to reach where it is today, sex experts believe that it is one of the most sexually arousing massages on the market.

According to their narration, Nuru is a Japanese word that means “slippery", which refers to how the masseuse uses the body-to-body technique to slide on her client. Others also use the term Nuru to refer to “paint” where the gel is "painted" on bodies to create intense heat, then one person lays on the bed while the other person slides their body from below to the top. This helps to massage all the erogenous zones, including the butt and breasts.

The combination of “slipper” and “paint” is what brings about this amazing massage technique. For that case, Nuru massage is a full body-to-body massage technique that uses a special ultra-slippery gel that is made from seaweed. The massage gel is also colourless, odourless, and tasteless, meaning it has no side effects like skin irritations. The massage is done on a special inflatable mattress or a PVC orgy bedding to avoid staining the bedsheets.

What Is Nuru Gel?

To erotically enjoy this special massage technique, a unique massage oil called Nuru gel is also needed. This is an ancient mixture of natural ingredients, including Nori that is extracted from seaweed found on the deepest coast of Japan. The oil also has other additional botanicals, such as grapefruit extract, aloe vera gel, and natural herbs. As the best alternative to regular massage oils, Nuru gel has a unique slippery consistency with numerous skin benefits. It is mixed with water to form a thick gel used for massaging.

How to Do Nuru Massage

With all the good news surrounding this erotic massage technique, you may be longing to perform or feel its magic on your body. But wait, unlike other massage techniques, Nuru massage is a special treatment that requires proper preparation before getting down to it. As such, here are the main steps involved in Nuru massage to ensure you and your partner receive an exclusive stimulation of the body and mind;

Be Prepared for The Nuru Massage

The first step may seem unimportant as most beginners will be excited to go straight to the massage bed. However, to get the most out of this erotic treatment, both partners should be prepared and comfortable with each other. This step, therefore, involves spending enough time in the shower or washroom and assembling everything that you will need in the process. You also need to create an erotic environment that will switch everyone in the mood. Here are sexy massage tips for couples to enjoy;

Preparing the Nuru Gel

The good thing about Nuru gel is that you will receive it in an already-made solution in most stores. However, to make it thicker and ultra-slippery, you need a bowl of water to create the solution. You also need to be wet for the solution to spread well on your body for the sensual massage. This is why you need waterproof PVC orgy bedding to prevent wetting your bed.

Maintaining Constant Communication and Eye Contact

Constant communication and eye contact are crucial in any erotic play. Considering that Nuru massage is more of a sexual sensation than standard body massage, couples need to have eye contact and erotic conversations to enhance the pleasure. This also helps both partners to be open to each other and simplify the process.

Applying Nuru Gel

Here is what most people were waiting for. Applying Nuru gel on your partner’s body follows the standard guidelines; that is, your partner rests on their front feeling relaxed as you apply the gel on their back while sitting on their thighs. Then, you slowly start to massage their back and thighs as you help your partner to unwind. Once the gel is spread evenly on their body, you can now increase the pressure slowly so that you two can feel the pleasure.

Sliding Your Body on your partner

After "painting" the gel on your partner's body, let them do the same to you so that you are both slippery and ready for fun. Let them switch back to their initial position burying their face in the mattress. Slide your body up and down their back, focusing on sensitive areas like the lower back and buttocks. Next, increase the pressure and start by gripping their thighs and gliding up and down their back with your buttocks. You can also use circular motions to make it more pleasurable for both of you.

Turn onto Your Front

When things start getting hotter, you can now turn and rest your weight onto the front and slide over your partner's bum. Once you settle, hold your body steady and use your foot to gently massage your lover's back. As your partner gets fully aroused, you can put your hands around their ankles so that you can freely glide up and down their body. This technique maximizes body-to-body touch which gives a burst of excitement and helps to arouse all the erogenous zones.

Using Feet Flexing Technique

The next step is to sit between your lover’s thighs and bring their feet up to your chest. Gently stretch the muscles until they can feel your breasts with their feet. Alternatively, you can sit on one of their thighs and keep switching between them. From there, sit on their back and buttocks to give them some extra back massage. Lie on their back again placing your arms around their waist and slowly rotating your body so it continually massages their buttock area. Focus on this area until you can feel the sexual energy between you.