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Have you ever unleashed your inner dirty girl? Herein is about getting in touch with your inner dirty girl, including; wearing lingerie, watching appropriate porn, and prioritizing self-pleasures.

Every girl has a dirty side to life. Some have already unleashed that part while others are too afraid to bring themselves to the light. For girls who are not naturally dirty, getting their dirty side out can be a difficult thing but not an impossible one. Shy girls try to become dirty, but they end up acting like fools and embarrassing themselves. Use this guide to learn the best ways to unleash your inner dirty girl.

Wear Lingerie under Your Clothes

A girl will spend the day fantasizing when she wears lingerie and goes outside in it. A girl’s thoughts will be dirty and naughty. According to Wood (2016), a girl is sexually empowered because of the type of underwear she wears. As a result, a girl may decide to participate in any sexual activity she may desire. This is because the girl is prepared for it physically and mentally. A girl will be confident throughout any sexual activities even if nothing sexual happens. A girl will be amazed at her appearance when the day ends and she takes off her clothes. She will feel sexier and naughty thoughts may strike her. Sleeping with lingerie also helps to break the monotony of sleeping with sweat on the body, as Watson et al. (2015) noted.

Watch Appropriate Pornography

According to Rothman et al. (2015), a great way to inspire you to unleash your dirty side is through watching pornography. Select porn which turns you on and tries practicing it. Through porn, you will be able to learn about what happens during sexual activity. This includes initiating, foreplay and positioning. You can also ask your partner to watch the porn with you if you are afraid to watch it alone. Your partner may even suggest some of the porn you will watch together. The reason why men have high libido is that they are constantly watching pornography. Some men develop this into a habit because they begin watching porn at a tender age. Search from a variety to get what makes your mindset dirty To find the best porn for your taste.

Prioritize Your Self-Pleasure

Embracing your sexual pleasure is a way of growing your feminine energy. Consider using sex toys to help focus on self-pleasure. These tools can either be wearable or not. Wearable sex toys are better since you can use them without anyone’s knowledge. Using wearable sex tools keeps you sexually aroused. Butt plugs and arousal oils and gels are examples of these toys.

You may also use an app-controlled sex toy and let your partner control it for you. This helps the two of you engage in something different which is a secret. Engaging in this risky activity builds and strengthens your relationship because trust and transparency are portrayed.

Try Flirting

A girl shares her fantasies and sex life when she flirts with a guy. A girl becomes loose and her playful side is exposed. The girl may receive certain reactions from the guy she is flirting with. She may feel more attractive and desired. While flirting proceeds the girl’s mind becomes naughtier and dirtier. A girl is not afraid to say what she thinks and the flirty might end up becoming dirty talk. A moment of intimacy might be shared between the two people. During this time, the sexual activity is enjoyed passionately by the two.

Always Remember Self-Care

Chances of forgetting to pamper and care for yourself are high. At times you should focus on yourself. You can go to the spa for instance and maybe get a pedicure, attend yoga classes or get a relaxing massage. You will feel relaxed and stress-free. As a result, your mental and physical state is boosted. Treating yourself is the best way for you to build your confidence and become that selfless girl.


Ellis & Symons (1990) stated that fantasizing is a great way to bring out the dirty thoughts you have. The best thing about fantasizing is that you can do it anywhere like in your house, shower, or at work. When fantasizing, you have that visual image of a person and imagine what you can do together with them. You may want to bring your fantasies into reality. You need to bring out that dirty part of you to realize them and unleash your dirty thoughts.

Do the Unexpected

You need to break that soft and sweet girl to become dirty. Think about the things you would want to do in your lifetime. Note them down creating your bucket list. Try as much to do what you have listed. The list will act as an inspiration to you and you will finally reveal the freaky and dirty girl within you.

You can try to act like the naughty one when with your partner. Do something subtle that will catch them by surprise. Be the one to take the lead in sexual activity and you will feel dirtier. This is also a clear indication of your thoughts to your partner.

Value Time with Other Girls

Spare some time to meet up with your female friends. Chat with them for some time over a drink or even during holidays celebrating women. Exchange ideas with them and offer solutions to what someone is passing through. Your female group of friends can act as your support system by offering therapy through talks. By doing this, you will replenish your feminine energy.


All girls have their dirty sides. Shy girls can become dirty. All they need is a little work and they will expose that side of themselves to the world. Try new things, meet with friends, watch porn, and focus on your self-pleasure and self-care are just but a few of the ways of unleashing the dirty you. Once you become that dirty girl, you will be uninhibited and selfless. You will present yourself courageously.


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