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What Your Underwear Choice Says About You and Your Lover!

What Your Underwear Choice Says About You and Your Lover!

What Your Underwear Choice Says About You and Your Lover!

By Elena Ognivtseva

We all know that our choice of underwear says something about us; however the colour your lover chooses for you to wear can also have significance. This is just a little fun, and not to be taken seriously, however along with other signs when presented with a hot lingerie gift you may be able to read what's on his mind.


Obviously the colour of love, however, that barely enters his mind as he chooses this colour for you to cover your assets with. His mind is purely on the end game and the re signifies his blood as it pumps with lust! If you make this choice it insinuates you are feeling passionate and seductive. Either way, you're in for an energetic night with lots of sexual satisfaction.


If a man is buying underwear for you this along with white would probably be his first choice, as surveys show that it is a man's favourite colour of lingerie. This could be down to a few factors, mainly as it highlights the ying and yang, the black signifying the naughty side of your personality, or even more possible that on white skin it makes your prized assets stand out. Black also shows his respect for you as it gives a sophisticated edge to your outfit. If you choose black, you're feeling in control, you're ready to seduce and you want the sex to be good!


Another favourite colour according to surveys, white is often bought by partners. Never mind that our white underwear only stays white for a few washes before being sullied by a stray grey sock, when new, this sparkling lingerie can make you look a million dollars. Men choose it as it makes them think of innocence and purity, and with you they want to believe that you are theirs and no one else's despite how many lovers you've had before. Also on olive or darker skin it has the same effect as black does on white skin, highlighting the breasts and crotch not to mention the see through possibilities that show the nipples in all their glory! If you choose white it signifies that you'd like your man to take control this time, to treat you with kid gloves but to still make you scream with ecstasy.

Tight versus Slack

Many women believe that men prefer tight underwear however surveys show that this is actually a myth. They may enjoy the vision of it when window shopping, watching a model on the TV or in a photograph in a magazine, however when it comes to real life, they actually prefer a little give.

Flowing underwear that skims the behind or leaves enough room for exploring hands to be inserted is much more likely to turn your man on, as they can imagine all of the ways they'll be able to touch you without removing one stich of clothing.

This is great news for us, as flowing underwear and silky briefs are much more forgiving than thongs wound as tightly as a guitar string!

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