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These Mens Sexy Underwear Styles Look Amazing on All Men

These Mens Sexy Underwear Styles Look Amazing on All Men

These Mens Sexy Underwear Styles Look Amazing on All Men

By Ekaterina Mironova

A recent survey on Differio, online trendy men's clothing store, asked men what’s their favorite item to purchase when they’re shopping for stylish men’s clothing online. Among men’s designer jeans, shirts, shoes, bags, and jackets, the top item was actually sexy men's underwear. Surprised? Just like edgy men’s clothing, there are no limits to what designers can do with men’s underwear styles today. Most of men's sexy underwear is about being bigger and bolder than ever before.

The world of men’s intimate apparel isn’t limited to just standard, loose-fit boxers and solid-colored boxer briefs. That’s old news. It’s a common misconception that men only want underwear based on comfort. While that’s definitely an important factor to consider, the world of mens lingerie is expanding into leather, mesh and shapewear. So, if you’re not already on the sexy-underwear bandwagon, it’s time to consider these essential styles into your next collection of undies.


Did you know the jockstrap was originally created for male cyclists to support their package? You can still find athletic jockstraps, but the current trending jockstraps are designed with a way sexier aesthetic in mind. From its elastic leg straps to contoured front pouch, this men’s sexy underwear style is an erotic way to show off your gluteus maximus in the best light. If you’re all about baring your butt cheeks, sexy jockstraps are the hottest way to put your rear on display.

Current Jockstrap Trends: metallic gold

Boxer Briefs

You could say that boxer briefs are slightly more traditional out of all the mens sexy underwear styles out there. However, don’t be fooled by their seemingly classic silhouette. Much tighter than regular boxers, these are the perfect sexy undies for guys that want a comfy fit that’s still going to give your next date night a sexy boost. Underwear designers are taking men’s boxer briefs to the next level with cool accents, like detachable pouches and drawstring ties.

Current Boxer Brief Trends: lace-up ties

Bikini Briefs

You’re probably thinking, since when did they ever come out with bikini briefs for men? Among mens sexy underwear, it’s the latest style that’s breaking all the rules in men’s intimate apparel. The waist straps range from extra wide to super skinny G-string designs. While we’re not holding you back from wearing these on the beach, bikini briefs aren’t designed for the sand and surf because you could experience some slippage.

Current Bikini Brief Trends: super-skinny strings


Sisqo may have made thongs popular back in 1999, but you can thank today’s sexy mens underwear brands for making them popular among men. If you’re not familiar with the “anatomy” of the male thong, they’re designed with a much larger front crotch (for obvious reasons). It’s kind of like a mash up of the jockstrap and bikini brief. We recommend donning a pair of these men’s sexy underwear when you’re feeling fierce or just really, really hot.

Current Thong Trends: shiny patent leather

Mens Enhancing Underwear

Ready to boost your junk to the max? This is the coolest way to blend men’s shapewear with sexy underwear for men. Whether you’re looking to make your package look larger or you’re after that peach-emoji butt, men’s enhancing underwear can do all of this and more. This is probably the ultimate pair of mens sexy underwear because they do exactly that: boost sexiness.

Current Enhancing Underwear Trends: butt enhancers

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