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A Buyer’s Guide for Men's Sexy Underwear - Browse Men's Boxers and Shorts Below

Boxers or briefs is the most common question directed to men when it comes to their underwear. Conversations have been struck by millions of people looking to establish why their choice is the better of the two. Boxers seem to win, but mostly because no one ever admits to wearing briefs since they are the underwear of choice by all the nerds that get bullied in the movies. Also, briefs look very uncomfortable. Therefore, we at Peaches and Screams choose to back up the winners and offer up some great choices of boxers and shorts to match your style and sophistication, or if you please, your simplicity in style.

When it comes to choosing the right underwear, there is no simple criterion that works for all. Though there are some basic reasons regarding the choice to wear boxers or shorts, it still remains a grey area as there is no wrong or right choice. The most common factor that is taken into account is how snug you prefer your junk to be. While some prefer their underwear to be tight as it allows for seamless undeterred movement, others can barely function let alone manage to walk if their junk feels even slightly constricted. Tight underwear can also retain a lot of heat in the groin area and this is something that some cannot stand so they opt for aeration as opposed to a snug fit.

Boxers are known to be a bit more versatile as the snug fit allows you to comfortably wear even tight trousers without struggling to bunch them to fit properly. In addition, the boxers accentuate the shape of the bulge and make it a bit more visible especially through fitting trousers and this increases sex appeal and a bulge is a rather attractive attribute to stare at. With the right fabric, boxers actually feel super comfortable and the heat in the groin is barely noticeable. The other popular option is the shorts. They are very comfortable as they let everything hang loose, allowing for maximum circulation of fresh air giving a sense of freedom. They are not always advantageous as they tend to make wearing of fitting trousers difficult as the free bottom bunches up as you pull up the trousers. However, they are great when wearing grey sweat pants as they enable the dong to swing freely and this is a major turn on for most women, the sight of a bulge through the grey sweats.

Peaches and Screams respects whichever choice you make, and we make sure to be stocked up on both options so as to give you a great shopping experience without feeling left out. Boxers and shorts are made out of countless different fabrics with different prints and designs. This ensures that whichever you choose, there are always cool designs to match your taste. From the bold and colorful, warm or cool or the elegantly simple designs that are designed to match your cool and aloof nature or your bold and warm exuberant self.

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