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There’s nothing as thrilling as the fear of getting caught being naughty. With the popularity of shows like ‘I went to jail because of sex’, you cannot help but wonder who would be stupid enough to get caught. You always hear stories of how your friends got it on during the party and for the life of you there is no point in time you can recall them missing. Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest, and so does having sex in forbidden places. However, there are limitations that end up costing you precious moments that would otherwise be spent in orgasmic bliss. The greatest limitation is the time spent fumbling to push the knickers to the side for access, or completely getting them off.

Crotchless knickers and panties are designed to help you and your partner spend as little time as possible in the pre-penetration zone. Whether it is a little bit of finger banging under the table or a quick sneak into the bathroom, the crotch is always made accessible especially if the panties are paired with a skirt or a skimpy dress. Sneaking into the bathroom during parties becomes such a quick decision and with the increased ease of access, getting caught becomes so hard that you no longer have any excuse not to sneak off. Crotchless knickers also come in handy during those road trips where you are stuck in the car so long you become fidgety and horny and are in need of some quick relief before carrying on. The parking lot quickie becomes such a great idea that you just hop on and get in on. For those with no intention of getting caught with their pants down, the crotchless panties are just as fun in the confines of your bedroom. Coupled with a little play of bondage, the unfettered access allows you to tease your partner endlessly without having to remove her clothes. Also the open crotch allows you to sit on his rock hard dong while he is tied to the chair as you play the stripper-john game. Whatever game you have in mind, crotchless knickers are great at giving you a chance to have fun in the shortest time possible by eliminating fumbling in the throes of passion. Whichever style you choose to engage in and in whatever location that strikes your fancy, there is no better way to engage in a quick session than with crotchless panties on.

Peaches and Screams has the crotchless panties of your dreams, and whether you choose lace or rubber, your accessibility will be the greatest part of the sex game. They say if it is easy it is definitely not worth it, but I doubt ‘they’ have ever been in a situation that is so arousing that it requires immediate attention. Quickies are great for a reason, and a quick orgasm during a boring family function never hurt anyone. Whether you want to bend over in the kitchen or behind the bushes during that camping trip, pack some crotchless knickers for emergency purposes.   

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