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Mens Thongs - Cotton Thong Underwear For Men, Silk Thongs & G-Strings

Sisqo did not make a mistake when he dedicated a whole song to the tiny piece of fabric known as a thong. With the minimum square foot coverage, thongs are the ultimate risqué underwear of all. With the exposure of the backyard, those sexy flexing butt muscles get a chance to be out in the open and dazzle all those that come into contact with it. Thongs allow for full visibility of the human form, which is a mesmerizing sight that brings out the animalistic desires that are trapped deep within you. While thongs have been mostly described as feminine wear, there is no rule that says men cannot partake in this wonderful experience that is guaranteed to bring sexy back and put all other sexy underwear to shame. The thong is designed for diverse purposes that range from daily wear to the powerfully tantalizing secret weapon that drives you wild and unleashes a powerful sexual demon with insatiable desire to have soul shattering sex.

Fabric composition makes the thong a very specifically sexy piece of underwear as it can be that material that absolutely puts you in overdrive. Leather is a fairly common material as it gives out the vibe of the ultimate masculine power that is so raw that it gives you that extra edge that ensures your essence is a big irresistible force that cannot be denied. For that undeniably sexy feeling, latex and rubber have been known to guarantee a hard just from the smell of the rubber. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, latex has a distinct feeling when it rubs against the skin and it is the most common fetish fabric known. So why not wrap up your junk in this classic and set your bedroom on fire with some sexy moves that will be sure to knock the senses out of your sex life. You can hide your precious dong in plain sight by wrapping it up in a see-through fabric that leaves nothing to the imagination but can produce some powerful hard-ons especially since the fabric acts like a window that allows you to watch all that is happening behind that piece of fabric. Slow grinding against that fabric in a slow and sensual pace and getting to watch as the dong reacts to the stimulus it is being subjected to produces a wanton desire that begs to be quenched. Thongs also have a whole lot of character design that get inspiration from the millions of characters associated with different moods. From cartoon characters to interesting shapes, thongs are no longer confined to the strippers. You can put on your personal home show with attendance set exclusively for your partner. To get your own thong is now as simple as the click of a mouse and at Peaches and Screams we give you the options that are bound to strike your fancy and get the ball rolling on that performance of a lifetime that you have in store for your partner.

Leather Brief Pouch with Zip £49.99
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Leather Brief with Open Front £89.99
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Black Devil Briefs £14.99
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Brown Horse Novelty G-String For Men One Size £16.99
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Mens See Through GString £10.49
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