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Pearl Thongs and Knickers

Pearls are the ultimate symbol of sophistication when it comes to jewelry. With pearl bracelets and necklaces being passed down from generation to generation, their timeless beauty is always undeniable. From creation to the final polished product, pearls are held in high regard as one of the few priceless items to come from the unlikeliest of sources. In this regard, the incorporation of pearls into something as basic as sexual gratification is a concept that seems so out of its element that you cannot help but be awed by it. Thongs and knickers are usually almost always soaked in your vaginal juices and more so when you are craving some penetrative action or some solo play time. Pearl thongs and knickers are a dream come true for those with a taste for endless adventure.

Pearl thongs are the ultimate sinful creation as they combine the most innocent of jewels with the ultimate symbol of kinky sex. The pearls run from back to front of the thong and are held in place by the stretchy lace part of the thong. To assume this would be a hot piece of underwear would be to assume right. The pearls constantly rub against your lower lips with every movement and keep you constantly tickled in your vagina, making your clit endlessly sensitive and shooting jolts of pleasure up and down your spine. The thong also cuts into your butt crack and a solo pearl may press against your ass hole giving you that feeling of near penetration that may serve as a turn on for you. The pearl thong is a great way to have a different foreplay experience with your partner. With the possibility of double pearl penetration, your partner can have you twisting and turning in tune to the arousal tempo set by the movement of your thong from side to side. A combination of oral and pearl stimulation guarantees that you will never want to play in your normal lace thong for a while. The pearl thong is a sexy and ultimately sinful underwear piece that has a myriad of alternative uses in the bedroom. By using the pearls to arouse your mate by inserting and removing the string pearls from her vagina, you get to use the thong in a totally different way in addition to its purpose of just being a sexy underwear item. The pearl thong and knickers are a sure way of encouraging the participation of underwear in the bedroom, as opposed to the norm of discarding them once things get hot and heavy.

Peaches and Screams provides you with the pearl thongs and knickers of your choice, and all you have to do is take the time to click on it as you browse through our selection. Knickers and thongs are no longer just visual accessories in the bedroom and your selection will allow you to indulge in the adventure of thong and knickers stimulation that will change the way you approach foreplay, and ensure your sexual experience is one of a kind.

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