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These Sex Positions Will Make Bathroom Sex Way Hotter

These Sex Positions Will Make Bathroom Sex Way Hotter

These Sex Positions Will Make Bathroom Sex Way Hotter

By Elena Ognivtseva

If you have had shower sex that felt like a total disaster, you are not alone. For many people, shower sex is messy, slippery and outright impossible. In the end, you end up feeling like a wet kitty shivering in the cold. Bathroom sex is harder and more complicated than many people want to appreciate.

But just because many find it difficult doesn’t mean that you have to forgo all those steamy orgasms that are delivered through bathroom sex. Considering the setting of your bathroom, the surfaces and water sources available will give you an opportunity to explore that endless out-of-the-box sex with your partner. Bathroom sex makes sex out of the norm, into an extreme sport that is super exciting to achieve.

It is important to appreciate that most bathrooms are more rest stops than sex palaces. Looking at your bathroom, you are wondering how it is even possible to have sex there. But with the right positions and a candid partner, you with have so much nasty bathroom sex, you will be left astonished by such explosions.

But before we get to positions, it is important to take a few precautions to ensure your comfort and safety when having bathroom sex.

Tips to Hotter and Safer Bathroom Sex

Have a Non-slip Bath Mat

One thing that makes bathroom sex so difficult is slippery wet floors. Besides preventing you from getting firm traction during sex, slipperiness can cause fault falls, endangering your lives. So, invest in a good quality rubber or silicone non-slip bath mat with suction cups. This will provide you and your partner with proper foot traction during sex. Removing the worrying about slipping allows you to enjoy bathroom sex even more.

Avoid Using Essentials Oils and Oily Shampoos

Having a bath adorned with essential oils can be super-hot and relaxing. However, oil makes the bathroom very slippery and unsafe for sex. However, if you plan to use sex toys and play anally, you will need to use lube. It is more advisable to use silicone-based lubricants as they don’t wash off quickly underwater. Apply on both yourselves and the toys before stepping into the bath to avoid it dripping on the floor which will make it slippery.  

Have a Designated Love Stand

These Sex Positions Will Make Bathroom Sex Way Hotter

If you are one of those people with a luxe bathroom, then you are lucky because you already have a built-in bench that you can use as a  lovemaking surface. But if you just have a normal set-up bathroom, investing in a water-resistant love stand will be of great advantage to expand your bathroom sex position range.  

Step into the Bathroom When Already Turned-on

These Sex Positions Will Make Bathroom Sex Way Hotter

Despite the setting of your bathroom, you will find that there is not a lot of room for foreplay and sensual creativity. So it helps if you step into the bathroom while you are both turned-on to ease on the steamy penetration. Have a moment of kissing and foreplay before getting into the bath. You may play around with sex toys such as vibrators, tickles and more to set your mood right. But if you are using a tub, you might not need to as you can seduce each other while in the water, but take care not to drown. This will be a great opportunity to take in your waterproof vibrators and dildos for a great sensual watery orgasm whether alone or with a partner.  

Once you have these details taken care of, now you are ready for a nice bathroom love-making. However, unless you get a good position, bathroom sex may still feel lusty and awkward.  

Best Bathroom Sex Positions

Stand and Deliver

These Sex Positions Will Make Bathroom Sex Way Hotter

This position is excellent for clitoral and G-spot stimulation, giving you crazing orgasms. Make sure you have good traction on the non-slip mat before you begin. Bend over your partner as if you are doing a doggy only now you are standing rather than kneeling on the bed. You can use your hands to get more support on the wall, but if you feel well-grounded, you can hold onto your partner to improve his grip.   Your partner should be able to enter you from bending and provide extra stimulation to the clit, breast or any other part he pleases.  This is also perfect if you want to go solo with a suction cup dildo mounted on your bathroom wall.

The Razor Edge

This works best with tubs or love-stands. Prop one foot up on the stool or edge of the tub like you are doing a shave. Let your man stand in front of you and you can hold onto his shoulders with your hands. This will give him a nice front entry for serene upward stroking. You can also hold on to a towel rack or door holder just  for extra safety and to give your partner a better hold.  

The Chairman

These Sex Positions Will Make Bathroom Sex Way Hotter

Now, this is where you will truly appreciate the bench or love-stand in your bathroom. If you like the girl-on-top position, you will rock at this seated entry position. Have your partner with the penis or strap on dildo sit on the bench with their feet grounded on the floor. Sit on their lap, away from them and insert yourself.  Now thrust up and down just as you normally do. The beauty is that your hands are free to explore your other erogenous zones like the clit and nipples. Be extra creative and let your partner hold your hands back so that you can experiment with different glide angels without falling.

The Caboose

While you might never have thought of having sex sitting on the bathroom floor, you will be amazed by how practical it can be. The beauty is that you don't have to worry about falling because you are already on the floor. First have a non-slip mat firmly positioned on the floor. Then place a clean towel on it so that you can comfortably sit on it. Now have your partner sit on the towel with his hands slightly positioned behind him. Sit on him and enter him in a circular motion. The trick here is to give him a soft grinding with circular movements for a slow dance of love-making. Avoid trusting too hard because his cheeks hitting the hard tiles may not be very romantic. It’s time to showcase your love-making skills!

Table Top

Two things that make bathroom sex while standing hard are height and weight differences. Most of the best positions for bathroom sex involve standing which is not only sometimes dangerous but also difficult especially if one of you is taller or even heavier than the other. The tabletop solves all these differences and set you up to a comfortable level so you can finally get wet orgasms.

Simply lie on the bench or love stand and hold on to the surface for extra support. Have your partner enter you from the front. If the stand is long enough to give you a comfortable and stable lie, hold onto your partner’s shoulders so you can control depth of thrusts and tempo. Let him rock you away to hot toe-curling orgasms. It is what you truly deserve!

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