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After being together for a long time, most couples get accustomed to living sexless lives. They lack time to put in the work for a steamy bedroom session. That's why most sex therapists suggest having bathtub sex. Herein are 6 steps to sexier bathtub sex with your man, including cleaning the tub, using lube, and adding some bubbles.

 Bathtub sex allows couples to unwind after a busy day in a relaxing setting. It also allows lovers to experiment with different positions, which can help improve their sex life. However, sex in the tub might be tricky, especially if you do not plan. This article will equip you with 6 steps to have sexier bathtub sex with your man and the safety measures to keep in mind.

6 Steps To a Steamy Bathtub Sex 

Clean the Bathtub

Imagine having sex in a filthy tub filled with soap scum. This environment may leave you feeling irked by the thought of having sex in it. Before engaging in any sexual activity, clean your bathtub till it's squeaky clean. You can mix equal amounts of white vinegar and water and use a plastic spray bottle to spray this solution to the surface of your bathtub. Allow it to soak for 10-15 minutes before wiping it with a soft cloth or a paper towel. If you want to reduce costs, you can use bicarbonate of soda, which is great for unclogging drains, getting rid of foul odors, and eliminating soap scum. 

Mind the Water Temperature

You don't want your bath to be too hot or chilly to make you shiver, so strike a balance. You may need to add more warm water to the bath to keep you both comfortable as time passes. If you and your partner feel sluggish, a hot bath is a great way to pamper your body since it is soothing. Warm water will also improve blood flow by maintaining blood circulation throughout the body. A hot water bath restores your mind and keeps your skin healthy and shining. 

Don’t Overfill

While overfilling the tub with water may not cause damage, some bathtub models may corrode. To avoid overfilling your hot tub, use a ceramic timer that clamps onto a hose and turns off the water flow after a certain time. Also, you should never underfill it, as this can overwork the pump and cause air to be sucked into it. Put enough water that will be comfortable enough as your bodies move. You do not want a messy bathroom after a steamy session.

Use Lube

While it may seem paradoxical, water can dry out your genitals. Therefore, it is important to use lube when engaging in penetrative sex. Water-based lubricants will wash away with the water, so opt for slippery silicone lube. Lube can help you achieve a deeper level of pleasure by enabling you to masturbate nerve-rich areas like the vulva, clitoris, and vagina. Silicone lubricants can also be used as a massage oil, especially when you want to pair shower sex with a sensual massage.

Add Some Bubbles

people use bath salts, soaps, and essential oils to make bubble baths. Enjoy the health benefits that come with it, such as relaxation, better skin, and time for yourself. Choose a bubble bath with a pleasant scent that will get you ready for some aromatherapy. If you don't have a bubble bath, use a little shower gel or shampoo. One of the health benefits of a bubble bath is that it creates a relaxed atmosphere. Warm water combined with bubbles with scents tailored to your mood is the best way to soothe your mind.

Prepare Warm Towels

Warm your towels in the dryer to enhance your sex-in-the-tub experience. When you towel each other off, they'll feel warm and wonderful. You can assist your spouse in drying off. This can be incredibly intimate, and you and your partner may discover that your post-bath sex is greater than what you had in the tub. You can buy a multi-pack of intercourse-only towels in a color that distinguishes them from your other towels. 

Safety Measures During Bathtub Sex

It's generally safer to sit in the tub for shower sex than to stand, but this does not mean you’ll be fall-proof, especially if you're bracing yourself with your hands or knees. Nonslip stickers or mats can help, and you should consider avoiding bubble baths and shower gels, which make things more slippery. In the event of a fall, the railings and handles are meant to support your body weight. You can also invest in third-party security options like shower sex products to maximize safety. 

The Bottom Line

If the spark in your marriage has faded, and you'd like to feel more passion, fire, and intensity, you should give bathtub sex a try. Even if you're not attempting to have sex, sharing a bath might be awkward. Because you don't have the room for an open mattress, choose the best sex position to get the most out of the experience. By following the steps outlined above, you might find that bathing with your partner is sexy and intimate.