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Sex wedges exist. What you do not know is whether or not they can be a great addition to your sexual wellness toolbox. This blog discusses the ins and out of sex pillows (think: sex wedges, sex ramps, and sex mounts), including what they are, their importance, and how to buy and store them.

Sex pillows (sex wedges, sex ramps, and sex mounts) are the most underrated sex toys. They are not getting enough credit in the sex world if you ask any sex expert. While almost everyone thinks sex toys (dildos and vibrators) are the end of the lane, sex pillows can also make a great difference in how you have sex. Those who have given it a chance now swear by sex pillows, insisting they are game-changers. Think about that for a second.

What On Earth Are Sex Pillows?

Sex pillows are position enhancers. They come in various shapes and sizes, ensuring that they do not leave any of your needs unattended. The common sex pillows you are more likely to find include wedge pillows, sex ramps, and sex mounts. Their functionality is identical, although they sound like different creatures.

Importance of Sex Pillows

Sex pillows can help you get the best from your go-to sex positions (missionary or doggy style). Once in place, they give you a lift, allowing your partner to explore you, whether anally or vaginally deeply. According to Mac-Iver Gonzalez (2022), sex pillows are the best way to try new penetration angles and positions. It turns out that angles are still a bane in most bedrooms, whether during oral or penetrative sex. Sex pillows also make sex more satisfying for people with neck, back, knee, or hip problems. They take off the pressure on these zones, making sex more comfortable, fun, and pleasurable.

Types of sex Pillows

Consider the types of sex pillows with your partner during sexual activities. Below is a detailed explanation for each.

Wedge Pillow

Wedge pillows are usually small and triangular. You can whip them out; if you want to get into it with a sex position that puts pressure on your hands and knees.

Sex Ramp

Sex ramps come with a sloping surface that offers back support. They are mostly used with wedge pillows to allow you to try positions that seemed impossible at the start.

Sex Mount

Design-wise, a sex pillow resembles a body pillow. Sex mounts are compatible with sex toys, allowing you to experiment with hand-free stimulation.

Are Normal Pillows a Good Idea?

You can use a normal pillow for sex rather than buying  a sex pillow. Sex pillows are different from normal pillows. The latter is not designed to handle more weight. Sex pillows can handle the extra weight because they are crafted from dense foam. Sex pillows come with different angle heights to allow you to experiment with various sex positions. Regular pillows are super soft and can be easily folded, limiting you to one sex position. Regular pillows are not great for people with disabilities and those with limited mobility, as Christie et al.(2016) revealed. They also lack waterproof covers, meaning sexual fluids and lubes can compromise your bedsheets. Use regular pillows for sleeping, not sex.

How to Use a Sex Pillow

Sex pillows come in an array of shapes and sizes. 'How to use" depends on the type you choose. Wedge pillows are usually used to provide the lift. You can place a pillow under the receiving partner's hips, back, butt, or deep exploration in missionary sex, as Towne (2019) suggested. You can place the wedge pillow underneath their lower abs to make those rear-entry positions great if your partner still wants deep exploration. Robert (2020) noted that wedge pillows and sex ramps are also great for oral sex or fingering. They allow your partner to get the right angle to eat or finger you.

How to Choose the Best Sex Pillow

You may want to consider before buying a sex pillow;


Sex pillows come in a myriad of styles. While some men are attracted to standard sex pillows, others opt for masculine pillows. There are also feminine sex pillows, ensuring the needs and wants of people with female anatomy are met accordingly.


Sex pillows are crafted from different materials. Sex pillows crafted from hypoallergic materials can be a great pick because you want something that does not compromise your safety.

Additional Features

While some sex pillows are plain, others feature a heater. It is a feature to consider if you prefer your body to be heated during sex. The best sex pillow should provide support and comfort for a more pleasurable love-making session. When you are comfortable, there is a good chance that you will get and maintain erections.

How to Introduce a Sex Pillow to Your Bedroom

You may want to introduce it in your bedroom. Having an open and honest dialogue about sex pillows with your partner is a great starting point. Tell them the importance of the product and how it can change your sex life and ignite your relationship.

How To Store a Sex Pillow

You have a pool of options when it comes to storing your sex pillows when alone. The choice is endless, from under your bed to the closet to the shelf. Buy a small sex pillow if you stay with your parents or roommates. You can also choose a color that matches the space to avoid drawing attention.

The Bottom Line

While the topic is about sex wedges, the blog has discussed sex pillows in general. Knowledge is power. Learning about sex pillows can help you choose something that works best for you and your partner. While it doesn't hurt to introduce sex pillows in your bedroom, you may want to talk to your partner first. Let them know what the device is coming to do. You can check out the best pillows on the market. Use a sex pillow or a regular one solo or with a partner to experience different sexual pleasures.


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