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Try Your Hand At A Sensual Massage

Try Your Hand At A Sensual Massage

Try Your Hand At A Sensual Massage

By Ksenia Sobchak

Adding a sensual and relaxing massage to your foreplay repertoire is a fantastic way of getting yourself and your partner in the mood for a night of hot and steamy sex. Massage is so easy to master that you will soon wonder why you haven’t learnt a few simple techniques before now! Not only does skin on skin contact serve to arouse us, it is also proven to relax the mind and body and to put us in exactly the right physical state for making love and reaching orgasm.

Read on for some quick and easy massage techniques which will relax, and then arouse your lover, and don’t forget to ask him/her to return the favour!

Massage for Relaxation:

Start your massage session with a relaxing and invigorating head massage. To do this you need to have your partner lie on their back with their head on a pillow. Now stroke their forehead from the nose to the hairline with alternating hands and repeat 10 times. This is supremely relaxing so expect them to say ‘just a couple more minutes’ before you can move on.

Now have your partner flip over to lie on their front while you give their back some attention. Start by running your palms down their back, over their bum, over their flanks and back to their arm pits. Gently tug their shoulders upwards and start the process again. Repeat for as long as you like.

Sensual Massage:

To add a bit more spice to the head massage you performed earlier put your partner in the same position and repeat the process but also start to make small circular movements on their scalp for added stimulate. It feels truly amazing! The ears are also a big erogenous zone so gently caress them (especially the sweet spot just behind the ear), and if you’re already feeling a bit frisky give them a nibble.

The arms are so often neglected but the crook of the elbow and the hands are massive erogenous zones which should be given plenty of attention. To massage the arms sit next to your partner and take their arm in your hand. Start my sliding your palm (fingers pointing up) from the wrist to the elbow with even pressure. Do this four times and then slide your palm from the elbow to the shoulder four times. Now use your thumbs to kneed the palm of their hand. To heat things up a bit place kisses where you’re massaging and slide your tongue between their fingers. This tiny move is incredibly sexy.

Finish your massage by paying attention to the bum, which is a major erogenous zone in both men and women. Start by straddling their back and place your palms flat on their bum and begin to make circulation movements. You probably won’t be able to do this for long before your partner flips back over and pins you down!

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