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Arousing Erotica Short Stories for Adults - Caressing Caitlyn

Arousing Erotica Short Stories for Adults - Caressing Caitlyn

Arousing Erotica Short Stories for Adults - Caressing Caitlyn

By Ksenia Sobchak

Heavy gray clouds covered the sky and rain kept threatening to fall. It'd been a long flight and Alex had one too many cheap drinks, but the nervousness in meeting her finally settled when he got off the airplane and stepped into the frigidness of Michigan's Tri City International. Gasoline and pepper scents hung on the breeze between the plane and boarding ramp mixed with the various perfumes and colognes many of the business travelers wore.

Upon exiting the ramp, Alex slung his laptop over his shoulders and adjusted his coat. Dressed in slacks and a suit coat with a dress shirt and polished leather shoes, he let his hair hang down his back. He'd even bothered to shave, lest he look much older than he really was for someone who was barely twenty three.

Scanning the area, he saw the exit sign. He readied himself with a deep breath, ran a hand through his long blonde hair and set himself moving forward.

Caitlyn would be waiting for him outside at the passenger pickup. He only had a small suitcase to grab before they met for the first time.

She wasn't an internet fling by any means, but a long lost comfort that his soul welcomed. They'd spent plenty of time talking, texting and emailing. She had sent picture messages of her in various states of undress that made him want to do the naughty things he'd texted her with. Dark Mexican skin looked ripe and young just as her face did. She had soft cheekbones, juicy lips that often appeared to be begging for cock to suck. Her eyes were distinct silver ovals that held more wisdom in them than most people his age. Oh and Alex couldn't forget about her plump breasts and the way they looked when pushed together for him when he threatened to give her a pearl necklace.

She was coy, or so she acted, more often leaving him hanging with partial nudes that revealed everything but the parts left for his imagination. Though he had seen her mostly nude, his mind still wondered if she could be any more beautiful.

He'd been rather tired, staying up well into the night to get work done on the next novel before he packed up his laptop and passed out on his desk.

His neck ached from the position he'd slept in. Pushing himself into bed early this morning didn't help. He tossed and turned in bed, excitement keeping him awake most of the night from the thought of finally seeing Caitlyn.

Now his heart pounded loudly against the wall of his chest and blood pumped through his veins, hardening his cock. He didn't want to rush things with her, she needed to get used to meeting people again. He tended to be an exhausting force sometimes even when he didn't mean to.

Racing towards baggage claim through the mill of people and sites, he lengthened his stride as the plethora of people moved out of his path. Reaching the rotating baggage claim area, he waited until he saw his flight number. A moment later and it appeared on the board above one of the machines.

Another moment crawled by. Pressure in his head started to form at the base of his skull. Alex rolled his shoulders, even with the laptop on but the tension wouldn't ease. "Fuck." He saw the car she described as hers out of the window nearby, felt her presence near him. Seconds moved even slower as he watched the turnstile for his suitcase. Laptop banging into his shoulder, he spotted his black suitcase and pushed his way past the moronic crowd standing around where his bag was. Grabbing it, he yanked it back and almost tripped over his feet while bumping into someone else. He nodded a silent apology and continued heading out.

Pulling through the sea of people, he'd raced outside without another thought until he'd bumped into another human. Looking down to swear at them, he was startled when she appeared before him.

"I'm sorry I," his mouth hung open. Caitlyn stood before him wearing only a black trench coat, heels and stockings. He wondered what was beneath the coat, but the chill from the wind made him step back and pull his own coat tighter around himself. California had this type of weather but not in September.

Her multicolored hair looked like a perfect rainbow spilled over both sides of her face and complimented her silver eyes. Dark lipstick emphasized plump lips that were meant for kissing.

Her face still showed no signs of age though he knew she'd been through her share of difficult times. "Baby," he tilted his head and smiled.

Spreading his arms open, he dropped the suitcase and waited a beat.

Her expression changed from annoyed to a cautious smile.

"I'm sorry. I was just so excited about meeting you that I"" Instantly her arms circled around him, gripping him for dear life and knocking the wind out of his lungs at first. Her body was warm against his, tiny yet curvy. He felt her softness through the heavy coat and wanted desperately to strip it off her and devour her, cover her with kisses.

Wrapping his arms around her, he caressed the length of her hair and smoothed it down her back. "Your hair is pretty."

She pulled back slightly and looked into his eyes.

Wind blew past them, the scent of jet fuel and black pepper heavy in the air. The pressure on his head eased. "You're doing it again. I can feel it strongly now."

Her hands went to her sides. "I'll always do it for you."

She was taking negative energy from him to ease his pain. He frowned. "First off, I'd prefer if you didn't stop holding me. I rather like it."

She smiled and reached for his hands. "And next?"

He narrowed his eyes. "You know how I feel about you taking things from me magically."

"Too bad." She smirked.

He frowned harder. "Caitlyn""

She tugged on his hands, her soft fingers clutching his hand for dear life. "Come on."

Nodding, he picked up his suitcase and followed her to the car. Before she slid into the passenger seat, she tossed him the keys.

He caught them and fingered them in his hands. "What's this, baby?"

"You drive."

He sighed. He remembered how she hated driving. All those people on the roads made her nervous. "Guide me and I'll do just that." Setting his suitcase and laptop into the back of the car, he noted the cinnamon smell that reminded him of Christmas time and Yule. Sliding into the driver's seat, he shut the door and started the car. The heater came on blasting them both with warm air.

"K." She settled her hand on his thigh.

He pulled the car away form the curb and set his hand in hers, stroking her palm with his fingers while he kept one hand on the steering wheel. "I used to drive with one shoe off. Where am I going?"

She pointed in the direction they needed to head and he aimed the car. "Neat."

Alex kept glancing at her out of the corner of his eye. She didn't move much and appeared to be barely breathing. "I hope this place isn't a shit hole."

"It's not."

"Are you okay?" He pulled up to a traffic light.

"I'm fine."

He tugged her hand upwards and slid it into his coat. Placing it over his heart, he waited for her to relax. "Feel that? It's my heart. And it beats for you."

Her smile lit up the car despite the dreary weather outside. "Green light."

Nodding, he set her hand in his back down on his thigh, stepped on the gas and continued the nearly silent drive to the motel where Caitlyn had booked them a room.

Pulling into the parking lot, Alex gave Caitlyn's hand a gentle squeeze. "I'll be right back, okay?"

She nodded and remained in the car.

A few moments later, he'd returned to the car with the keycard in hand to find Caitlyn clutching his laptop.

He opened the door and bent down to see her. As of right now he couldn't get enough of looking at her. "We're ready when you are."

"K." She slid out of the car and shut the door. The wind whipped her trench coat around her figure, giving him a view of her stocking clad thighs.

Alex licked his lips at the thought of what lay beneath that coat, but pushed those images away temporarily. He needed to go slow with her, this experience was still new to her. She was eleven years his junior and barely legal but the age didn't bother him. It kept him in line with the side of him he never used anymore, the playful side.

His job as a writer was fun but all the promotions and career moves he'd made as a writer were tiring and left no time for fun.

Caitlyn yelled at him enough that he should have been taking more time off from work, but he always did one of two things. He either ignored her and placated her or didn't respond.

Next thing he knew, he was extremely exhausted and it was 2 AM. Granted he'd managed to write upwards of 10,000 words a day but he'd been pushing to get things done on deadline.

"You brought work?" She looked at him, the glare in her silver eyes indicative of her mood.

He came around to the side with his suitcase in hand. Reaching for the laptop strap hanging off her shoulder, he was stopped short by a hand.

"Did you bring work with you?" She repeated the question.

He smirked. "Yeah. I have a lot to do while you're sleeping so I figured I'd catch up."

With one hand, Caitlyn reached for the keycard in Alex's. She yanked it from him and looked at it. Marching off towards the room, she strode with annoyance in her step.

He couldn't help but smile. She was cute when she was annoyed.

Following her, he caught up and stood behind her a good foot taller than she was. She inserted the keycard into the lock, waited for the click and then opened the door.

Alex trailed behind and shut the door. The room had that hospital clean scent and was just as frigid inside as it was outside. "What are you doing, little lover?" He watched as she set the laptop down on the large king size bed. Reaching into her coat pocket, she pulled out a padlock and flipped it open.

"What are you doing?" He repeated. He flipped on the lights and watched as the padlock clenched around the zippers and clicked into place, signaling that it was securely shut.

"There. Now my prince can't work without my approval." She grinned, her perfect mouth pulling at his heart and sending heat over his face that had nothing to do with anger.

His body hardened. "You're a shit."

She glared, slanting her head at him.

Her perfectly pouty lips belonged wrapped around his dick. "You're also cute."

"Am not!" Caitlyn dismissed him with a wave of her hand.

"Goddess Caitlyn," he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her again, feeling the fullness of her breasts crushing against his chest. Alex tried not to press his hips into hers, couldn't help it.

She tensed but threw her arms around him and snuggled closer, laying her head against his chest.

"I'm sorry, Caitlyn."

She looked at him and blinked. "Don't be. I want you."

Tilting his head, he smiled softly. "I'm glad."

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful to the normal observer. Caitlyn had promised him they'd watch old DVDs she had of some sitcom from the 80's and he gladly agreed.

They ordered pizza and made a beer run despite Caitlyn's objections to beer but Alex promised her an interesting taste in flavors when he picked up the deep amber ale.

At bedtime, he asked her to draw him a bath.

She agreed and started the water.

By the time the water had filled the tub, he'd stripped off all his clothing. "I've got something for you if you'll watch," he wiggled his eyebrows.

She nodded. "Yummy?"

"Indeed." He took his cock in hand and began pumping it. "Keep your eyes wherever you want, I'll gladly continue or stop based on your desire."

Caitlyn licked plump lips. "Keep going, please."

Spreading his legs, he cupped his balls and tugged on them, keeping an eye on Caitlyn. She appeared captivated, her mouth hanging open. Dressed in only her black bra and thong panties, she leaned against the sink watching him with intent.

He stroked and pumped into his fist, harder, faster until he shot his load all over his chest and stomach, yelling her name as he came in spurts.

Her heated gaze roamed over his body, goose bumps appearing on his skin.

Standing, he extended a hand to Caitlyn.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat, she took his hand and stood. Stripping off the remainder of her clothing, she drew a line down his chest with a fingernail. "You want that bath?"

Her body was marked with a few cuts here and there but her skin was a shade of golden brown. Her breasts bobbed with each step. His eyes roamed down her body, not a single hair covered her shaved pussy.

Restraining himself, his cock sprang back to attention, becoming semi hard. Stepping into the hot water, he sank down into the heat and leaned back against the bathtub. The water felt soothing over sore muscles and his tired soul.

Caitlyn's hands covered his shoulders and ran down lower, splashing water over his chest to wash off cum.

Half an hour later, Caitlyn had washed Alex's long hair for him and played with it until he'd nearly fallen asleep. She tugged him out of the bathtub and wrapped a large fluffy motel towel around him, drying him off carefully.

She really was like a caretaker of sorts for him even as they were a mated pair. The soft gestures made his heart swoon.

She took a quick cold shower while he made plans for dinner. Seduction was on the menu the moment she stripped earlier but Alex didn't want to press things yet. His mind was too clouded with the previous day's events despite his hardon from seeing her nude earlier.

The thick smoke of incense filled the air, scents of jasmine and rain. The night continued with them eating pizza and drinking beer while watching TV. Caitlyn brought fruit out too for them to eat, though for Alex it was more of a show watching her suck the juices from strawberries and peach.

At a quarter to midnight, Caitlyn yawned. "No work for you," she snuggled close to him.

He sighed heavily. "Fine. Let's go to bed." Kissing her forehead, he pulled the covers back and slid in.

Caitlyn scooted in beside him.

Throwing an arm around her hips, he snuggled closer and closed his eyes. "I love you baby."

"I love you too, sweetie."

Alex waited a few minutes for her to fall asleep. He continued cuddling with her, rubbing her stomach and thighs for comfort. She smelled of perfection, sweetness all her own.

Sighing, Alex resigned himself to bed. He'd had a long ass day. The flight made him tired, his work schedule didn't help. Hell, he was practically neurotic about his job as a writer until meeting Caitlyn.

She'd changed him somewhat, making him slow down and actually take an occasional day or two off.

Finally deciding she was resting peacefully, Alex closed his eyes. Snuggling closer, her scent filled his nose as it mixed with the burning incense. Drifting off to sleep, he let his mind wander into a peaceful state.

Several hours later, Alex opened his eyes and looked around for the faint glow of burning incense. He couldn't find it but the smell still hung lightly in the air. He looked at his little sleeping princess beside him. She lay on her side with the covers tightly pulled around her neck. Her hair fell over her face, hiding any expression she would show otherwise.

Reaching to her, Alex carefully brushed strands of hair away from her face. Her skin was delicate and silky smooth. Her lips curled upwards into a tight frown.

Sliding a hand beneath the covers, he caressed her side, feeling the silky material of the nightie she wore to bed. Caressing his hand down lower, he felt the lace of boy short panties that she filled out so nicely.

He licked his lips. She said she wanted him, spoke earlier of her desire for him.

Hell, earlier she'd watched him masturbate, her silver eyes hooked on both his eyes and the primal lust in them. She stared at the hard throbbing pulse of his cock.

When he came all over himself, he called out her name, throwing his head back as cum splattered all over his body.

This was their first real intimate contact. She wouldn't bathe with him, too many bad memories. But she'd take a cold shower shortly after he was finished.

Alex let his hand roam further down her body, tracing patterns over her thighs. Her skin was firm, her thighs strong.

His body tightened at the thought of what he wanted to do next. But Caitlyn was lacking in sexual experience.

He didn't want to frighten her but his body held an overwhelming lust that coursed through his veins. He slid up beside her and wrapped his arm around her stomach, his cock hardening.

Caitlyn moaned and pressed her body into his, her ass parting for the thick bulge in his boxers. It almost seemed as though she wanted him in her now.

Alex traced light circles around her stomach. Each time he traced a circle, he'd come a little closer to her breasts but still not quite touch her.

The fabric was slick beneath his touch, adding another layer of sensuality to his movements that heightened his awareness of her.

A hand went to his, gripping it tightly.

He stopped.

The sudden awareness of Caitlyn waking up startled him when she shifted and rolled onto her back.

Alex looked down at her, seeing the confusion on her face.

"You wanna play with me?" Her voice was a bold whisper in the night.

Alex inhaled sharply and nodded.

Her hands roamed over her body, cupping her breasts. "You can, you know. You don't have to ask permission for every little thing." Even in the dark he could see the seriousness of her expression. Hell, it pierced his heart.

"Are you €”" Two fingers pressed against his mouth.

Caitlyn sighed. "You don't have to ask. I'm not helpless, I'm new to this. Just play. Please?" Her lips turned upwards in a pout that tugged at the throbbing in his cock.

Alex nodded. Pulling back the covers, he looked up and down the line of her body. Eyeing her in just the blue and purple nightie and boy short panties made his mouth water. Leaning into her, their lips touched. Softly at first, then he applied more pressure, deepening the kiss.

Caitlyn opened her mouth receptively, sliding her arms beneath his body while she shifted her weight for comfort.

Alex tasted her, the sweetness from beer he'd had earlier mixed with ripe fruit and luscious woman. Hints of cinnamon from her teas earlier lingered on his tongue. He quickly slid his tongue into her mouth to explore each and every fold of her.

She opened her mouth wider for him, giving him easier access. Her hands wrapped around his neck, fingers tangling in his hair. She gave him a light tug and laughed when he nipped her chin.

Alex worked his way down her body, kissing and licking her neck.

She moved beneath him, straightening her legs.

Positioning himself over her, he looked down at her body. Nimble fingers went to the buttons on the nightie, undoing them one at a time while exposing flesh.

"Goddess you're beautiful, Caitlyn." He lowered his mouth to her bared body and kissed his way down, inhaling the scent of her skin.

A moan escaped Caitlyn's lips while her hands continued roaming over the curve of his spine and upwards into his hair. Nails dragged lightly down his back.

Alex arched into her, pressing his body into hers while his cock throbbed harder. He knew in a moment he'd be oozing precum. Undoing another button exposed firm round breasts. Laving at one nipple, Alex pulled the tight bud into his mouth and began suckling her.

Caitlyn pressed her body against his even more.

Her skin was warm even as a shiver ran through her from exposure to the cold air. They'd gone to sleep without the heater on because Alex promised that his body heat could keep her warm.

And it did until he felt her pull away from him. That gesture woke him.

But now he intended to keep her much warmer than he had earlier. Dragging his tongue from one breast to the valley and back under the other breast made her giggle.

He looked over her mounds and smiled. "You like that?"

"Sure," she spoke as though she had her breasts licked every day.

"I'll make sure you only enjoy me doing it." He nipped her belly and was rewarded with another series of giggles while hands fumbled with his head.

"That you will, I've no doubt." She lifted herself up on her elbows while he worked his way down her body.

Fingers slid over the tops of her panties. "I love these," he murmured and kissed her belly.

She arched upwards into his mouth.

Hands spread over her flat stomach and roamed upwards to cup her breasts. Fingers rolled her taut nipples between thumb and forefinger.

Caitlyn's breath hitched.

Dragging his tongue lower, Alex slid farther down the line of her body until his chin rested between her thighs and he stared at her pussy. "I want to taste you," he declared.

Opening her legs for him, Caitlyn sat up straighter. "Please," she begged.

Tugging the waistband of her panties down, Alex peeled the lace material down her legs until he'd taken them off completely. "Lean back, baby."

Caitlyn nodded and edged herself towards him so that she could lie down on the bed.

Kicking the covers back, Alex knelt down. Kissing the tops of her thighs first, he moved upwards slowly until he met the part where hip and thigh joined. Licking the crease in her skin earned him another giggle.

He licked a trail of fire up her stomach and slid his tongue around her belly button.

"Weird," she balled her fists up.

"Isn't it though?" He grinned and continued kissing his way lower, lower still until his mouth hovered over her pussy. She was shaved clean, smooth skin and perfect lips that were moist with her own perfumed scent. "Beg me?" His gentle tone was commanding even to his own ears.

"Please," her voice sounded strained but certain. "Please taste me. Lick me."

Alex nodded. Dipping his head between her thighs, he tasted her. Sweet and salty with feminine musk that reminded him of her Latin heritage made his body harder. She was velvety soft and slick, definitely just what his cock needed.

Caitlyn's breath hitched in her throat, her fists gripped the sheets.

He looked at her, just over the tops of her puckered nipples and saw her eyes closed. "Watch me." It was a command.

Caitlyn opened her eyes and looked at him. Her mouth hung open in amazement

His tongue pressed against her outer lips.

She moaned.

He nipped lightly at her pussy lips with his mouth at first, tugging lightly to pry a small cry from her.

Her groan grew louder though she stiffened her legs beneath him.

"Good girl. I love how you taste." Pressing his entire mouth over her pussy, Alex inserted his tongue deep within her slick folds. Exploring, tasting her juices, he found her clit and pressed his tongue flat against it.

She cried out, yanking at the sheets.

He lifted his head to see her head thrown back against the wooden headboard of the bed. "Feel good?"

"Oh Goddess yes!" Her eyes narrowed.

Kevin licked his bottom lip and nodded. "Glad. Here's the second round." Alex thrust his tongue deep inside her, then pulled back. Using two fingers, he slid inside, feeling her heat wrap around him. Pushing his tongue against her clit, he flicked the nub several times with just the tip of his tongue while working her with his fingers.

Caitlyn wasn't prepared for his tongue or his fingers. Her entire being tensed up beneath him.

Alex continued finger fucking her while his tongue lapped at her swollen nub.

After a moment of this, Caitlyn threw her head back and shouted his name.

Her juices coated his tongue and fingers. Alex continued his pace, pushing into her gently while curling his middle and pointer finger upwards to catch the delicate ridges on the inside of her pussy.

Caitlyn writhed about, clamping her legs around his body and head while still shaking beneath him.

Alex finally stopped and looked at her. Rearranging how he sat so that he faced her, he looked down at her. Her breasts rose and fell with each deep breath, fingers opened and body lay there lip like a noodle. "Goddess you're beautiful when you do that."

"What €”"

He pressed two wet fingers against her mouth. "Orgasm, baby."

She let her head loll to one side. "Oh wow."

"I'm not your first obviously, but no other guy bothered to care about giving you this moment?" Alex moved strands of hair from his face.

She shook her head. "Never. Most guys I've been with wanted one thing only."

"Those guys are assholes. And if I could, I'd kill them."

"Don't ruin the moment, my baby." Her breathing had slowed finally.

She was right. "I'm sorry. I forgot. Not a fan of my temper or violent streak."

Caitlyn smirked. "No. But that thing you did with your tongue, you can do anytime."

"I'll make a habit of it. Promise."

A wicked grin crossed her lips. "Good. Now fuck me."

Kevin's cock was still painfully hard. He'd enjoyed eating her pussy, his own body breaking out in a sweat while she struggled with release. But he needed to fill her and give her another orgasm before he took his. Still, overwhelming lust consumed him and he had to fight with his inner demons not to take her hard and fast.

"I plan to. But first," he lowered his head over her belly and placed a gentle kisses up her body until he'd reached her breasts.

Her hands went to his sides, smoothing down the skin until she'd shoved his boxers down. "I want you in me," she demanded.

His cock was caught halfway between his stomach and the waistband of his boxers. "Patience, pet." He didn't want to have patience. Alex didn't want to do anything other than shove his dick inside her warm cunt until he filled her balls deep and full of cum.

But he had to wait. Had to take things slowly, at least this time.

Her hands felt hot against his skin, pushing his boxers down further. "In me, please?" She begged, her voice filled with desire and need.

Alex started to lift himself off her and away to return kissing her but she gripped his cock with one hand.


His heart and head were on the same page here. His dick didn't quite agree. It pulsed in her hands. "You're teasing me and playing with fire, Caitlyn."

"Don't treat me like a little girl. I'm eleven years younger but age is a number. And I want you in me." She was demanding now. Her eyes narrowed, flames of lust could be seen dancing in those silver irises even in the darkness.

Alex had one last barrier to fucking her. "No condom?"

"I trust you."

"My baby." Thrusting into her hand, he felt the sensations ride up his spine and back down again, sure that her pussy was going to rock him to the core.

She tugged him closer, pulling him into her.

His head brushed her opening. She was hot even from millimeters apart. Heat scorched his cock, forcing his body closer to hers.

Tilting her hips upwards, she brushed his cock with her swollen lips. "Now!" she wined.

Alex couldn't hesitate any further. One single thrust was all it took to impale her balls deep. The intense heat of her cunt burned him, forcing a growl from low within his chest as well as a moan from Caitlyn.

Her hands wrapped around his shoulders and slid down his back. Nails raked over his skin.

He began undulating his hips, thrusting in and out of her in a steady yet slow rhythm.

She reacted by gripping his hips with her hands, digging her nails into his flesh.

He groaned and continued to pump into her velvet slickness. Heat gripped him as muscles clamped tightly around his shaft.

Each movement built the crescendo of his orgasm upwards. Sweat broke out over his brow and strands of his hair stuck to his forehead.

Caitlyn brushed them out of his face and locked gazes with him.

Alex lowered his mouth to hers, setting his hands on either side of her hips while he pumped into her slowly. Steadily, maintaining delicate control despite the wanton need to fuck the shit out of her.

Wrapping her thighs around his waist, her heels pressed into his ass, spurring him on to penetrate her deeper.

Alex took the hint. "Goddamn you're hot and wet, baby." Picking up his pace, he continued to drive into her with a fury that had her panting.

His balls drew up to his body, slapping against her ass still. The sound of skin against skin filled the room amongst the breathless pants and sighs of the two lovers.

Her fingers clenched his hips harder, indicative of her impending orgasm.

She stiffened beneath him again, her body drawing tight while her legs clenched around him, her pussy milking him with a death grip.

"Damn Alex, fuck me!" She cried, throwing her head from side to side.

Alex drove harder into her, deeper and faster. His mouth claimed hers, sucking at her bottom lip hard enough that it would be swollen shortly. Her breasts crushed against his chest, sweat covered and soft.

Caitlyn rolled her hips upwards to meet his pounding thrusts, keeping herself spread open for him.

He took advantage of the depth offered and pushed himself in, undulating his hips to brush her clit with his shaft.

She yelled again, nails digging in hard enough to draw blood.

He didn't care, the pain only intensified his nearing orgasm.

Beneath him, her body shook again, quivering hard. Tears streams down her eyes, her pretty mouth hanging open.

Alex thrust his tongue inside her slick orifice, her tongue capturing his and wrestling for control at this point.

She didn't seem new to sex now, more like she was in sync with him. Her hips opened for him when he thrust in and closed as he withdrew, opening and tightening her wet pussy.

By now the aroma of sex filled the air, mixing with the jasmine and rain scents from earlier. Alex wrapped his arms around Caitlyn's sides and rolled them both over onto their side, while continuing to thrust inside of her.

The angle changed, heightening his arousal.

Caitlyn shifted her weight so that one leg remained wrapped around his thigh while the other straightened beneath her body.

Alex changed his thrusting pattern so that he could slide in at a different angle and still brush over her clit. The penetration wasn't as deep but her lips gripped his cock, caressing him like a velvet glove with each thrust and drawing his own orgasm closer.

Tension built low in his body, starting low in his groin and spreading throughout his body in a warmth that began in his balls and flowed outward.

"Please come in me!" She yelled as her orgasm wracked her body.

Convulsions shook Alex's body. His cock quivered, spasms working up and down the length of his shaft.

She came at the same moment Alex did, filled with hot come that shot out of his cock deep into her.

He continued thrusting, pumping her full of his come, his heart and love. Grabbing her tightly, his body tensed as he came, then relaxed with the last of his release.

Her body mimicked his, nails dragging down his thighs.

Both yelled out each other's names before small tremors gave them both tiny orgasms.

Breathing deep and hard, Alex stroked Caitlyn's hair and held her tightly to his chest.

Tears continued running down her cheeks, flowing hot against his skin.

"What's wrong baby?" He stroked the small of her back, letting his hand rest over the sweet curve of her hip.

"I love you. I've never felt like this before and it's amazing," she added for emphasis before sniffling. "I love you deeply."

"Oh honey, I love you too just as much."