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Prostitution has existed for ages, projecting people's desire to engage in these behaviors. In most countries and states, commercial sex is illegal, but it is legalized or unregulated in a few countries. Most sex workers are women, but recently men are also joining the sex market, though in fewer numbers. According to research, around 10.6% of men have bought sex at least once in their life. 

Prostitution entails numerous sexual activities. Due to technological advancements, men can now order sex online through websites or call girls, visit sex dens and buy sex traditionally on the streets. There are numerous reasons why men buy sex. Some factors are linked to men's mental and physical conditions, and others are related to their surroundings. However, a large percentage of men don't engage in commercial sex. Therefore, it is important to understand what kind of men buy sex and why they do, as discussed in this blog.

Behaviors of Men Who Buy Sex

Men who frequently pay for sex differ in various ways from men who don't. Most researchers have reported similarities in sexual traits in most male commercial sex clients. The men tend to show less empathy and are always cruel to women. On the other hand, men who don't pay for sex are considered more caring. Prostitution affects men's psychological behavior and creates a negative mentality as men see women as pleasure tools. Male sex clients also possess similar characteristics to men who are likely to commit sex crimes. This is because having multiple sex providers impacts clear moral thinking in men and induces aggressive behaviors. It changes men's perspective on women. Men who pay for sex regularly get thrilled by the idea of getting pleased in the way they want and on their terms, leading to sexual aggression.

The sex workers' mentality and behaviors also have a negative impact on their male clients. For instance, men who associate with female sex workers with low self-confidence value themselves lowly. Narcissistic, antisocial, hostile attitudes and negative views on sex are also characteristics of men who buy sex. 

Why Do Men Buy Sex

Whether single, married or divorced, all men can buy sex. Though prostitution is an illegal activity, it is steadily on the rise. More people, old and young, are demanding commercial sex. The reasons differ based on society, social status, view of women, personal issues, and other factors. The common reasons why men buy sex include;

Men Like Sex

One of the basic reason why men pay for sex is that they enjoy the act. Humans invest and pay for things they desire or like. It's common for men to buy sex as they find thrill in this act, and it's easier than negotiating with their partner. 

Psychological Factors

Men with high sex drives, an appetite for intimacy, and those driven by desire or dominance are more likely to pay for sex. Narcissistic males are also at a higher chance of buying sex. They opt for commercial sex to feed their personal needs with less empathy for women. These individuals view women as commodities and use them to quench their thirst and portray their narcissistic traits. 

High libido or motive for love can also trigger demand for sex, leading to habitual buying of sex. The powerlessness of sex workers turns men on, and they feel happier than having sex with their partners.

Addiction to Sex

Sex is an activity that triggers the release of happy hormones, such as dopamine and oxytocin. Men are likely to get more addicted to sex than women. Although men can engage in sex freely with their partners, their addictive habits may push them to pay for sex as their partners cannot satisfy their needs fully. 

Increase in Access to Sexual Contents

With the advancement in technology, pornography and other explicit materials can easily be accessed by everyone. Men spend more time searching and watching dirty sexual pics, videos, or sex chatting with online call girls and sex workers. This enhances their demand for sexual fun. Buying sex provides the easiest alternative for men looking to turn their sexual fantasies into realities. They can have sex based on their preferences or online experiences by paying for it. Sex workers provide plenty of sex games to meet the needs of their clients. 

Paying for Love

Heartbroken, lonely, antisocial, and other psychological reasons can make men pay for sex as a way of maintaining a genuine romantic relationship. These men tend to have serious relationships with sex workers to fill the gap in their lives. They may find the women intelligent, charming, witty, and open to any conversations hence having an emotional relationship. Paying for romance is common in men looking for long-term relationships with sex workers, and they end up treating these women as their partners. 

Existence of Material Girls

Material girls are women who receive money or assets in exchange for sex. The internet provides platforms where people can interact and have sexual fun together. Men enjoy paying these women as they are subject to them and always follow their orders. Some men get turned on by the idea of buying sex like any other commodity. 

Difficulties in Relationships or Dating

Relationships can get rough and can majorly impact sexual relationships. Men who are not sexually satisfied in their relationships tend to feed their urges by paying for sex from commercial sex workers. Fear of rejection and poor dating history can also trigger men to buy sex to sort their sex needs. Also, men who have trouble dating or marital problems tend to buy sex to exert revenge on their partner and show dominance.


Buying sex is a common practice that has been in existence for centuries. In some countries, commercial sex is illegal, while in others, it is legalized. Men are the largest consumers of commercial sex. They buy sex for different reasons but mostly to feed their sexual urge and fantasies. However, commercial sex can cause dangers to your health and mental well-being.