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Naturally, everyone has varying sexual drive and spark. Others tend to have high sexual drive that boarders cravings, while some may not get quite the spark and drive like the rest. Such people are said to have low libido.

The condition is caused by internal and external forces, mostly depending on your hormones. Having a low libido is not a big issue; you can boost your sexual drive using various natural means that are more effective. Below are some of the steps you can adopt to boost your sexual cravings.

What Is Libido?

This is a condition caused by internal factors such as hormones and external factors like sleep and depression that lead to poor sexual desire. It may result in a complete lack of such desire at some point.

Factors Leading to a Low Libido

Several factors may result in poor sexual desire. Some are natural, while others are artificial 'self-driven.' Some of these factors include lifestyle habits, medical diseases, anxiety, stress, depression, sexual problems, surgery, outlook, menopause, fatigue, medications, low self-esteem, pregnancy, breastfeeding, physical, sexual abuse, experience from previous sex, trust in your partner, conflicts with your lover, and lack of connection with your partner.

Ways to Boost Your Libido

If you have issues, you can use various methods to get rid of them. Below are some of the ways you can apply to solve the problem.


Many people tend to overlook exercises without knowing exercise is the best method to boost your libido. Physical exercise boosts your internal immunity, which helps boost the hormones that deal with low libido. You can decide to walk out every day for a few minutes or work out in the gym. Sometimes you can as well play with your children or even dance. This would significantly help your resolve to boost your libido. .

Manage Stress and Anxiety

More stress and anxiety lead to sexual dysfunction in most people. This might be due to  trauma or life threatening experiences, among other factors. An increased bulk of work or instabilities may lead to stress. These factors can result in erectile dysfunction in males and lacking sexual appetite. To manage stress and anxiety, all you have to do is, work out issues in your relationship, talk to a therapist, eat a balanced diet, exercise daily, and maintain good sleep.

Identify the Causes of your Low Libido concerns

One can only work to resolve an issue if they knew what it was. That is why the significance of this step cannot be overlooked. Once you have known the cause, you can work towards finding a solution, including seeing a doctor.

Improving Relationship Quality

You can experience low sexual drive at some point in the relation. This might happen because of various problems in your relationship. Working on the issues that arise in your relationship can boost libido. You can solve issues such as creating time for your partner, supporting each other, full attention to your partner, having a date often, and doing things together.

Change Your Nutritional Diet

Nutrients affect a lot of your body's functioning. Eating healthier food does a lot more good for your body. Nutrients in food play major functions in your body. A balanced diet boosts immunity and body function. Foods increases hormones in your body, including that responsible for a healthy sex drive. Fresh veggies and fruits maintain the number of carbs in your body. You can also use aphrodisiacs; it helps in boosting testosterone and flawless blood flow pumping.

Have Quality Sleep

Sleep improves personal moods and energy levels. Additionally, sleep relaxes everything in your body, including stress and depression. Therefore, good sleep boost libido.

Apply Herbal Remedies

Herbal products are more useful in your body. Apart from boosting libido, these products can also boost the immune system to work properly. Remedies such as Tribulus, maca, ginseng, and ginkgo are good herbals to boost libido. Herbal medicine works perfectly with exciting medicine to enhance low sexual cravings. This herbal medicine helps get the blood to flow efficiently within your body.

Have Self Esteem

Sexual health also depends on your self-confidence. Try to boost your confidence by reading self-help books, being surrounded by people who can encourage you, and searching for support groups. And if your partner has the problem, try to make them happy.

Apply Sex Therapy.

Sex drive is complex, it may affect both physical and psychological components. The physical condition mostly affects libido, by improving psychological and emotional response to sex helps achieve sexual functioning. You can get therapy from the doctor or even counseling to lower your stress and depression that can affect libido.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking causes considerable damage to your lungs and cardiovascular system when done for extended periods. It affects the functioning of the heart resulting in poor blood circulation. This condition leads to low sexual drive because of low energy levels.

Seek Guidance from Medical Professional Help

To seek medical therapy is not a shame. Give out your problem, and it will be solved. Let the doctor give the guidelines that will help you improve on that.

Change Your Outlook.

After trying all these, you can settle to spicing things up with your partner is low libido problems persist. Try using sex toys stimulation.

Force Yourself to Do It

Libido is unique, and it requires a lot of attention. If you experience the issue, try to do it more. Having sex often helps you to want more.

Maintain Cleanliness

Good health is maintained by cleanliness; many women and men are turned on by the hygiene that you have. Cleanliness also ensures the proper functioning of the immune. This helps to boost libido.

The Bottom Line

Sex is a common practice that is a basic need for all people above 18 years. Sexual desire is a condition that is found most often in aging people. However, many people may experience the same issue depending on their environment. Relationship issues can also lead to this issue. If you tend to feel like you have this problem, try to apply the above-described methods to boost your libido, it works perfectly.