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Low libido is a dip in sex drive that often damages sexual activity. In relationships, low sex drive can bring about feelings of doubt and guilt. Issues with low libido are caused by underlying health issues that can be treated if there is an early diagnosis. Some folks confuse low libido with erectile dysfunction, and though you can use both words in the same sentence, you should use them distinctively. Low libido is one of the most debated issues because of the taboo that comes with it. However, low libido can be nothing but a passing cloud for those who wish to be freed from these shackles. Below are possible treatments to boost your sex drive.

How To Deal With Low Sex Drive

Consider Sex Therapy

Sex is a diverse topic that touches on emotional and psychological well-being. People battling physical conditions like paraplegia may focus on how they perceive sex on a psychological and emotional level to help improve their sex lives. A depreciation in sex drive can result from various issues like stress, anxiety, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, and depression. Some women lose sex drive after birth, and it can take a while to revive. These effects may cause a person to have a negative approach toward sex and the intimacy it brings to a relationship. Therapy is the most sought-after treatment method for dealing with libido issues because the therapist walks you through the possible causes of your problem and helps you retrace your steps.

Check Your Weight

A nutritionist can help you identify the problem. There is a link between obesity, low sex drive, and reduced infertility across all genders. Most plus-size women report having low self-esteem, causing them to decline sexual advances made towards them. The same goes for obese men. You can avoid this problem y checking your diet. Your physique reflects how good or bad you take care of your body. Therefore, maintaining a healthy diet is the absolute form of self-care. Healthy physical well-being is the absolute self-esteem booster of sex drive and performance. An obese person may not last longer during sexual intercourse with their partner because they tire quickly compared to an athlete.

Try Exercising

A man who goes to the gym regularly is a lady's favorite snack. According to  Hassan & Amin (2011), exercise helps maintain a healthy physique by building muscle strength and keeping your libido in check. A study carried out in 2015 showed that regular exercise in men helps boost confidence in bed and in daily life. Regular exercise helps your system transport nutrients and oxygen efficiently, improving cardiovascular health; a healthy heart equals a good libido. You will not be afraid of your heart-stopping in the middle of your glorious session.

Go Herbal

The older generation believes there is nobody who malfunctions under the sun that herbs cannot treat. Some claim herbs work wonders for the body, although this claim is not backed by substantial research. Some researchers have stated that a few herbal remedies may help in matters of libido. The herbs include;

  • Ginseng
  • Maca
  • Tribulus
  • Gingko Biloba etc.

However, before purchasing any herbs, it is best to consult with a health care practitioner because the FDA has not approved some herbs and may permanently damage

Foreplay is Important

According to Irving (2016), foreplay, sometimes outercourse, refers to activities preceding sexual intercourse. Sex therapists refer to it as the desert that comes before the main meal Foreplay is an important step in finishing the lustful sexual desires. However, it does not have to lead to sex. kissing and touching allow your mind and body to warm up to your partner before engaging in sexual acts. Some people swear by foreplay as a method of boosting libido. Think of it as a cake without the icing. It is not enticing.

Take A Look At Your Relationship

Ups and downs in relationships are common. Most couples' sex lives dive south during this period. Most do not care about taking the necessary steps to save their relationship. It is advisable to try and bring back the spark the moment you notice bedroom matters are taking a different path. Try spending quality time with each other by going on unplanned dates,  hiking, cooking together, and communicating honestly. You can try new sex styles and introduce sex toys to spice your relationship. You will bring back the sexual spark between you and your spouse with these.

Manage Anxiety

According to Strine et al. (2005), anxiety is the constant feeling of dread that causes your body to be in a constant tense mood. Anxious emotions are born by stress, which becomes a barrier to proper sexual functioning. Folks with issues at work, relationship drama, and those with intense responsibilities may feel fatigued often because the numerous events in their lives occupy their minds. These may hinder a couple from actively participating in sex. Men may find it hard to maintain an erection affecting their sexual relationship. They may also fail to cum leading to unpleasurable sex.

When To Seek Medical Help

You can see a urologist or a sex therapist for advice if you are concerned about your low libido, as Bitzer et al. (2008) advised. However, some people may try other methods like taking libido-boosting herbs before therapy. You can support your spouse emotionally to deal with their predicament instead of ridiculing them.

The Bottom Line

Libido levels vary in people, and because yours does not match your partner's, there is no need for alarm. However, it should be an issue if you keep experiencing constant dips in your sex drive. Some people keep mum about their sexual lives, especially when things are not good. You can communicate with your partner and seek medical treatment. People end up being stuck in sexless lives without a boat to sail them out. You can try many things if you need to improve your libido; eating healthy and checking your weight help maintain your physique and improve your sex drive. Seek help from older people as they believe in herbs for boosting libido. Foreplay with your partner to enhance your sex drive.


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