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It is a great move to try some ideas about what can help increase sex drive. Some foods that can increase libido include; avocados, dark chocolate, and fatty fish.

It is important to check on the food you eat for your sexual wellness when planning to improve your sex life. The more you check on your supplements, the better your chances of improving your sex life. Increasing your libido and sex drive does not necessarily mean you have issues in your sex life. Some reasons why a person would like to increase their libido and sex drive are to improve the stamina in the bedroom and make it greater, solve issues regarding premature ejaculation, or increase a person’s sexual desires.

Can Foods Increase Libido?

Consuming healthy foods allows your body to perform best at any level, including your sexual life. Healthy foods put you in a position to perform better in the bedroom. This is because you will have enough energy as sometimes, sex seems like an exercise. Eating the right food helps in a comprehensive circulatory system. This improves cardiac health, and one can have sexual stamina, which is great.

Sex starts in the brain, especially in men. Eating healthy foods guarantees a person has a clear mind and makes the brain healthy. This will help you avoid mental health issues such as depression and anxiety hindering a person from having a fulfilled sexual life. However, not all foods are healthy and important in sex life.

Foods That Increase Libido and Sex Drive

Green Tea

According to Siragusa (2016), green tea brings a lot of desires to your sexual life. It can either be taken while cold or hot according to your preference. It helps to reduce belly fat and the flow of the blood. The circulation helps the body be fit and thus have the stamina for sex.


Avocados have vitamins that aid in promoting good circulation of blood and having a healthy heart. Bhowmik et al. (2012) noted that avocados help prevent erectile dysfunction in men that may even bring about heart diseases. Avocados help minimize the risk of getting the metabolic syndrome that may cause erectile dysfunction. The great thing about avocados is that they are versatile and be eaten or used in any food that one desires. This will make it easy to increase your libido and sex drive.


According to Lydia et al. (2019), the daily consumption of pomegranates fruit juice increases testosterone in both males and females. It also helps to enhance blood flow, thus improving one's libido. They have high antioxidants that help in this. They can be taken with salads, yogurts, or cereals. Pomegranates will do their trick if you are in search of foods that will increase libido in males and females.


The watermelon fruit helps a person cool down and maintain stress levels. This is important because it can cause a person’s libido to increase. Once you get rid of your stress and are in the mood for sex, your body will get rid of a substance after achieving an orgasm. This will make you relax and reduce your level of stress. Jones et al. (2018) revealed that watermelon is one of the fruits that increase libido and helps in endurance during sex and the production of energy. At times, the watermelon helps widen the blood vessels, making it a natural Viagra.


Beef is a type of food believed not to have any importance in increasing libido and sex drive, but in some way, it does. it is worth to be considered in such situations. The saturated fats found in beef help to increase the level of testosterone. Testosterone is important in increasing libido in both men and women. It also contains zinc, which increases sex drive and production of energy and blood flow. Get it on with your beef meat; it will do its work whether grilled or marinated.


Most herbs act as medicine for the sexual life of human beings. Different herbs have different medicinal use. Some herbs improve the sexual interest in women and the arousal disorder. Some also prevent heart diseases. Others are responsible for the satisfaction, arousal, and sexual desire.

Red Wine

Red wine can help lower the risks of getting diseases related to the heart when taken moderately. It also helps to reduce sexual activities in the bedroom. However, too much consumption of red wine is likely to harm your libido. Instead of increasing your sex drive and libido, it is likely to reduce it. It should be taken moderately.

Fatty Fish

This type of food is believed to have many benefits for the human body. one of the benefits includes increasing libido in both men and women. Some are rich in protein and, as such, are low in calories. This makes it easier for people to have a great physique to perform better when having sex.

Pumpkin Seeds

They help to increase libido in men. they help increase testosterone levels in men since they have zinc. They are mainly important in men and hence valuable for enhancing libido.

Dark Chocolate

It is believed to be a natural booster for libido. It aids in increasing the dopamine and serotonin level in the brain. This is important because they release some feel-good hormones. go for those not that much processed to help you increase your libido if you plan to take chocolates.


The strength or the weakness of sexual desire and intimacy is referred to as libido. Many factors affect your libido. It may be psychological factors like stress, self-image, and even your lifestyle. The food you introduce into the body may not favor you to increase your libido. You need to check on the types of food that will increase it. Some of them are listed in this article. It is normal for couples to experience different ups and downs in their sexual activities. What matters most is how you make the changes to favor you.


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