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Yoga can improve your sex life because it is a discipline that brings peace to mind and the body. Ways you can use to transform your sex life through yoga include relaxation, meditation, and confidence.

Yoga is an exercise that helps your body become flexible and fit. Moreover, it relaxes your mind and improves your breathing. Yoga usually focuses on the mind and the body. Its benefits include improving posture, increased flexibility, blood flow, and self-esteem. The following are some yoga secrets that we can adopt to transform our sex lives;


Yoga is used to induce deep relaxation, as Sarang & Telles (2006) stated. It may seem natural, but you need to learn to relax your muscles to solve issues such as stiff joints and muscle pains. When the body is relaxed, some health problems such as headaches are diminished. Moreover, when muscles are relaxed, your body will be comfortable, and you will be able to find a perfect sexual position. No one wants to have sex while in pain, and that is where yoga comes in. An appropriate sexual position guarantees enjoyable sex. Being relaxed is important during sex. Try relaxation techniques such as inhaling and exhaling to present yourself as a person whose mind, spirit, and body are relaxed enough to have sex. The best yoga poses to achieve this is the ’easy pose' where you sit down with your spine upright and place the knees across while gazing ahead. The child pose is another good method.


Sexual yoga needs you to be present sexually, spiritually, physically, and mentally. You need to make sure that your mind does not have any clutter. Allows your imaginations to drift into a scenario that will be useful for the sexual experience. The best sex is experienced when we can imitate our fantasies, which is why role-playing is fun. Focus on your partner and appreciate them. Turn your fantasies into a sensual experience. This will help your body to release beneficial hormones for lovemaking. One feature of yoga is focusing. You have to be available in all ways. If your meditation is successful, fore-play will be good too, leading to an amazing sexual experience. Mayland (2005) proved that people who meditate have better sex lives. Sexual meditation is also useful in increasing libido and lower stress, giving you more energy for sex. Meditation also keeps you less distracted.

Breath Well

Breathing may seem like something we need not practice because it is natural. However, we need to learn how to control our breath. Breathing in yoga and during sexual intercourse is very important because it controls every aspect of the body. It would help if you controlled your breath so that you may be comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, you will need a controlled breath for the rhythm and to be able to cope with the sexual pace. Being unable to control breathing is why some people collapse in bed.

Use Energy

When people think of yoga, the imagination is a person doing poses on a mat and moving the body around in poses. However, yoga may involve some muscle building to be more in control of our bodies. When yoga is used for sexual improvement, the sexual area should be the focal point. Men may want to focus on the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles.

According to Nayak (2014), yoga exercises build pelvic and vaginal muscles. Men may seek ways that will enable them to stay longer in bed, while women may be hoping to have orgasms. The importance of working out muscles enables you to have longer sex and improve your rhythm during sex.

Be Confident

Berlin (2021) explained that yoga boosts confidence. Yoga poses point towards one aspect- confidence. When you practice meditative yoga, you think positively about yourself. Everything you do during yoga is for self-improvement. Yogis learn to approach life positively without putting themselves down. The result should be someone who can find a physical and holistic balance that includes the mind and soul. You learn to accept yourself and others. You do not feel the need to fit into society's expectations. The peace you get from yoga is not just inward. It is the same peace that you hope to get from other people without making them lose their peace. 


Yoga can be useful in making your sex life better. It can help in decreasing stress and anxiety. Through yoga, you can lower your expectations of others and appreciate them for who they are. Yoga boosts your self–esteem, and confidence. You can sleep well when relaxed, leading to more fulfilling sexual encounters with fewer distractions. Moreover, you learn to be disciplined and focused. You become more sensual and want to touch, which is very important during foreplay. When we relax, we enjoy longer and better sex, and we can therefore reach orgasms.


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