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Are you experiencing a low sex drive? Don’t worry. Dealing with the condition is easy. You can try different sex positions to boost your arousal. Learn 8 steamy sex positions that will ignite your sex drive below.

Low sex drive is a condition experienced by most people. This condition is usually caused by stress, relationship changes, or a new partner. Low sex drive may lead to relationship breakups and divorce. However, this condition can be handled very easily resolved. Boosting your sex drive does not only entail the use of drugs. There are sex positions that can ignite your sexual desires. Below are some of the steamy sex positions to help you have a positive sex drive.  

The Prequel Sex Position

This is the easiest way of boosting your sex drive. Watch a sexy video with your partner while still clothed. Tease each other throughout the movie. Ho onto your partner and try a dry hump. Then, undress each other gradually, and try making out until both partners are fully aroused.

Slippery Slow Slide Sex Position

Include sex lube in the play for heightened sensations. To enjoy new sensations, you can try different lubes, such as the warming or cooling lube. Enjoy the slippery slow strokes and allow your partner to take their time until you feel like begging them to slide in. Your partner can use their well-lubed finger to massage your vulva while rubbing their thumb inside. They can also use the lube to gently massage other sensitive spots such as the nipples, inner thigh, ears, stomach, and lower back. This guarantees you will have a very happy ending that will leave you fantasizing about your next session.

The Yab Yum Sex Position

Try going deep using the famous yab yum sex position. Here, your partner will be sitting cross-legged as you sit on their laps. Press against your partners' pelvic bone. Synchronize the breathing while maintaining eye contact, and give in and out strokes. This sexy, intimate position is guaranteed to boost your sex drive.

The Wantonness Steamy Sex Position

If you are somehow inhibited, try getting yourself started on his absence. Do all that is needed to get yourself turned on. Keep doing it until you go too far that you won't care about the things that keep you shy. You can now slide the hips at the edge of your bed, spread your legs and then call or text him to come in. he places his hands-on bed to hold him up and leave enough space for your hands to allow you to carry on with them self-love. Have the visuals of him coming in and what will happen. This is sweet enough to boost your sex drive. 

Eye Wide Shut

Lie on your back and place your ankles over your partner's shoulder.  Close your eyes for some time and enjoy the session. Your partner can sit back on one of his one foot while placing the other one on your hips. Have them pressed hard against you as he touches you until you are sexually aroused.

The Power Trio Sex Position

Incorporate a hard-core vibrator to your partnered sex. You may use the magic wand or Le wand. Get all four, with your legs wide apart while your bum sticks out. You can then use the vibrator as you desire to achieve the intense stimulations. You can also use these sex toys during partnered play. Here, your partner can penetrate your sex hole,  while using the magic wand to stimulate other sensitive zones. This guarantees a higher sex drive, even when you were previously not in the mood.

The Twisted Spoon Sex Position

To achieve this position, lie sideways like the lazy spoon position with one leg stretched forward. Your man will then slip his upper leg between yours. This will enable a super luxe and deep penetration that instantly turns you on.

The Black Widow Sex Position

Hop on your man with the arms and feet on the arm of the chair. If you are in a position to hold yourself up, you might because you are already a goddamn ninja. This way, he will perfectly position you for several internal stims and in a very interesting view.

The Bottom Line

Low sex drive is a common issue caused by various factors. The main causes of the low sexual drive are home and work stress. This condition leads to breakups and divorce. However, dealing with the condition is easy and does not necessarily involve medication. You can try the above-discussed sex positions to help improve and boost your sex drive.

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