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Ejaculating dildos look and function like the real penis. They contain a bulb; when pressed, the fluid is released. Herein is about ejaculating dildos, including; types, finding the perfect ejaculating dildo, and using them.

 They are fun to use solo or with a partner to spice things in bed. Ejaculating dildos are filled with a sperm-like lubricant fired at the moment of an organism. Most of them have veins, exposed heads, and testicles that look real. The greatest thing about this intimate toy is that it gives thrilling internal stimulation and makes your solo play extra sexual fun. They deliver real-like ejaculations that will feel up your sweet holes or leave a significant mess where you opt to spread the semen.  

Skin texture does an excellent job of imitating a real thing. Ejaculating dildos also come in different inches, equally to the real thing. When using ejaculating dildos, a person can enjoy heightened sensations from the shaft-like design of bulging veins. Frequent usage of ejaculating dildos helps strengthen your vagina muscles hence clenching your partner, giving him the best experience. Many different ejaculating dildos depend on their firing and filing model, including pump-filled ejaculating dildos, testicle-powered ejaculating dildos, and syringe squirting dildos. This guide covers the types of squirting dildos, how to use them, and how to choose the right toy for your pleasures. 

Types of Ejaculating Dildos

Ejaculating or spurting dildos resemble the normal dildo. According to Hmming (2001), ejaculating dildos have a realistic penis shape with string veins along the shaft, a penis head, and complimenting balls-like structure. The major difference between ejaculating and normal penis dildos is the ejaculation mechanism which comes from the tube structure inserted in the dildo when a lady presses the trigger. Most ejaculating dildos have a similar external structure to realistic dildos. However, they have varying internal models comprising the filling and firing systems. The types are based on the colors, size, and firing or filing model. 

Syringe Ejaculating Dildos

Syringe ejaculating has a simple style similar to other realistic dildos. The toy has veins along the shaft for sensual stimulation during insertion or penetration. The firing mechanism consists of a thin tube located at the base connected to a syringe. During solo play, the user only needs to press the syringe; this applies pressure as the dildo depresses to spurt out the sperm-like fluids. According to Taormino (2006), consider using lubricants with a syringe ejaculating dildo to smoothen penetration. 

Pump-Filled Ejaculating Dildos

Pump-filled ejaculating dildo is loved among most users and comprises a pumping mechanism. When filling the dildo with semen-like fluids, squeeze the pump at the base of the penis and place the toy in the container containing the lube. Let it suck till it fills up, then release the pump slowly. Press the pump to exert the sperm-like lubricants when about to climax. It can be used with numerous kinds of liquids. 

Testicle-Powered Squirting Dildos

Consider a more realistic ejaculating dildo to attain a mind-blowing orgasm. The testicle-powered spurting or ejaculating dildo is all you need to feed your kinky desires to the maximum. They have a life-like structure consisting of squeezable balls. Squeeze the balls with the tip dipped in the container with the lubricant to fill the tube with the semen. Release the testicles after the tube has sucked the liquid. This ejaculating dildo is the easiest for beginners with a more realistic functioning. It can be used in solo or partnered play. When ready to climax, grab and squeeze the balls to induce the required pressure. 

How to Find the Perfect Ejaculating Dildo

Finding the best toy for your kinky pleasures can be challenging with many squirting dildos on the market. There are several factors you should have in mind when shopping for ejaculating dildos, including; 

Size and Shape

In contrast to other realistic dildos ejaculating penis toys come in different sizes and shapes. The toys range from small-medium to large. Pick a size perfectly fitting your pleasure holes. Beginners should opt for small-sized dildos for a great first-time experience, as Akkaya (2013) suggested. 


According to Nilsson et al. (2016), dildos are of varying materials such as PVC, cyber skin, and silicone. The materials differ in texture and allergic reactions. For more realistic experiences, invest in dildos made of high-quality materials that are highly skin-safe and with a realistic nature. Textured details provide more sensual sensations with each stroke for more explosive climaxes. 

How to Use Ejaculating Dildos

Using ejaculating dildo is very easy but depends on the type of toy. Ensure you pick the right device for your pleasures and great experiences. Find a comfortable position that allows easy access to the vagina or anus with your dildo in hand, depending on where you want to insert it. Apply water-based lubes on your erogenous zones and the dildo for smooth penetrations. Allow them to take charge of the moment as you wait for the final moment to signal him to press the pump when with a partner. During anal sex, opt for small-sized ejaculating dildos with a firm and steady body. Ensure you have easy access to the anus for quick offloading of the semen. The messiness from the dildo depends on the amount of lubricant you fill in the tube and where you smear it. 

The Bottom Line

Most ejaculating dildos function the same way as the real thing. Some Ejaculating dildos have testicles and veins which resemble the real thing. It's also beneficial because frequent usage strengthens your vagina muscle hence clenching your partner, giving him the best experience. These ejaculating dildoes come in different sizes and different types. Most of them are of realistic materials that look like real human flesh, creating a life-like experience. Some have a sturdy detachable suction cup attached to walls or floors for a better experience. They are also water-resistant and hence easily washable. Some have an adjustable harness that fits your waste perfectly for a better experience. As a bonus, ejaculating dildos helps men suffering from ed and boost their girth. Once you squeeze the shaft, you enjoy a full power ejaculation to finish off. 


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