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Most couples or partners always worry about how to make a woman squirt. Some of the tips on making a woman squirt include; getting her aroused, focusing on the g-spot, and using the wrist.

There is always that thought that crosses the partner's mind about how they can make their women wet. Most partners want to do this, but they have no idea how they will accomplish this. Some of them have tried different ways to do this, but they end up being disappointed. Most women also want to know how they can make themselves get wet. It is balanced as both genders are eager to know how they can get their partners to turn into orgasmic fountains. Some of the tips to have include;

Laying a Waterproof Blanket Out

You need to have a waterproof blanket to avoid changing the sheets after every mess you make during sex, especially if your goal is to squirt. You won’t have to be distracted by the thoughts of the squirts getting into the mattress or the stains. Most of the time, women have always felt like a strong orgasm is about to come, and they try to hold it back because of the fear of wetting the sheets. Instead of letting themselves go anytime, they are about to reach an orgasm, and they try to find a way to ruin their mood and their orgasm. Sometimes, ruining the bedding with the squirt stains is enough motivation to avoid the orgasm. Having a waterproof blanket can come in handy as the partners can feel free to squirt or reach orgasm as they will not fear ruining the sheets. 

Make Her Extremely Aroused

To achieve an orgasm, your woman needs to be completely turned on and aroused. For the woman to squirt, you need to make sure that she is completely horny so that you can start on the activities that can make her squirt. You can do this by introducing dirty talks to them, kissing her on the neck and her nipples. You can also try and massage her clit. This will be like a warmup, and they will feel the heat and become horny. She can also try edging and holding on to the orgasm until she feels completely ready to release herself. She may start to breath heavily and moan as they are about to reach an orgasm. They may end up getting multiple orgasms.  

Let the G-Spot Be the Main Focus

You can stimulate many body parts to achieve an orgasm. According to Hite (2003), the easiest part to stimulate is the clitoris. If you plan on the clitoral stimulation, you can always focus on the g-spot. You can start by rubbing and licking the clitoris, but at the same time, try and give her internal stimulation. If the plan is to make her squirt, your main focus should be on the clitoris.

Use the Wrist  

While trying to stimulate the G-spot, it is important to know the correct way to do it to achieve an orgasm. We are all used to using our fingers to the G-spot. Well, this might feel great. However, you can also try and tap them. This will make them achieve an orgasm. You can start by sliding the middle and the index finger inside the woman's pussy. Make them be in the same position as when rubbing the clit. Hold the fingers in place and try to move your wrist. By so doing, your fingers will tap the G-spot, and you will make her achieve an orgasm and become so wet.

Be Fast 

It would help if you used so much speed and strength for squirting to happen. But at times, you can try and take your time, although the best ones occur when some speed is used. You need to put your arm to some practice and try and use as much energy as you can to get tired. Your arm will probably get tired after a while, but in the end game, it may be completely worth it as you may have achieved multiple orgasms through the speed and strength. 

Get Her to Contract Her Muscles 

Getting a woman to squirt requires the effort of both parties. Sundahl (2003) states that not all women ejaculate. It is never the sole responsibility of the man to make sure that the woman has achieved an orgasm. To increase the chances of her squirting, she needs to make sure that the muscles have been contracted. She needs to bear down once she feels like she is about to get an orgasm. When doing this, you may not even notice that she is contracting her muscles, but she will try and put some effort, and you will likely feel it on your fingers. When you feel that she is getting close to achieving an orgasm, you can ask her to contract the muscles or bear down. By doing this, you may find it difficult to tap the G-spot or move your fingers, but the results will be worth celebrating as they are having an orgasmic fountain in their vagina.   


Getting an orgasm is always a great feeling, and at times it means that the sex was completely worth it. You don't have to have one orgasm. There are instances in which you're likely to achieve multiple orgasms depending on the type of stimulation. You don't always have to stop at the first orgasm. If you feel like your hand or the wrist can take you through some more minutes or hours, you can continue and get multiple orgasms. You can do this until you get tired or as much as your blanket or your sheets can handle. It all depends on you. The feeling of the squirts is always cool and fun to feel. Use the tips in this article to achieve multiple orgasms all at once. Go forth and make your woman turn into an orgasmic fountain.    


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