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True Sex Stories - A New Start

True Sex Stories - A New Start

True Sex Stories - A New Start

By Ksenia Sobchak

It was a new start to my life, I had decided to leave finance and go into (what I now know) to be the dark world of recruitment.

My boss was just over six feet tall, dark hair and had a muscular physique that most women would find very desirable. The problem came when he opened his mouth and was a complete arsehole behaving like a teenager going through the throws of testosterone-fuelled growth. But the way he looked at me still made me want him more and more. Despite being married he flirted madly with me when no one was looking and was nasty and picked at every tiny thing when people were in the office. It was so confusing that I didn't know what on earth was going on until a few months later.

At 33 years old I had been single for what seemed like forever and most of the finer details of sex had been learnt from watching Samantha's exploits (or sexploits) in the fabulous Sex and the City episodes. It had been a hard week, candidates backing out of interviews and fees falling through, so to get me through I had been dressing to feel wonderful. Killer heels, tight skirts, shirts that meant the mind had to work and the sexiest underwear that I owned.

It was gone 9pm on a Thursday evening and I had finished my final interview and with the weekend approaching I felt good, feeling so good that a glass of wine and my favourite vibrator would be coming (in more ways than one) out to play when I got home. As I walked back into the main office I was amazed to see Adrian still there. He was in the middle of a telephone call and looked up and smiled in acknowledgement. I was feeling a little hot thinking about what was waiting for me at home that I strutted over to my desk and didn't bother sitting down, I started to pack up and turn off my computer bending over so he could get a full view.

It was always fun teasing him as I knew he watched me and it made me feel good about myself and I could let my imagination wonder what he would do if he ever got his hands on me - that is if I ever let him. I felt the lace brushing against my steadily hardening nipples but nothing between my legs as I had woken that morning and decided on nothing but stockings. As I leant further over my desk I knew that my skirt was riding up and Adrian was able to glimpse the top, I had mastered the art with practice so it looked more accidental that obvious.

I was getting hot and I needed to get home, I went to pick up my bag but before I could reach it I felt a hand on the back of my leg slowly brushing upwards to where there was no barrier. I was so lost in my own thoughts I didn't realise that Adrian had finished his call and had been watching my every move. I felt his hand move higher between my thighs and part them so he could seek out the treasure that lay within. When he realised I was wearing no knickers he stood behind me and his other had snaked into my shirt to my hardened nipples and he lent over me and softly whispered into my ear "you're a bad girl and I'm going to show you what happens to bad girls".

Now I was horny and I could feel the heat and anticipation between us growing. I turned to him "I'm sorry Sir, now you must punish me as I have been bad". I smiled as I spoke and looked him in the eye to say come on then, show me what you've got.

He kissed me hard, passionately and his tongue sought out mine whilst his hands tore open my shirt to reveal my breasts straining against the lace - he released them and his hands cupped each one as his mouth moved from mine to bite my hard nipples. My fantasy was to be taken rough and hard and I told him so - "come on, take control and fuck me hard. Don't be nice about it just fucking do everything to me and do it NOW".

"You bitch, you want it like that then you're going to get it like that".

The tone of his voice scared me but turned me on even more that I could feel my pussy getting wetter and starting to throb as I needed him to stick it in me. He tore at my clothes and within seconds I was naked - except for my stockings and heels.

"Stand there and open your legs" he ordered me as he took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, I did as I was told and he got down on his knees and started to lick me, sticking his tongue up my fanny and using a finger to probe my arsehole. I gasped with delight as he worked hard in both areas, so much so I wanted him to take me both ways; every way I was wide open.

Just as I was about to cum he stopped, stood up and put me on the desk and pushed me down. He unzipped his trousers and revealed his pulsating dick before I could do or say anything he stuck it in me. Hard and fast he proceeded to pump in and out, faster and faster, harder and harder. My breasts bouncing around until he pulled me upright as he continued to pound my pussy and started to suck and kiss my breasts. I felt the tingle start in-between my legs and spread outwards, further and further, getting warmer as it took over me and I began to shout at Adrian to do it harder and then I came, again, and again. My body overheating, throbbing, grabbing him with every muscle and ounce of strength I had. It was if my head was not in my head!!

As the pulsating slowed I realised he hadn't cum he withdrew his still huge cock and smiled "you said you wanted this".

Then he flipped me over so that I was leaning over the desk with my arse right in front of him, I signalled I was ready for this by parting my legs a little and pushing out my arse, welcoming him to take me there. He was gentle as he eased into me using my own juices to lubricate that hole ready for him.

Within a few minutes I was comfortable and he began to move gently to open me further, as he did I began to enjoy the exquisite pain that came with this new experience. He began to move faster and grabbed my breasts, massaging them. I wanted him mouth against mine but that would be later - right now he was using me, enjoying me, playing with me. As he moved and I could feel his body tense and I could feel his dick deep inside me as he came inside my arse.

He lay across by back and kissed my neck, I was naked, I felt raw, I felt used and I felt good.

That was so much better than the night I had planned.